Chapter 90 - 90: Blood And Destruction

Chapter 90 of 150 chapters

Terra and Xia were sitting in the hall, both in deep thoughts when Long Chen entered following the old man.

"Why are both of you looking so down," Long Chen said with a slight smile as soon as he entered.

Both Terra and Xia looked up and as they saw Long Chen there, they both stood up from their seats excitedly.

"You're finally out!!! Thank heavens. Please!! You need to help us." Terra said as he looked at Long Chen with a pleading expression.

"What actually happened? All I heard is that tribe leader Tensha went to war with the army of the Elphia Tribe." Long Chen asked, surprised before promising anything.

"The monster tribe has again waged a war. They attacked the Banshee tribe. All other tribes have gone there to take a stand against the monster tribe, but the chances of us being victorious is really low." Xia said with a sad expression as she clenched her hands tightly.

"So the army of Elphia is there as well? Fighting with everyone?" Long Chen inquired with a serious expression.

"Yes, the battle of this time is really important, as the freedom of every tribe depends on it. My father, uncle Tensha, and most of our warriors went there to take part in this war to protect our freedom," Xia said as worry could be seen on her face.

"I know you won't be affected by the outcome of this battle as you are so strong, but I beg you. Please save everyone." Terra said in a pleading tone.

Long Chen fell into deep thought as he heard the both of them.


Back at the Banshee tribe, the war was raging on. Destruction and blood could be seen everywhere on the battlefield with hundreds of Warriors from the other tribes and hundreds of monsters being killed every moment. Fire and explosion could be seen at every corner of the battlefield.

Monster Emperor Taras and Monster Emperor Shentia stood at the other corner of the battlefield watching the war with great interest.

'That human still hasn't come out. As expected, he is scared since he knows he is about to die. Let's go inside the Banshee tribe and find him ourselves," Monster Emperor Taras said to Monster Emperor Shentia.

"You don't have to be in such a hurry, let's stay here and enjoy the little ones slaughter everyone. We can go inside with everyone and watch that humans be killed in front of all our tribesmen. He can't run either way." Monster Emperor Shentia casually commented as he watched the war.

"Aren't you forgetting that the human was our main Target, not these little insects?" Monster Emperor Taras said with an annoyed expression.

"Oh come on, since the human is in hiding and isn't here taking part in this war, it proves that he is scared and weak. We don't have to hurry so much. Let's give the little ones the time to win the war and kill that human themselves. The history glorified Tian Shen a lot, he killed so many monster Emperors of our tribe, and with such ease. It would be interesting to see his descendant be killed, not by a monster Emperor, but just by our monster king." Monster Emperor Shentia replied with a laugh.

"I like that. We will wait then," Monster Emperor Taras said as he changed his focus from Monster Emperor Shentia to the battlefield.

On the other side of the field, Tribe leader Bala was fighting a fierce battle with the Bear king.

"Hahaha, it's getting fun. You're like an unkillable insect. Always surviving," Bear king laughed as he kept attacking Bala who kept dodging. Although Bala was able to survive until now, he was heavily wounded and burned at a lot of places. But the Bear king wasn't completely safe either. He had wounds everywhere on his body as he barely dodged the arrow whenever Tribe leader Bala had an opportunity to attack but it could be seen that his condition was definitely better than tribe leader Bala.

"I'm enjoying this fight so much that I don't even want to use my second law to crush you straight away. Also, you're not giving me the opportunity to use that either, you're smart. Always keeping a safe distance." Bear king commented with a laugh.

"What can I say, the habit of an archer I guess." Tribe leader Bala replied as he kept trying to find opportunities to attack.

"I want to enjoy it more but I need to get to my wife Mia before Old Bull gets a chance to steal her from me. I will finish it now." Bear king said as he blurred.

His speed was suddenly many times faster than before, so much so that his speed was catching up to Bala who was using the law of wind.

"Are you using the law of strength on your body?" Bala couldn't help but comment. He had an arrow ready on his bow as he kept trying to create distance between him and the bear king.

"Not just the law of strength." Bear king smiled.

"What the..." Tribe leader Bala sensed something as he looked back. He saw a bear made completely of fire attacking towards his direction. Bala changed his direction and barely dodged the attack but his expressions changed as he saw the Bear king's fist coming towards him.

Tribe leader Bala released the arrow from his bow and propelled himself backward with the help of wind but the fist struck him making him fly far away. He crashed on the ground far from the bear king. His arrows penetrated the bear king's shoulder who couldn't help but give a painful grunt.

He stared in the direction Bala crashed at and started walking towards him.

Bala tried getting out of the crater his fall created as he coughed out a mouthful of blood. He could feel many of his bones being broken but his eyes were still full of fighting spirit.

At another part of the battlefield, Tribe leader of Mulan tribe, also known as the earthen tribe, Mazumas was fighting against Bull king who kept crushing every defense or offense Mazumas tried.

All of Mazumas' attacks were easily being broken by Bull king who utilized the law of fire and law of strength at the same time. Although Mazumas was able to protect himself against the attacks using the law of fire, the law of strength was what gave him real trouble. Mazumas' long-distance attacks weren't working as the bull king broke his attacks utilizing law of Earth with his law of strength, and as for was close-range fight, he was at an even bigger disadvantage.

The distance between him and the bear king kept decreasing as he noticed the bear king's speed had a sharp increase. Before he knew it, the bear king held him by his throat and picked him up from the ground. He felt difficult to breathe and tried attacking the bull king with all four of his hands but the bull king simply crushed him on the ground. Mazumas' coughed out a mouthful of blood as his face turned pale. Even some of the shells on his skin were broken.