Chapter 86 - 86: If You Want A Fight

Chapter 86 of 150 chapters

While the Banshee tribe comprehended the law of ice, the Mulan tribe comprehended the law of Earth instead. The Elphia tribe comprehended the law of wood, whereas the Barong tribe comprehended the law of wind.

Law of ice being the low-level special law was slightly stronger than the law of fire that monster tribe comprehended which would've given them a slight edge in the battle but the monster tribe didn't just have a history of being able to comprehend only one law. The Monster tribe had two law orbs, and they were the only tribe whose members were able to successfully comprehend a different law.

Many amongst the monster tribe had comprehended two laws. Law of fire and law of strength. Together with these two laws and large monster army, they were the strongest tribe in the land. Especially their Monster Emperors who had the strongest cultivation in this world.

While two Monster Kings were fighting the tribe leaders of Mulan and Barong tribes, their armies were engaged in a fearsome fight as well. However, the eight other Monster Kings kept advancing forward with their armies.

"Those two are already enjoying the fight. I want to fight as well!! But they already grabbed the decent opponents and I don't want to bully their opponent with numbers." Tiger king said smiling.

"Let them have their fun. We can enjoy the fight against the queen of Banshee and the leader of Elphia. They are the strongest two amongst our enemies. It'll be even more fun fighting them," Skeleton king said with his heavy voice.

As they continued ahead, many other tribes kept coming out from their hiding place, engaging them with their sneak attacks from a distance. The Monster Kings kept nominating themselves to fight, but the other tribe had a plan as well. Mostly using the tactics of two to three weaker tribe leaders against a monster king, since the other tribe leaders were weaker than Mazumas and Bala.

Just like this, most of the monster army was engaged in the fight, whereas, only a small portion of the army continued to advance towards the Banshee tribe's army with only two Monster Kings in the lead, Tiger king, and the Skeleton king. But even this small part of the monster army was a few times bigger than the entire army of the Banshee tribe.

"I have seen the army of most of the tribes, but still haven't seen the army of the Elphia tribe. Did they not come?" Tiger king muttered.

"Even if they come, it wouldn't change anything. As today is the day we rewrite history and rule the land. Even if Elphia hides, they can't survive. After we slaughter everyone here, we can go to the Elphia tribe and have our fun there." Skeleton king commented in a malicious tone.

"Go on little ones, have your fun." Skeleton king ordered his army of skeleton monsters as they reached close enough distance from Banshee warriors. The monster army started rapidly advancing towards the Banshee army.

"You can go as well, show them the strength of my army." The Tiger king ordered the army he controlled as well.

As the armies accelerated, they soon started running towards the Banshee army with bloodthirsty expressions. The Banshee Army all started doing the same gesture resulting in the ground between them turning to ice, making most of the Monsters fall, while some stood their ground. A huge wave of fire appeared, melting the ice and attacking the Banshee army who made a wall of ice individually to survive the sea of flame. The fire melted the ice, but not before vanishing itself.

Both armies engaged in fierce battle as the battlefield became filled with ice and fire. Mist covered the entire area, reducing the visibility of the battleground.

"Queen Mia, are you just going to watch your army getting slaughtered while you stay there? Don't you want to have fun on this battlefield with us?" Tiger King said laughing as he took pleasure in the view of the battlefield.

Queen Mia stood near the Banshee tribe, seeing her army suffer losses with Grave expressions. She was wearing a white robe encircling her body below her shoulders.

"You are intelligent, by not striking my army personally, as that would force us to be involved in the battle of the little ones as well, which won't be good for your army." Skeleton king said in a deep expression.

"But won't you fight us yourself! Why waste time standing there? Are you waiting for someone?… Let me tell you, we are getting bored here. All other Monster Kings are getting to fight, except us. Since you are the strongest tribe leaders amongst our enemies, show us your strength and let's start our fight soon." Tiger king said.

"Don't worry, even if you lose, I won't kill you. Both old bull and old bear want to take you as their concubine and give you their sweet love." Tiger King Further said, looking at Queen Mia with a slight smile on his face.

'Why isn't help from the Elphia tribe here yet. It has been such a long time since the Messenger left to deliver the message. I'm sure they must've received the letter at least three days ago, are they really not coming.' The queen thought with a grave expression as she started at Monster Kings.

"Answer me!" The tiger king roared loudly.

"If you want a fight, you'll get it!" The Queen stared at the Tiger king as she said slowly.

The Queen looked up as her pupils turned white. Snow started falling from the sky as it started combining and soon took the shape of a huge arrow made of ice. In a blink of an eye, the arrow fell towards the Tiger king who stared at the falling arrow.

"Heavenly Flame finger!" Tiger king roared as he pointed his hand towards the arrow. A huge flaming finger appeared in front of him, which attacked the ice arrow. As soon as the ice arrow came into contact with the flaming finger, they collided for what seemed like a short moment. While the finger completely faded away after this collision, the ice arrow melted quite a bit as well, but it still continued in its path toward the tiger king.

As it reached the tiger king, he Punched out with just his hands, which collided with the ice arrow, completely shattering it. While Queen Mia's attack was shattered, the tiger king felt a sharp chill on his hand, which came in contact with the arrow. A Flame appeared on his hands, giving him warmth as he stared at the queen.

"That was a good display. Time for me to get serious as well!" Tiger king laughed.


In The Elphia tribe, inside the temple, Long Chen was sitting with his left hand placed on top of a transparent orb which was placed in front of him. There was no movement from him. His eyes were open, but he wasn't blinking, Time continued passing. Long Chen stayed there for what seemed like a long time. All concepts of time were lost.