Chapter 83 - 83: Strange Barrier

Chapter 83 of 150 chapters

"Queen Mia asked for our help," Tensha told Xu with a grave expression.

"Why would she need our help?" Xu asked with a confused look on his face.

"A large Monster army is advancing towards the Banshee tribe with the intention to take over the world. They are slaughtering the smaller tribes in their path. Queen Mia asked for our tribe's help to fight against the monsters," Tensha explained.

"We will need to seriously talk about it. Stay here, we'll be right back." Xu said to the messenger after thinking for a while as he left with Tensha, leaving Xia and Terra behind.

Inside a secret Hall, Tensha and Xu sat on opposite sides of the table as they started their discussion.

"Looks like although the human left the Banshee tribe in a short time, the monster tribe probably somehow found out that the human was staying there. I'm sure they're coming to get revenge for the last Great War. Our decision to send Master Chen there worked in our favor as planned. Now the war will occur in the Banshee tribe's vicinity and our innocent citizens will stay safe." Xu said with an expressionless face.

"How can you be sure that they are declaring war because of Master Chen?" Tensha inquired.

"What else could it be? He stayed there for a while and returned to us a few days ago. The monster tribe that didn't attack in the last thousands of years suddenly decided to attack the strongest tribe, especially the one that housed a human. It's easier to guess," Xu replied.

"You're right. But although it's good that the war won't occur in our vicinity and the kids and elderly of our tribe won't die in the crossfire but I feel bad for the innocent citizens of the Banshee tribe. They must have kids as well." Tensha said, looking upset.

"You don't have to feel bad about it. It was only a matter of time before the monsters found out about the Human and the monsters would definitely have attacked us when that happened. It was either us or another tribe. And for us, the safety of our tribe members come first!" Xu said, looking at Tensha.

"And amongst other tribes, the Banshee tribe is the only one who can hold out for longest against the assault of the Monsters with their Protection barrier until the other tribes prepare and come for help." Xu continued with a determined expression.

"You're probably right. But now that we achieved our goal and drew the war away from our lands, it's time we go to their aid and fulfill our responsibility." Tensha said with a slight smile.

"Of course we can't let them be wiped out completely. I don't want us to be the strongest tribe because the other tribe was wiped out, but I wouldn't mind us being the strongest because another tribe was weakened. So tell me your official decision about this matter so that I could prepare." Xu said with a smile.

"The Elphia tribe will go help the Banshee tribe but if the situation looks bad, we'll escape as the lives of our members are of utmost priority!" Tensha said gravely.

"Alright, let's go tell the messenger of the Banshee tribe our decision and get things ready," Xu said as he got up and walked towards the door with Tensha behind him.

As they entered the hall, they saw the messenger of the Banshee tribe was still standing right there and Terra and Xia stood near him as they kept asking questions about the monster army that was seen. As soon as the messenger saw Tensha enter the hall, he looked at him with a hopeful expression.

"We have reached the decision that we will go help the Banshee tribe and give our best to fight against the Savage monsters." Tensha declared with a determined look.

"Old Xu, You will get our army ready in three days and we will depart. Till then the messenger can stay in our tribe," Tensha said looking at Xu.

"Tribe leader Tensha. I hope you can prepare as fast as you can as the monster army will soon reach the tribe and any delay can cause our whole tribe to be destroyed. I plead you to take this matter seriously as if the monster tribe is standing outside your door." The messenger said emotionally.

"You don't have to talk like that. I'm not ignorant enough to not know about the barrier you guys have. For seven days, even monster Emperors won't be able to enter. So I want to make our preparation the best we possibly could since we have time." Tensha replied.

"We don't have the barrier anymore. There's nothing protecting our tribe and the innocent members who can't even fight." The messenger said as he kept looking at Tensha with pleading eyes.

"What happened to your barrier?" Tensha asked confused.

"It was destroyed by someone," the messenger said with a wry look.

"Who could be strong enough to break the tribe protecting barrier of the Banshee tribe? Did a monster emperor come before the army could? Why didn't you inform us sooner then?" Tensha asked with a shocked expression.

"It wasn't done by a monster emperor... It was done by the human whom they escorted to our tribe," Messenger said as he looked towards Xia and Terra.

Everyone's mind turned blank while their mouths opened wide as soon as they heard his words, especially Terra and Xia.

"That can't be possible... He didn't stay there for even a week, how could he break the barrier? Also, why would he do such a thing!" Xu blurted out loudly as she stared at the messenger.

"He didn't need to stay there for a week as he broke the barrier in just three strikes." The messenger replied as he remembered the scene he saw that day, again shocking the others.

"As for why he did it? He and our Queen had some... misunderstanding that led to a fight between them." The messenger carefully phrased his words as he said.

"I knew he was strong but never knew he could be so strong," Tensha muttered as he stared at the messenger.

'It's good that we acted courteously with him.' Xia thought as she stared at the messenger.

"Alright, we'll make our preparation faster, but it will still take more than a day as we need to be fully prepared to fight against the monster tribe. Till then you stay here. Terra, make the preparations for his stay." Tensha said.

"Let's go, we need to tell great master Chen about this matter. Old Xu, you get the army ready while I Inform great master Chen. Although he had a problem with the queen, but he's so strong I'm sure he'll help us in this tragic situation." Tensha said to Xu as he walked outside.

Soon Tensha reached the temple. He just wanted to knock on the door as he didn't want to enter without Long Chen's permission so as to not anger him. He was even more considerate since he learned the tragic fate of the barrier of the Banshee tribe.

But as soon as he reached near the door, he felt a strange invisible barrier surrounding the temple stopping him from taking a step forward. As soon as he took a step towards the temple, he found in the blink of an eye, the world changed around him as his back now faced the Temple. He turned back and tried again but the same situation kept happening.