Chapter 78 - 78: War

Chapter 78 of 150 chapters

Everyone turned their attention to the Monster Emperors and Monster Kings as they came out. They stood straight, their minds alert.

"Citizens of the brave monster tribe! I'm happy to see all of you prepared for the impending war and attend the conscription without being consumed by doubt because of our last failure. It is finally time we get our revenge!" Monster King Shentia said with determination. Although he used a mild and calm tone in delivering his speech, every person could hear him clearly.

"When I say revenge, I don't simply speak about the tribes you think of. I also mean the demon that slaughtered our innocent citizens in the Great War. The demon who orphaned our children for entertainment. It is because of him we live in fear of extermination. Yes, that's right. I am talking about the human called Tian Shen!" Monster Emperor Taras announced loudly. Chattering erupted in the crowd.

"Silence!" Monster Emperor Taras shouted, quieting the people. Monster Emperor Shentia continued. "I know what you are thinking. 'That human disappeared thousands of years ago, so how can we get revenge? Can he still be alive?'"

He looked around the crowd at the hesitant expressions.

"'Even our ancestors couldn't hurt him, how can we, who are even weaker, get revenge on him? If he is still alive, he must be stronger now! We stand no chance.' I will clear your doubts." Monster Emperor Shentia said slowly and quietly.

"Yes, you're right. If Tian Shen were standing in front of us, we wouldn't be able to scratch him, much less exact revenge. Over the thousands of years, he would have grown stronger beyond belief and we would stand no chance against him. But things are different now. We have been given a golden opportunity to avenge our people! Although the demon Tian Shen hasn't appeared, one of his descendants has! We must not be scared of this human. No! We must rejoice. Rejoice, for another human has appeared. He is but a child and weaker than Tian Shen. He is our opportunity to redeem our name and wash off our losses! No one shall call our tribe weak any longer," Monster Emperor Shentia declared.

"This is our opportunity to rewrite history! In this version, the human and slaughtering tribes will be defeated and we shall rule the world! Will you follow me to fulfil this dream, the dream of the Monster tribe?" Monster Emperor Shentia roared as he raised his fist above his head.

"We are!" All The monsters chimed, mirroring his movement enthusiastically.

"It's time to set out. Everyone must remember this: this is a war against the world! Our goal is to destroy everyone who stands in our way. Whether it be the human or the banshee, any tribe that stands in our way shall be slaughtered!" Monster Emperor Terra shouted. In fact, his voice was so loud that the entire forest surrounding the city could hear him.

The army set out with the two Monster Emperors, while the Monster Kings followed hot on their heels with their own troupes. Monster Emperor Shentia rode on a heavily armored horse, while Monster Emperor Terra walked on his feet, unable to take on a humanoid form.

However, he didn't fall behind. Instead, he walked steadily so that the horses wouldn't be left behind.

"Old Terra, why don't you let me ride you? I am already trying very hard to keep up with you," Monster Emperor Shentia joked.

"Sure. You can try, but you'd be courting death if you tried. So, I'd suggest you change your mind. I wouldn't want you to miss out on a war because you got killed by my hands," Monster Emperor Terra replied in an annoyed tone.

"I was only joking, old man. You don't have to be so serious." Monster Emperor Shentia laughed.

"It would've been better if old Balang joined us too. He'll miss out on a ton of fun," Shentia said as he glanced at Taras.

"Let that stubborn guy stay in the tribe. He's too pessimistic. Is there need to be scared of a human child? Balang is worried that our young will be purged again. So, he wanted to stay back and protect them. Anyway, we won't need his help. It will be easy to eradicate the human and the tribes." Monster Emperor Taras snorted as the army continued marching forward.


Soon, morning arrived. The sky brightened magically in this world that lacked both the sun and the moon.

Long Chen stopped cultivating. He had already broken through the peak of the 4th Stage of the Gold Core Realm after a night of cultivation. He looked at his resting place and started to pack the hammock. He placed the hammock back inside the storage ring and continued on his journey, unaware of the events that had transpired because of his presence in this world.

He moved forward for the whole day and by the time light disappeared and night arrived, he had already reached the gates of the Elphia tribe. The horse had been of great help in the journey.

The guards recognized him immediately and allowed him entry without checking his body or identity. He was easily recognizable. Seeing the familiar old scenery, Long Chen couldn't help but have a small smile on his face.

Without wasting any more time, Long Chen strode to the tribe leader's residence.

The horse arrived near the tribe leader's courtyard and slowed down into a trot. Long Chen, who was on its back, got off the horse and made his way to the door. He knocked and waited until an old man with a full head of white hair opened the door and allowed Long Chen inside.

The man probably did so because he didn't want to be discourteous.

"Where's Tensha?" Long Chen asked as he beamed, a wide smile on his face.

"Master is in the study, reading. I'll go and inform him that you've returned. I'm sure he'll be in a hurry to see you again." The old man smiled back as he spoke.

"No need to find him. I know exactly where the study is located. I'll go to him myself!" Long Chen declared, still smiling. He walked inside before the old man could answer. Soon, he was standing in front of the study. The door was closed, so Long Chen used his Divine Sense to peek inside the room.

What he sensed inside shocked him greatly, to the point that his face contorted into a grimace. He had never imagined that in the short time he would take to return to the tribe, this would happen and he would stumble upon such a scene.