Chapter 89 - 89: Learning Another Law

Chapter 89 of 150 chapters

This ancient character was pitch black in color but occasionally a few specks of light could be seen shining inside the darkness. Seeing the pattern, Long Chen had the feeling that it somehow represented space.

Long Chen looked at his red core but it still looked the same, like a red blazing sun lightening up his Martial space. He got his consciousness out of his martial space after having a thorough observation.

"There's a new pattern on my Martial soul's hands. What's that?" Long Chen looking at Xun.

"You don't have to worry about it. That just means that you've learned space law. The character on your Martial soul's hands represents the law of space and that it gained an affinity with space." Xun casually replied to Long Chen.

"Oh, by the way, when you said people take many years to learn law, you meant that's just the time taken to form a law seed of that element?" Long Chen asked.

"Yup, People who comprehend the law themselves without any external help all start by having a law seed after their years of hard work. Those who don't have the bloodline of Master and use a law orb for comprehension don't even get the law seed. The orb only helps them get half the way. They learn many things about the law from the orb except the main thing, the essence of that Law. After that, they need to put in the work required themselves to understand the essence of that law, complete their comprehension of the law and finally form a law seed. But in both situations, the law seed formed is normal. Whereas since these orbs were specially made for master's successors, the law seed you have is special." Xun explained.

"What's special about it?" Long Chen asked.

"You will know when the time comes. Anyway I'm tired of speaking so much. We have spent so much time here. Aren't you going to go outside?" Xun replied as she gazed at Long Chen.

"Since I learned the law and passed this trial. When will I be able to exit this land?" Long Chen asked curiously.

"You'll exit this world three days after you form a law seed. It's already night outside. Do you want to go to the house of the clan leader and rest or stay here to talk all night long?" Xun said with a cheeky smile.

"Since it's already night, I can just stay here and Cultivate. I can go there in the morning." Long Chen replied.

"But before that... I feel like it's been ages since I did it." Long Chen said as he looked at Xun and took it out in front of her eyes.

"I can't keep this little guy hungry," Long Chen said smiling as he started feeding his Qi to the egg he took out from his ring. After finishing it, Long Chen put the egg back and began his cultivation.

Eight hours passed. Long Chen was already at the peak of the 4th stage gold core realm before and after the night's cultivation, he had already broken past the 5th stage of gold core realm and was reaching near the peak of the 6th stage of the gold core realm. He continued ahead and broke through to the initial level of the sixth stage gold core realm before stopping his Cultivation.

"I'm going to miss this world and this superfast Cultivation speed I have here," Long Chen said with a slight smile.

"Ooh ... I don't think you will," Xun said with a mysterious expression on her face.

"Can I learn another law in the next two days? The ice law is pretty good." Long Chen said .

"You can try," Xun said as she grinned.

"Hmm? Where is that orb? "Long Chen said, shocked as he looked everywhere in the room, not finding the ice law orb. He even looked inside his ring but didn't find the orb for the law of ice inside.

"Forget about that, why don't you go and try the law of wood." Xun laughed as she said.

Long Chen hurriedly went towards the orb for the law of wood which was placed at the center of the hall with a doubtful expression and tried picking it up but his hands straight away passed through the orb like it was illusory.

"Why don't you tell me straight away," Long Chen said to the still grinning Xun with an annoyed expression.

"Alright Alright, I'll tell you. You can learn a law in this world to pass the trial, but that's the limit to it. Since you already passed the trial, you can't access any other orb. If you desperately want to learn the law of ice from the orb, you will have to find it in the real world," Xun explained.

"I understand what's happening with the law of wood orb, but what about the law of ice? How come it disappeared!" Long Chen inquired.

"It didn't disappear. It went to its original position since you already learned a law. It went to the place you picked it from. I imagine it went to the temple of the banshee tribe." Xun explained.

"Huh, so many unnecessary restrictions. What a disappointment. Since our work here is done. Let's go outside." Long Chen said as he walked towards the exit.

Long Chen opened the doors and saw the guards sitting at some distance from the temple, looking exhausted. Some of them noticed the door open and Long Chen coming out. They immediately stood up as they ran towards him like hungry wolves who had seen their prey. Long Chen watched everything happen with a confused expression.

"Great... Great Master Chen!!! Finally, you're out." The guards said breathing heavily in a sour voice.

"What happened to you all? Why are you looking so tired and your voice... have all of you been screaming all day?" Long Chen asked with a confused look.

"Not all day, just from last few days, we changed shifts screaming," One of the guards said/

"Why?" Long Chen inquired.

"Great master Chen. We were screaming to call you out as we couldn't enter the temple because of the barrier. You need to urgently go to the tribe leader's residence. It's really urgent," The leader of the guards said.

"What barrier?" Long Chen asked as he looked around.

"It… where did it go?" The guards looked around shocked as they noticed that they already passed the place that the barrier stopped them at, all stood in front of the door.

"It… It was just there… Before." The guards pointed out blankly.

"Forget about the barrier. We already prepared your horse here so you could reach there as soon as possible," The leader of the guards said as he informed Long Chen.

Long Chen hurriedly climbed the horse as the horse rapidly started moving towards the residence of Tensha. In a short time, Long Chen reached the residence of the tribe leader of the Elphia tribe. He got down from the horse and knocked on the door. As soon as the door was opened, without waiting, he entered.

"Where's tribe leader, tensha?" Long Chen asked the old man who opened the door.

"Master went to war with the army. I'll bring you to the young master as he can inform you more. He's inside," The old man said as he escorted Long Chen, who kept wondering about the words the old man said about war. He thought he would get proper answers only from Terra.