Chapter 82 - 82:Asking For Help

Chapter 82 of 150 chapters

Suddenly many royal court members entered the hall with a nervous expression.

"What are you so anxious about?" The Queen inquired.

"We have some horrible news, your highness! Our scouts have noticed the monster army advancing towards us. They'll be here in less than three days!!" One person amongst them said.

Queen Mia couldn't help but stand up as soon as she heard this news.

"The timing couldn't be any worse! Our barrier is broken and we can't use that to buy us some time! Tell everyone to prepare for war as quickly as possible! We don't have much time! Send one person to every tribe with a letter telling them about this news and to ask for their assistance. Don't forget to mention that if the monster tribe wins, then after us, it'll be their turn!" Mia ordered a girl wearing Luxurious clothes.

She was the queen's closest aid and royal advisor. She was the one who was the highest in the tribe's hierarchy after the queen and the now-deceased Alton. The girl hurriedly departed as soon as she received the orders of the queen to make arrangements.

"You make sure that all our soldiers get proper weapons and equipment! It's the war for the survival of our empire. Also, place all of the stronger siege weapons we have near the entrances. We'll blast them out as soon as they enter." She others another subordinate who departed after receiving the others/

"You get out the best Masons and craftsmen and prepare as many killer traps as you can! We need to give them as many losses as we could at once before they even reach near our boundary! Make sure the traps are deadly and unpredictable!" Queen Mia ordered another one who followed suit.

"You! Take all the kids of our tribe and bring them to the Elphia tribe! They're the strongest after us and they most probably have that human there! The kids will be safer in the Elphia tribe than staying here." Queen Mia ordered another one who with tears in her eyes left to carry out her orders/

Soon she gave everyone their orders as they all left, leaving the hall again empty with her alone sitting in deep thoughts/

"I made a huge mistake by using our Empire protecting barrier on the human. If we had that barrier, we would have had plenty of time to prepare ourselves and to wait till other tribes arrive. If only I wasn't clouded by anger." Queen Mia thought with a sad look as she remembered the events that transpired.

"I need to make some preparation myself." Queen Mia stood up from her throne and left.

The messengers of the Elphia tribe travelled day and night as needed so that they could reach their destination tribe as fast as possible and bring the much-needed help. Many of the nearby tribes had received the letter of the Banshee tribe asking the other tribes to come and unitedly fight the monsters.

Every tribe that received the letter decided to send their warriors to take part in the war as they know that if they didn't help, and the Banshee tribe survive, the Banshee tribe will forever remember them and might even take their revenge. And even if the Banshee tribe is wiped out and the monsters win, even the best outcome for their tribe would be nothing more than to be the slaves of the Monsters. So everyone decided to fight the monsters with the Banshee tribe.

It was the second day since the messenger of the Banshee tribe left the Banshee tribe to deliver the letter to the Elphia tribe leader to ask for their help. As the queen knew that the Elphia tribe was the strongest after them, and now that they had the human who broke their holy barrier with them as well, they were a force to be reckoned with. If they helped them, the Banshee tribe would survive. So in their letter, the queen had very polite words written by her retinue to ask for the help of the Banshee tribe leader.

"I have an urgent letter for Tribe Leader Tensha from Queen Mia! It's a matter of life and death! Please bring me to him immediately!" The messenger told the guards guarding the entrance of the Elphia tribe. After checking the Royal Mark of Banshee tribe on the letter, one of them immediately brought the messenger to the residence of the tribe leader Tensha.

Tensha was sitting in the hall with Xu, playing a board game while his Son Terra and Xu's daughter Xia were sitting at some distance from them.

"I can't believe he came back and entered seclusion without even meeting us! Although I know that we aren't that close, but we still traveled together for a while. It's rude to not even meet us after coming here!" Terra kept complaining as he sat in front of Xia.

"Why would he waste time on us? He and we are from two different worlds! I'm sure he must have a different set of priorities than us!" Xia said with a slight smile as she looked in the direction of the temple.

"Maybe, but I still think he should've met us once. I want to know why he came back so soon. Did he not like the Banshee tribe? Or did he miss the friendly nature of the Elphia tribe? And even after coming here, why did he straight away go into seclusion. He could've done so in the Banshee tribe as well! There is something strange in all this," Terra muttered.

"You don't need to think too much. You can ask him yourself when he comes out! I don't think he'll forever stay in that temple." Xia gave a light chuckle.

Suddenly the door of the room was knocked. Terra opened the door and found an old white-haired man standing outside. The old man entered the hall as he looked at Tensha

"Master, a messenger from the Banshee tribe is standing outside. He said he has some important message for you and that is a life and death matter," The old man said.

"Bring him in. Even if it wasn't a life or death matter, I still couldn't send the messenger of the Banshee tribe back without hearing what he had to say." Tensha thought for a moment and said. The old man left and entered with a little white-haired boy who looked to be 16.

"Tribe leader, Tensha! This is the letter my queen sent for you. I hope that you accept and read it right now and make a decision as it's an urgent matter." The boy said.

"Give me the letter," Tensha said with a serious expression.

The white-haired boy immediately handed him the letter.

Tensha started reading the letter, and soon his expression changed.

"What's written in the letter?" Xu Asked as he noticed his expression.

"Queen Mia asked for our help," Tensha said with a grave expression.