Chapter 79 - 79:It's Not The Law Of Slaughter

Chapter 79 of 150 chapters

Long Chen could see a naked Tensha reclining on a seat while an Elphian woman who wasn't wearing anything either, kept thrusting her hips in a vertical manner on his lap. Long Chen instantly shut off his divine sense after sensing such a lewd scene.

Long Chen chose to merely knock on the gate.

"What… ergh.. is it? " A voice alternating with heavy panting and moaning came from within the room.

"It's me. Are you busy right now?" Long Chen asked deliberately.

A loud crashing sound came from the inside as soon as Long Chen's voice was heard.

"Ah... Great Master Chen!! You... I'll open the door shortly, Ju- just wait a moment!" A voice hastily replied from inside.

"Don't worry about me. Take your time, I will wait for you here," Long Chen let out an answer.

Shortly, the door was opened by Tensha, who by then was already properly dressed.

"You must like reading a lot since you are always in the study," Long Chen asked smilingly as he entered the room and strolled around.

"Ah... that's right! I really do like reading a lot. You know what people say, right? Books are the gateway to the world and the way to escape from it. Haha," Tensha replied while laughing nervously.

"That's true. Anyway, what's she doing in your escape?" Long Chen pointed at the maid, who began cleaning dust off books.

"Oh, she? She is just here to clean the room." Tensha replied.

"What is she tidying up? As far as I can see, she's dusting the already cleaned section of the room," Long Chen pointed out, teasing the nervous man who was desperately trying to hide his recreational activity.

Just as Tensha was about to be rendered speechless and his whole affair uncovered, Long Chen continued speaking.

"Anyways, I don't have time to chitchat. I'll be going to your temple to cultivate for a while. I don't want any interference, so don't let anyone inside the temple!" Long Chen decreed as he left the room.

"Alright," Tensha answered back without thinking.

"Wait a minute, I was so caught up in hiding my affair that I didn't even remember to ask him why was he back, and what happened in the banshee tribe!" Tensha hit his head as he remembered. He hurriedly ran to the back of Long Chen.

"Master Chen!!" Tensha called out as he saw Long Chen almost on the verge of leaving his house.

"What?" Long Chen asked with an expression of curiosity.

"I apologize for taking your time, but I can't help but ask what is it that happened in the Banshee tribe, and how come you're back here so soon? The Banshee tribe is more luxurious than we are, and what's more, they have what you need! What actually happened there?" Tensha raised multiple questions at once.

"Why does it feel like you want me to stay in the Banshee tribe and not here?" Long Chen asked with a smile, his tone indicating the rhetorical meaning behind his question.

"This... Of course not! I was just curious about what happened there as you yourself wanted to go there." Tensha changed the way he phrased his words and inquired again.

"Nothing major happened there. The queen rejected me access to their orbs. Besides, I didn't like that place and started missing your tribe, so I came here. I decided to study your orb instead." Long Chen said while smiling.

"Oh, although I feel like you left out a lot of details, but I understand. You can go study in the temple, I will order the guards to not let anyone near our temple until you come out." Tensha said with a smile.

" You're more sensible than the queen." Long Chen said as he left the residence.

'What did he mean by the statement that I'm more sensible than the queen?' Tensha thought.

He called his personal guard and told him to ensure that no one enters the vicinity of the temple or creates noise around the area. After the guards left hurrying on a horse, Tensha left the house as well and walked towards Deputy chief Xu's house.

Long Chen continued walking and soon reached the temple. All the guards were informed of the decision of the tribe leader by his personal guard, who reached the temple first as he traveled on an Elphian horse. Long Chen effortlessly entered the temple as he closed the door.

"Hey, Xun!" Long Chen called out.

"What!" Xun shortly appeared near him as she said.

"I've just thought about something. Since I've received this bloodline, as a guardian Spirit, Although you can't hear my thoughts unless I intentionally want them heard, You can still see what I see, even if I don't want you to, right?" Long Chen asked, looking at Xun.

"That's right. I see what you see." Xun said as if she was stating a fact while she kept moving her little head up and down.

"So you saw what I saw earlier today as well?" Long Chen asked as he looked at her.

"I saw everything you saw, what are you talking about," She asked, feeling confused.

"The thing I saw happening with my divine sense," Long Chen let out.

"Oh that, yes I saw. So what? " She asked with a confused expression.

"Can you shut off your senses when you want to, so that you don't see the outside?" Long Chen inquired.

"Yes I can, but I never use it as I don't like the feeling," Xun said innocently.

"You should do this for a little while when I'm having private time in the future. You're so young! you shouldn't see such things." Long Chen replied with a serious look.

"Oh? I shouldn't ask things? Like the thing I saw when you were riding behind that girl from the Elphia tribe?" Xun asked, smiling.

"Th... that was an innocent reaction and nothing vulgar like what we saw before!" Long Chen coughed one with a red face as he said seriously.

"Don't worry little guy, I only look young but I'm way older! As for the things you are talking about, I've already seen it happen many times. I've seen Tian Shen do this hundreds of times with the girls he fell in love with. Unfortunately..." Xun said but stopped herself midway.

"Oh? You're so old but still watch young people make love? Aren't you quite shameless yourself? And here you were calling me shameless for stealing the orb?" Long Chen couldn't help but laugh.

"You can't change your words now! You've already confessed that you can shut your senses and also confessed that you saw Tian Shen do that with his lovers many times," Long Chen said smiling.

"You!!" It was Xun's turn to turn red as she tried to find words to say.

"Leave that. I already know you're shameless. You don't need to give justification. Anyways How old are you?" Long Chen thought.

"You don't need to know that! Just know that I'm older than you." She replied in anger.

"Don't be angry, I was just messing with you! Anyway, can you tell me the best way to learn a law? I already have the orb for law of slaughter here," Long Chen changed the topic as he brought the transparent orb out from his storage ring/

"That's what I was about to tell you in the Banshee tribe when you said that we'll talk when we're back!!" She said with puffed up cheeks.

"Oh right, isn't it a good thing we escaped there fast? As someone found out of the stealth soon after. Anyways what were you saying?" Long Chen asked.

"I was saying that isn't the orb for the law of slaughter!!" Xun said with full confidence.