Chapter 84 - 84: I'm Not Sharing

Chapter 84 of 150 chapters

Tensha attempted this repeatedly but nonetheless couldn't go anywhere near the entrance of the temple no matter how much he tried. Eventually, when he grew exhausted, he gave up attempting to go near the temple. He tried utilizing his voice and shouted loudly so that Long Chen could hear and come out.

People nearby couldn't help but be astonished at the sights of their tribe leader standing in front of the temple and calling out 'Master Chen'. But even after struggling for a long time, Tensha didn't receive any reply, nor the door opened. He gave up and told the guard to stay here and to keep screaming at the door. He also told the guard to inform him whenever Long Chen came out as he departed from that place dead tired.

"I have told the captains to prepare the soldiers for war and transport as soon as possible. We will soon be ready to go." Xu informed Tensha as soon as Tensha reached his residence.

"How did your talk with Master Chen go? and why are you looking so tired?" Xu inquired as he noticed Tensha's exhausted look.

"I did not talk to him as I can't even go near the temple. There's a barrier that prevents me from going near, and it is the strongest barrier I have ever seen. It was able to switch my direction every time I took a step inside. Every time I took a step forward, I ended up where I started, with my back facing the temple." Tensha explained to Xu with a downcast expression/

"How can this be? I will go check myself!" Xu couldn't believe Tensha, so he himself went outside to check.

Tensha ignored him and went back to his room as he sat on a chair and started resting.

"Father? Are we actually going to fight monsters?" Terra approached Tensha as he asked.

"Yes, we are. We need to save the land and the people. It is a war of existence which we must go through. But you, little guy, aren't a part of that we! You and all the little ones are staying in the tribe!" Tensha said seriously.

"Why?? I want to fight for our future as well!! Are you thinking that I am weak and that I will drag you down?" Terra asked with a sour look.

"No, son. I know you are really strong, but I don't want you to be killed in this war. There will be monster kings and monster Emperors in the war, It is too dangerous for you. Also, someone needs to stay in the tribe as well. To protect the tribe in case any unpredictable situations occur!" Tensha said with a gentle smile as he looked at his son.

"Don't take this situation lightly, son! Our tribes' safety is our biggest priority and I'm leaving you here to ensure that it's safe! You're not staying away from the battlefield, instead, you're staying here to protect our tribe!" Tensha continued.

"Alright father, I'll stay here," Terra said with a downcast expression.

"Is there any information about my elder brother?" Terra asked with an expectant look as he gazed at Tensha.

"No, he hasn't contacted us since he left two weeks ago. Since then, there has been no information about your elder brother. I've sent people everywhere, but no tribe had any information about him. I'm so worried for him," Tensha replied with a grim expression.

"Don't worry, father. Brother is really strong, he must still be training in the wild. You should properly punish him when he gets home!!"Terra said with a slight smile hiding the worries in his heart.

"I'll go now, you have a proper rest," Tensha said.

Tensha stayed there for two hours when he suddenly noticed Xu come back looking dead tired as well.

"Old Xu, you look even worse than I did. So how much success did you have?" Tensha smilingly said.

"Don't make fun of me. I believe you, there is actually such a strange barrier there which is impossible to pass. I don't know what else we could do." Xu said with an annoyed expression.

"What else can we do, just prepare and go to war ourselves without great master Chen! We can't delay, as, if the Banshee tribe is wiped out, we'll be in big trouble. We can leave terra and Xia here who can inform Master Chen about this matter whenever he comes out. If everything works out, he'll be there for help." Tensha said with a sad smile.

"Our army will be ready by tomorrow night and then will depart," Xu straight away said. He stayed there for a little more to talk about strategy for the war. After a while, he stood up as he left.


A Day promptly passed as the monster tribe reached near the Banshee tribe.

"We will soon be in the land of Banshee. I am so excited. Finally, I will get to savor their blood." A monster king who looked like a wolf said with a wide grin.

"You can have your fill, but what I am more interested in is their queen. I heard she's a real beauty. I will take her as my new concubine and bring her to my harem to enjoy her every night." Bull king said with a pervy smile.

"Hey, not fair. I wanted her too." Bear king interfered in their conversation and said loudly.

"You can't have my concubine, old bear!" Bull king said as he stared at the bear king.

"She is not yours yet!! I will be the one who she belongs to!!" Bear king said with an angry look.

"Stop arguing!! Why don't you both have her!! You both can have her for a week each and take turns." Skeleton king said as he laughed.

"I am not sharing anything with him!!" Both of them replied at the same time.

Skeleton king wanted to say more but suddenly a loud Commotion started. A large number of pits kept being revealed at various spots as large amounts of monsters kept stepping on the trap zone. These pits had many sharp spikes that protruded from inside and pierced the flesh of the fallen monsters. There was chaos in the formation as more and now monsters kept dying. In a matter of a few seconds, thousands of monsters had died.

"Everyone stop overreacting! These little tricks of the Banshee tribe shouldn't be enough to create turmoil in your strong heart!! Be brave and keep walking!! And be careful where you step. There might be more traps, ahead." Monster Emperor Shentia said as he saw the situation of their army.

Although most of the Monsters calmed down and continued ahead, more and more Monsters kept dying as more and more traps kept being unveiled. After a long time and the losses of tens of thousands of soldiers, the monster tribe finally saw the view of the border of the Banshee tribe.

"So that's the army of the Banshee tribe? Nothing special. I see the queen but not the human though? Did they already run away?" Monster Emperor Taras said.

"They must be inside the tribe. We will soon see them," Monster emperor Shentia commented.

The army of the Banshee tribe stood outside their entrance in proper formation with various weapons, while the army of the monster tribe stood at the opposite side of the battlefield