Chapter 87 - 87: Congratulations

Chapter 87 of 150 chapters

'SPACE... The beginning of the universe and the end of it. One of the most mysterious forces in existence which rule every domain and influenced the world in the most mysterious of ways.'

Long Chen spent what seemed to be like an infinity inside the vast space which contained billions of stars. All these stars had a unique kind of beauty amongst themselves.

A long-time passed inside this vast empty space. Long Chen stayed there for a long time comprehending the space, occasional spatial cracks could be seen in the space which increased Long Chen's perception by a small margin. Newer stars kept coming into existence and while old ones kept getting wiped out of existence. This cycle of destruction and creation continued with long Chen at the center of it. He saw everything and felt the mysteriousness of space.

As Long Chen spent more and more time in this space, his comprehension kept increasing. And as Long Chen's comprehension of space kept increasing, spatial cracks appearing inside the space also kept intensifying.

After an unknown amount of time passed, the entire space was filled with spatial cracks throughout. Long Chen stayed at the center of everything, surrounded by spatial cracks and dimensional warps all around him. He had his eyes opened as he kept gazing at the spatial crack flickering in front of him.

He had forgotten all awareness of his purpose and lost all sense of time. He wasn't even sure if there was any concept of time in this space. Was the time passing every second like usual, or was the time staying still? Did time even exist here, Long Chen had no idea. He just kept the focus on understanding the mysteriousness of space, which in turn increased his comprehension.

In the Trial world, Long Chen's body was still sitting with its eyes open. Still inside the temple of the Elphia tribe, but an unusual event started taking place. The color of Long Chen's eyes changed as now a vast space filled with billions of stars and countless flickering space cracks could be seen in his eyes.

Inside the space, spatial cracks kept increasing while outside in the trial world the crack started appearing on the orb of the law of space that Long Chen had his hands on. The space Long Chen was in, kept getting unstable as long Chen's comprehension of the law of space kept rising, which matched the pace of the cracks increasing on the law of space orb.

The space kept getting more and unstable the longer long Chen stayed inside. Long Chen had no idea of what was happening near him and of his improving comprehension of the law of space by leaps and bounds. Long Chen just kept his focus on the space crack in front of him, forgetting the existence of everything other than it. Soon as Long Chen's comprehension reached a specific point, the whole space collapsed.

Long Chen gained focus as he found himself sitting back in the temple. He saw what lay in front of him and felt even more chaotic. The orb for law is space was broken and its crushed pieces lay in front of him looking rather ordinary unlike before. Just like ordinary stones, Long Chen could feel nothing special from it.

He looked around and saw Xun sitting beside him, gazing at him.

"You really amazed me, little one. Congratulations on successfully comprehending the law of space," Xun said with a big smile.

"Oh, how much time had passed." Long Chen looked at her with a slight smile as he said.

"For you? I'm not sure as I don't know what you saw since the moment your consciousness entered in a locked-down state after you began trying to cultivate the law of space. But outside here, only a few days had passed." Xun said with an uncertain look/

"Only a few days? Didn't you say I will have to spend around a hundred years to learn a supreme law?" Long Chen asked with a confused look on his face.

"I never know what people go through to learn a law from the various Law orbs. I only know how much time it generally takes, as although I've seen Tian Shen go through it, I always lost contact with him as his consciousness was locked down as he started cultivating the orb just like yours did after you began." Xun said as she looked at Long Chen.

"Tian Shen never told me what he faced after it happened. Even I'm not sure what will happen after the process begins. I can't be sure how you were so fast as I didn't see what you faced. Tell me what happened since the moment you touched the orb of law of space." Xun asked as she gazed into Long Chen's eyes.

Long Chen gazed at Xun for a moment before continuing.

"I can't properly explain it, I found myself in a vast empty space filled with stars and some spatial cracks. I roamed around for what felt like years and years as I saw the birth of newer stars and the destruction of older ones. I lost track of time and wasn't even sure if I stayed there for ten years or a hundred or a thousand. I slowly started understanding space, only a little bit though. I don't know what happened after as the next thing I saw was me back here, talking to you right now." Long Chen said as he remembered the experience.

"Interesting… Although I can't be sure that my guess is correct, but I can only imagine that the place you are describing, either, had no concept of time there or had a really slow speed of time, almost negligible, almost as if time was paused. That's all I am getting from your description as according to you, you stayed there for years. I know that supreme elements all have their unique characteristics, but I didn't imagine the law of space could achieve that," Xun said as she put her finger on her red luscious lips as if she was thinking.

"Why couldn't others learn the law of space so easily since we get so much time in there?" Long Chen couldn't help but ask.

"I don't think anyone gets that much time since these are the orbs made by my supreme master and contained his laws. Only ones with his bloodline could get the most out of it. And I think the law of space had an advantage of time for you since you have his blood." Xun replied with a thought.

"Did the Supreme ancestor make all the orbs in the real world as well?" Long Chen Inquired with a doubtful expression.