Chapter 77 - 77: Hunting

Chapter 77 of 150 chapters

Monster general Baek started following Long Chen with his whole team.

Long Chen took the same path that his entourage had taken while they were escorting him to the banshee tribe. He had already memorized the complete set of directions to get to the Elphia tribe.ṣ

After traveling for a while, he reached near the same stream they crossed before, but this time, he didn't stop. Instead, he increased his speed, making the horse jump high in the sky. Enjoying the rush of the wind on his face, he soon landed on the ground on the other side of the stream and continued on his journey.

Monster general Baek and the others also kept following from behind, keeping a safe distance between them. That was until Long Chen suddenly disappeared.

"Hmm... where did he disappear to?" General Baek thought.

He was shocked as Long Chen suddenly disappeared from his sight. They continued ahead, thinking that Long Chen reached too far ahead that they couldn't see him. Hence, General Baek traveled for over half an hour as fast as they could, but he still couldn't find Long Chen.

"You lost him, huh, maybe your stealth was a little too lacking that he couldn't help but find out what you were doing to him?" Someone suddenly said from behind.

"What the hell are you talking about! Are you courting death? My stealth was perfect!" General Baek shouted as he took out his blade and turned back to see who it was that dared to talk to him in such a disrespectful manner.

As soon as general Baek turned back, he saw a little black-haired boy sitting on a horse, looking at him with his attractive golden eyes and an evil grin on his well-defined face. He was utterly shocked to see the human he was chasing appear behind him. Long Chen looked at his constantly changing expressions with a smile on his face.

"You! How-... Wait, where is everyone else?!?"

General Baek found that other than Long Chen, there was no one else present. He looked around but found none of his subordinates there.

"Oh, are you looking for your friends? I saw them lying on the ground behind us when I was coming here. I think there is something wrong with them as most of them were bleeding and some even had their heads missing. Wonder what happened to them." Long Chen said with a thoughtful expression.

"You can probably find them if you go backward for about ten minutes," Long Chen said with a smile.

" killed them!!!" He roared in a loud voice as he stared at him with a shocked expression.

"Me? Why is everyone blaming me today, that too for things I haven't done? I didn't even touch a hair on them! Look at me! Do you think I could kill such strong people?" Long Chen said with a hurt expression.

"Stop toying with me! I know you killed them!" He said with his body trembling in both anger and fear.

Before Long Chen could even reply, Monster General Baek made his move. His horse started to gallop forward rapidly. With a blade tightly grasped in one hand, Monster General Baek focused on storming ahead as he increased his speed. But against Long Chen's expectations, the direction monster general Baek was going in wasn't towards him but was in the exact opposite direction.

"This person could silently appear behind me and kill so many of my people without me knowing! As I thought, this human is dangerous! I need to escape fast and survive!" Monster general Baek muttered as he kept increasing his speed.

"Huh, I thought he would get angry after seeing the deaths of his subordinates and attack to avenge his subordinates, but he proved me wrong, he ran away. What a poor leader. He doesn't even think about his subordinates. I guess that's a monster for you." Long Chen muttered as he saw Monster general Baek escaping.

"Oh well, I've already killed so many bad people, one more name to the list won't hurt much. It's time to hunt." Long Chen muttered as he started following monster general Baek on his horse.

The distance between Long Chen and monster general Baek didn't increase by much as the horse General Baek was using had speed similar to that of an Elphian horse. However, Long Chen didn't mind the ever-constant distance as he knew that he could kill Baek whenever he wanted. He was just enjoying the chase, toying with Baek in the process as he was going in the same direction as his destination.

After three more hours of Chase, Monster General Baek suddenly shifted his direction and continued advancing forward with Long Chen in tow behind.

"Oh man, what a stupid guy. He's going in the wrong direction. I guess it's time to end this." Long Chen muttered as he skillfully stood up on the back of his horse with the horse in motion.

A beautiful pair of wings appeared on his back. One golden and another black, beautifully contrasting each other, the black side making him look like an angel fallen from grace, tilting towards darkness while the golden side made him look like an angel of light who ruled the heavens and opposed all darkness.

Long Chen flew up to the sky, but never towards Monster General Baek. Only after reaching a high altitude did he go after the monster general. Long Chen's flying speed was many times faster, as he soon closed the distance and flew above the unaware monster general's head.

"Huh, Looks like that demon gave up. Now, I just need to maintain this speed and get out of this place and out of his reach." General Baek said smilingly after looking back and not finding anybody following him.

"Ouch, that hurt you know. But since you've already called me a demon, I might as well act like one," A voice came from the sky as General Baek was focusing ahead. He involuntarily shuddered in fear. The voice was somewhat familiar. He looked up towards the sky in the direction of the voice, but before he could even react, a sword impaled his head. His eyes were still wide open as he died staring at the one who killed him. He fell from the horse, dead, while the horse kept on running.

Without wasting any time, Long Chen plundered General Baek's belongings and stuffed them in his ring as he flew back to his horse. Soon he found his horse in the distance and continued on his journey ahead.


Night arrived as Long Chen decided to rest and feed his egg. Just as he did in the real world, he set up his hammock on the top of the trees and started taking out the egg he received. He started feeding his qi to the egg, which continued absorbing it. Long Chen again felt some movement, but he ignored it as it was already the third time. Long Chen knew that whatever is inside will soon come out. After the egg stopped absorbing the energy, Long Chen put it back inside his ring as long Chen started his cultivation.

While Long Chen was cultivating, in a faraway place, the city of monsters stood tall. But this city was anything but peaceful today. Every monster of the city is preparing for battle except the kids.

Everyone donned their armor and gripped their weapons in their hands as they stood tall, waiting for the order to depart. The Monster Emperors had already ordered their armies to be ready for departure at any moment's notice.

All three Monster Emperors came out of the palace, followed behind by ten Monster Kings. While Monster Emperor Taras and monster Emperor Shentia looked gallant and excited for the war, Monster Emperor Balang's expression looked more solemn than ever.