Chapter 80 - 80 : Bad News

Chapter 80 of 150 chapters

"I was saying that it isn't the orb for the Law of Slaughter!" Xun said with a face full of confidence, shocking Long Chen.

"What are you talking about? Are you saying that Tensha lied to us about the orb that Tian Shen had studied from being there?" Long Chen asked

"That can't be it. I remember that when I met Queen Mia, I clearly asked her to grant me access to study the orb Tian Shen studied from. Although she denied me access, she never once mentioned that the orb Tian Shen used wasn't there.

"That's what I was thinking about as well. I don't think any of them lied. One of the possible explanations might be that someone stole the original orb and put the one you're holding there." Xun replied while looking at Long Chen.

"There's also the possibility that the Barong tribe didn't give them the orb you saw Tian Shen use and instead gave them this. There's no way the queen could ever tell which orb Tian Shen actually used, so tricking the unknowing queen could be pretty easy," Long Chen said with a thoughtful expression.

"That's true, that might actually be what happened, as fooling them was easier than stealing from them." Xun said with an enlightened look.

"We can only guess what happened. To know the actual truth behind it, we'll need to meet them ourselves. I'm also curious as to why they would have three orbs, the orb Tian Shen used, the orb for the law of wind that they use and the one that they gave Queen Mia. I'm also curious as to why they lied to her and have her be given a different law orb than the actual one." Long Chen muttered while looking at the translucent orb.

"Anyways, we can do that later. First things first, tell me, is this orb any good or do we need to go to the Barong Tribe right now and get the one you talked about?" Long Chen asked Xun.

You don't have to worry about finding them, as I don't think this law is any less valuable than the law of slaughter. In fact, it could only be stronger!" Xun said as a smile bloomed on her face.

"Stronger? What law is it?" Long Chen asked with a curious look on his face.

"Of course I'll tell you, but since you don't know much about laws other than the basic ones, I'll have to explain them to you first." Xun let out a response.

"You already know about the five basic laws. Law of Fire, Law of Earth, Law of Wind, Law of Wood and the Law of Water. While people with the law of fire can control the element of fire, those with the law of Earth control the ground and the same goes for all the other elements. But other than these five elemental laws, there are many more laws in this world which are categorized as special laws." Xun explained.

"I remember that you told me before that the Law of Slaughter is a special law," Long Chen responded.

"Right, but that wasn't the proper description. What I didn't tell you was that the special laws are further separated into different ranks. There are Lower-rank Special laws like the Law of Snow that you stole from the Banshee tribe. Then, there are intermediate-rank special laws and finally high-rank special laws. The Law of Slaughter that Tian Shen comprehended was a high-rank special law." Xun explained.

"Oh, then what rank is this law?" Long Chen asked.

"There is another layer above high-rank special laws. The supreme rank laws. If I'm not wrong, the orb you're holding contains a supreme-rank law!" Xun told him.

"What the..." Long Chen's mouth opened wide as he was rendered speechless and just kept staring at Xun.

"Can you please tell me what law it contains?" After a long pause, Long Chen asked.

"It's a Law that contains the whole world and yet it is the law that contains nothing. This orb contains the supreme Law of Space!" Xun explained.

Long Chen just kept staring at the orb blankly before turning his attention to Xun.

"The Law of Space? If that's how it is, then tell me one thing honestly. The stronger the law, the tougher it is for it to be comprehended right?" Long Chen asked with a smile.

"Yup, you're really lucky. I've only seen a few people succeed in cultivating the law of space. You're really lucky you received this orb making it easier for you! "Xun said with a slight smile/

"Oh really? Aren't you forgetting something?" Long Chen said with a smile.

"Me? What am I forgetting?" She asked confusedly.

"Right now, we're trapped in this world, with the only way to escape being by learning law in this world. A basic law that in your words, only genius gold core realm cultivators can learn. And here you are congratulating me on receiving a supreme law, three ranks higher than basic laws. To that, I'll have to ask you, how long will it take to learn a supreme law based on your calculations?" Long Chen asked as he looked at Xun with a smile that continued to widen.

"The people who comprehended the law of space before you took over five hundred years to gain the initial comprehension. But since you have this orb to help you, If everything goes well, you will probably comprehend it in less than hundred years" Xun replied innocently. Long Chen face-palmed himself as he heard her reply.

"So, I need to stay in this room for the next hundred years to get out of this world. What bountiful luck I have." Long Chen then laughed as he found his situation funny.

"Whatever, if that's what it takes, I'll do it. Besides, a supreme law will be a good compensation for the troubles I'll have to go through." Long Chen muttered as he looked up.

"That's a good boy! As long as you don't lose hope, you can achieve anything," Xun encouraged Long Chen/

"Wait a minute, I have a question on my mind. Are there laws above supreme laws?" Long Chen asked while looking at Xun.

"Of course there are. There are ancestral laws above the supreme laws but you don't need to know about them currently." Xun said.

"I have another question. If this is a trial, then where are the difficulties? If we have an infinite amount of time to stay in this world, then even the stupidest of mankind will learn a law after trying for hundreds of years. Where's the challenge in that?" Long Chen asked curiously/

"Oh, that's some good observation you have there. The truth is, you don't actually have an infinite amount of time. You know that while you're here, your real body is still in the real world, and considering the difference in the speed of time between this dimension and the real world, if you don't want to be an old man by the time you get out, you should probably be fast. If you take too much time it's even possible that you might die of old age in the real world while you stay 12 in this realm." Xun explained.

Long Chen's expressions contorted as her words reached his ears.