Chapter 75 - 75 : Kill

Chapter 75 of 150 chapters

Suddenly, the decrease in dimensions of the ice prison seemed to be much slower. In fact, it looked as if the walls couldn't even move an inch inwards despite how much they tried.

The smile on the Queen's face disappeared as she saw this scene. She started to have a bad premonition. Her premonition soon found its mark.

With a loud bang, the top of the ice prison was broken as Long Chen flew up to the sky. There was a golden sword in his hand radiating brightly while being surrounded by a dangerous sword aura. Long Chen had taken out his King's sword, which seemed as if it was happy at being chosen for this fight.

Queen Mia coughed up blood as her Ice Prison was broken through by Long Chen. Her already pale face turned even paler.

"I've already given you many chances since I don't want to fight, but all of you chose to ignore my words and kept on attacking me. As if that wasn't enough, you even tried to kill me! I would like to congratulate all of you. You've received what you vehemently asked for, your deaths!" Long Chen said in a deep voice. To Queen Mia, every single word of his was like the declaration of a death sentence.

"Seven Forms of Saint Sword: second form - Devastation!" Long Chen muttered, as he made a giant slash with his sword, moving towards Queen Mia. Queen Mia clearly saw the attack coming towards her since she tried to block it with her ice spear. Be that as it may, she didn't even have any strength to attack after her Ice Burial was broken.

"I won't let you hurt my Aunt! She's the only family I have left!!"

Ten walls of Ice appeared between Long Chen and Queen Mia as Alton made his way between the two of them, trying to protect her together with the other guards who surrounded her as well. However, even their combined strength failed to stop Long Chen's attack, which was supplemented by the power of the king's sword as well as his own strength.

The ice walls broke apart without even the slightest resistance as the attack struck Alton, who didn't move from the front of Queen Mia, the momentum hurling him far away. A large wound on his chest could be seen, neither his life nor death known.

Long Chen stood there in place, looking at the bleeding Alton.

"You idiot," Long Chen muttered, his expression grim.

He came down to the ground and walked towards the queen, whose eyes were wet with tears as she stared at the unmoving Alton.

Some of the guards standing near her couldn't help but take a step back when he saw him coming towards them. Though they held their ground and didn't run away.

"It's time for us to show our loyalty to the Empire and protect the queen!" One of the guards roared as he mustered all the courage he had and ran towards Long Chen with a sword in hand. After seeing one person move, everyone else started rushing towards Long Chen as well, attacking him with their weapons.

Despite their effort, before they could even get near Long Chen, he disappeared from his original position and appeared right behind their backs.

"I admire your bravery and love for your kingdom, but I'm sorry to say that the kingdom you chose to protect is now on the side opposing me. I'm still going to give you a chance to stand down, or you'll die a needless death." Long Chen said slowly as he continued walking towards the queen, not even sparing a look at the guards.

Most of the guards decided to run away, leaving only one, who against all odds, still decided to attack Long Chen from behind with his sword. A sword flashed and a head fell to the ground after being decapitated. It all happened in the blink of an eye.

There was a brief moment of silence as everyone looked at the scene, their eyes filled with disbelief.

"Wrong choice." A voice struck everyone's ears, sending chills down their spines. The imperial guard's body fell to the ground as blood splattered everywhere. Long Chen kept on walking towards the Queen, who looked at him with a frightful expression as tears continued to stream down from her eyes.

"I... Please forgive me! I have made some stupid decisions, You can keep the orbs! I… I mean you didn't steal anything, it was all a misunderstanding. I accidentally kept the orbs somewhere else and blamed the great master! I hope you can forgive the foolishness of this little one," The Queen said slowly as she begged for forgiveness with tears in her eyes.

"I told you that all I wanted was to leave and not hurt anybody. It was you who kept blocking my path and attacking me! Isn't the enmity between us already clear? I've already experienced many situations where, even after showing mercy, I was attacked from behind! The latest example is lying there." Long Chen said as he pointed towards the headless body of the guard who attacked him.

"I want to completely eradicate your existence, but I'll leave you with your puny life since Alton had sacrificed himself for you." Long Chen said with a thoughtful expression as he took a look at Alton's body.

"But then, just like what you did to that maid, you too deserve a punishment to always remind you of what you shouldn't do." Long Chen said with a heavy tone.

After a few moments, Long Chen left his previous spot and walked towards the barrier with one of his hands still holding his king's sword, with the other holding the ice spear of the queen. The crowd looked at him with a frightful expression as if they were looking at a demon.

Behind him, the queen was roaring in pain as two dismembered hands lay on the ground near her. They were her hands and the punishment Long Chen had decided upon.

Long Chen completely ignored her screams of anguish as he walked towards Alton's body. After inspecting it, he determined that Alton had died.

"You were the only one who helped me in this tribe, albeit unknowingly. You are gone now but I would still like to say, thank you! I'm truly sorry for killing you, it was not my intention to do so. However, I accepted your last wish and left your aunt alive! So, rest in peace, little friend." Long Chen muttered as he stood near his dead body with a heavy heart.

Long Chen turned away and without looking back, walked towards the barrier.