Chapter 85 - 85: The War Begins

Chapter 85 of 150 chapters

"Oh, my heavens!! Such a massive army! Even after going through all the traps, they still have such an enormous army left? It is at least ten times bigger than ours!" Warriors of the Banshee tribe were alarmed as soon as they were able to catch a glimpse of the monster army.

"Is that big lizard a monster King or monster Emperor? He has such a horrifying aura!!" A Banshee warrior remarked as he gazed at Monster Emperor Taras. The warriors kept talKing amongst themselves.

The Queen kept staring at the monster army with a grim expression on her face.

"You guys can march ahead! We are not going to involve ourselves in this war until the human interferes! It's time for you little ones to take the lead, manage this army and prove your strength!" Monster Emperor Shentia decreed as he glanced at the ten Monster Kings.

"Don't disappoint us," Monster Emperor Taras said to the Monster Kings.

"We won't," All the Monster Kings said in one tone. They immediately ordered the army to advance. The army commenced their crusade towards the army of the Banshee tribe at a steady pace while the Banshee army stood in Proper formation without taKing a step backward.

As soon as the Monster army covered half the distance, hundreds of ice arrows came flying towards the monster army from the right side. The monsters finally noticed that thousands of warriors hidden on the right side of the battlefield in the dense jungle with a bow in their hands as they again fired. The arrows kept showering at the monster of the monster tribe, which kept killing monsters in large quantities.

"I'll take care of it," Bear King said as he couldn't help but frown after seeing this happen. He immediately started moving in the archers' direction. The arrows kept coming at him, but he easily kept deflecting them as he proceeded towards the archers with strong killing intent. Suddenly an arrow came towards him at five times the speed of a normal arrow. He tried deflecting it, but the arrow easily grazed him giving him a bloody wound on the skin of his left arm.

He looked in that location the arrow came from and saw an old man with Brown hair standing there with a Yellow Bow in his hands. He was around 6 feet tall and had a blue color skin. He also had two ears on both sides of his face, which was a clear indication of someone from the Barong tribe!

Barong tribe, the tribe of the wind also known as the weakest tribe but that didn't mean that the strongest person in the tribe was weak as well. The strongest person in the Barong tribe, the tribe leader Bala was said to be the best archer in all the land and using the law of wind with his arrows was even more lethal.

When it came to fighting, he was only weaker than a few of the strongest tribe leaders like Queen Mia of the Banshee tribe, leader of Elphia tribe Tensha and the leader of the Mulan tribe, Mazumas. Mulan tribe was also the tribe that attacked their tribe, almost bringing it to the brink of extinction so that they had to give an orb to the Banshee tribe for protection.

"That blue skin and such strength. If I am not wrong, you are tribe leader Bala of the Barong tribe. I am the monster King of the Monster tribe. You should be glad you get to die by my hands. Also since we are using laws, how about you see mine as well." Bear King said with a wide grin as a sphere of fire appeared in his hands which he hurled at the tribe leader Bala.

The sphere of blazing fire advanced towards Bala at rapid speed. Bala made a Vortex of wind around himself which absorbed the fire and protected Bala. But he couldn't help but sweat heavily because of the heat of the fire trapped in his vortex. He increased the diameter of the vortex and when it was wide enough, divided it into four little vortexes all moving in a different direction leaving himself behind and safe.

"Nice, I can do that too," Bear King said as a large vortex made of fire appeared in front of him and advanced towards Bala. But it didn't stop with one, a second vortex appeared, a third and a fourth came as well, all moving towards Bala from different directions.

While Bear King was busy fighting the tribe leader of the Barong tribe, monsters kept dying under the shower of arrows by the Barong army who had already arrived to help the Banshee tribe a long time ago and were hiding as per the plan discussed by all tribes.

The rest of the army kept advancing towards the Banshee tribe, leaving the bear King's army behind to take care of the Barong warriors but again the same situation occurred. This time instead of the barrage of arrows, Heavy boulders fell from the sky crushing the monsters who kept dying in the Number of hundreds each minute.

"Looks like it's my turn now. If I'm not wrong, it's the tribe leader of the Mulan tribe, Mazumas." Bull King looked in the direction where the boulders kept coming from and saw a large army standing there with siege weapons and attacKing them. Standing in the front was the tribe leader of the Mulan tribe, Mazumas.

Mazumas was short and four feet tall but he didn't look young like the Banshee tribe members, instead, he looked like an old man with a wrinkled face. Except for his face, his whole body was covered in brown shells. Although his muscles were big and strong, his height deformed his shape. He had four hands, two on the left and two on the right.

"You are one of the people I wanted to fight, tribe leader Mazumas. You are said to be the strongest when it comes to physical strength and physical defense. Let's see how long your body can survive." Bull King laughed as he said.

"Oh, you know of me? I apologize for not knowing about you." Tribe leader Mazumas said smilingly.

"But then again, if I don't know about you, you mustn't be anyone special," Just as Bull King was pleased as tribe leader Mazumas apologized to him, Mazumas' next words shocked him.

"You're courting death!!!!" Bull King said as he ran towards Mazumas and punched out. Mazumas punched as well. Both used no laws or Martial skill and just their physical bodies. While the Bull King only felt a slight impact, Mazumas was forced three steps back.

"As I expected, A monster's physique is definitely powerful. But too bad, I don't just have it to rely on." Mazumas said as a punch came out from the ground made completely of stones and attached Bull King.

Bull King punched back, blasting the hand apart, but things didn't end as two thick walls made of stone appeared front and back of bull King and instantly closed in on him but they couldn't do anything at all as were easily broken by the bull King.

"You are stronger than I expected," Mazumas commented.

"I am, but let's see if you are or not," Bull King said with anger visible on his face as four walls made of fire appeared on four sides of Mazumas and started closing in. Bull King smiled as he used a similar attack as Mazumas and was about to kill him with his flaming walls.