Chapter 88 - 88: Law Seed

Chapter 88 of 150 chapters

"Did the Supreme ancestor make all the orbs in the real world as well?" Long Chen Inquired with a doubtful expression.

"It is precisely what you said. Master comprehended a myriad of laws. I don't know the mysteries behind his actions, but at one point in time, he placed each of his laws in a separate orb and sent them to the parts unknown of the universe. He also placed drops of his blood essence, each drops having a unique ability of its own He places other things as well inside the ring you're wearing on your hand right now." Xun said as she gazed at the roof/

"He made different spatial dimensions for each inheritor inside the ring and threw the ring into the void. He planned everything and set various restrictions and conditions on the ring about how a person could access the various dimensions." Xun told Long Chen as she gazed at him.

"He also created me as a treasure spirit of the ring and set some restrictions on me as well. That's why I can't disclose too much critical information, allow access to other spatial dimensions in the ring or teach you Martial skills that could help you in the various trials of the inheritor other than some basic things. There are other restrictions as well, but you don't need to know about that." Xun said to Long Chen.

"Then he sent the ring and the orbs to various unknown parts of the universe using his law of space. Even I don't know the actual location of the orbs unless I'm close to it." Xun continued as she reminisced about the past.

"As you know, Tian Shen got access to one of the space dimensions when he found the ring and received the supreme one's bloodline and all the trials ahead. That moment changed his life completely. I don't know if that was a good thing or a bad." She said as she looked upwards with a slight melancholy in her eyes.

"Amazing, the Supreme ancestor was so strong! One day I'll be that strong as well. I'll be even stronger." Long Chen couldn't help but say as his heart filled with determination, unknowing of the fact how much weight his words carried.

"Wait a minute, why did this orb break?" Long Chen asked as he gazed at the broken pieces of the orb.

"Oh, that? You remember when I said the orbs of laws here weren't real and just made for trial purposes?" Xun asked.

"Yes, you also said that I can't take these orbs out of this world as they aren't real and that the real ones exist in the real one." Long Chen replied.

"Right. There is only one real orb for each law that Master had comprehended. If I had to guess, I'd say that those orbs were made for his successors as they get destroyed after someone who had his bloodline comprehends the law." Xun explained to Long Chen.

"Doesn't that mean that I can never comprehend the laws that Tian Shen already learned as those orbs are probably destroyed?" Long Chen asked with a confused expression.

"Not exactly, but that should be your concern for later," Xun said mysteriously.

"You can't tell me because of restrictions or is it something else?" Long Chen inquired, but Xun just smiled.

"Forget it, back to the topic, since you wanted me to use the law of slaughter, that must mean that the orb Tian Shen studied from wasn't destroyed. Why didn't that orb break when he comprehended it? He also had the Supreme ancestor's bloodline." Long Chen said as he pointed out a problem in Xun's explanation.

"That's because that orb wasn't a real orb, it was just a replica of a law of slaughter orb made by the bloodline Temple for the trial purposes like all the other orbs that exist here," Xun explained.

"So this one was real? Why was a real orb for the law is space in this world!" Long Chen asked as he stared at the broken pieces of orb lying in front of him.

"Even I don't know about that. I don't have any control over Bloodline Temple and what it does but maybe the real law of space was always in Bloodline Temple which it used this time and you received luckily." Xun said, smiling.

"There's something really strange about all this." Long Chen muttered as he stared at the orb pieces. He had a strange feeling about all this.

"What's the difference between the replica Tian Shen comprehended from and the real orb since they both do the same job?" Long Chen asked.

"There is actually a big difference. The same difference that exists in the real world as well. No matter which one you comprehended from, you'll gain similar control over that element, but there's one advantage of comprehending from the real orb made by the master for you. The real orbs give the person who comprehends the law a unique skill related to that law, whereas replicas that are made by bloodline Temple in this trial world don't." Xun explained.

"What do you mean by 'the same difference that exists in the real world'? do the replicas exist there as well?" Long Chen couldn't help but ask.

"I haven't seen any. But what I mean by my statement is not because of the orb, but because of the person. In the real world when a person who doesn't have Supreme Master's bloodline tries learning the law from the orb, he'll only gain a slight understanding of the law, but he wouldn't be able to comprehend the law just by the orb, he'll have to comprehend most of the law himself without the orb also he won't gain any special skills, but on the positive side, the orbs won't break either. Also, most people can only learn one or two laws like this before they are old enough and die. Whereas those with master's bloodline can gain a unique skill with each law And will gain more In terms of comprehension and control of their specific element, that too at a faster speed." Xun further explained.

"Amazing, I guess there are a lot of perks of receiving this inheritance. Oh right, I have a skill in my mind that I didn't have before. Is it the same thing you were talking about? It must be because this is the real orb!!"Long Chen said with excitement.

"Exactly. I don't know what skill you received, but it must be really good. But don't be too happy. Although you can control space to some extent, you're only in the initial stages. You have to know that you haven't comprehended the law of space completely. You have formed a space law seed in your Martial space. You have to increase your understanding and comprehension of the law of space further which will result in this seed becoming a plant and growing until one day it becomes a beautiful tree. The day when this law seed becomes an ancestral tree of space, that will be the day you become the ruler of space. Master had many ancestral trees of various laws." Xun said with a subtle smile.

Long Chen used his consciousness to enter his Martial space and could actually see a seed-like thing floating near the ground. An entire space filled with stars could be seen inside this seed which just floated a few inches above the ground. His Martial soul stood far from it, still with eyes closed but now it had a new symbol on the dorsal side of his left hand. It looked like an ancient Character but Long Chen couldn't understand its meaning. He could only guess what it meant.