Chapter 91 - 91: You're Finally Here

Chapter 91 of 150 chapters

In a place filled with mist, where the ground was covered with blood. Battle of fire and ice was taking place for a long time.

Large monsters were fighting small warriors. The large number of monsters was giving their side a slight edge over the well-trained warriors of the Banshee tribe. Martial skills were being used left and right. While the monsters were filled with bloodlust, the Banshee warriors were filled with determination to protect their land and their home. Every one of them is fighting for a reason, for their tribe, to protect their family... to protect their land.

The Battle raged on as hundreds of lives kept perishing on this bloody day.

At some distance from the battle, a different type of battle was taking place. A battle between the Queen of Banshee tribe and the monster king of the monster tribe. After a long battle, it seemed like the Queen was giving a fair fight to the monster King, not lacking one bit.

'I don't know how long this can go on, only one monster King is so strong, and the skeleton king hadn't even joined the fight. I can't even use Ice prison to kill the tiger king, as I'll turn useless in this war from the backlash of using Ice prison. The Elphia tribe still isn't here with that human to help us. Is this going to be the fall of my empire? The fall of our thousands of years of heritage?' The Queen thought in her mind as she kept attacking Tiger King.

"Old Tiger, I never thought you'd take so long to take care of a little girl. Looks like you've grown weak in your old age." Skeleton king laughed by the side.

"She's the strongest of our opponents, wouldn't it be bad if I ended this fight too soon without having proper fun." Tiger King replied in a calm manner.

"If you don't take care of her soon, I will have to join in on the fun. Don't forget Monster Emperors are watching. I don't want this battle to last for long." Skeleton king said, staring at the tiger king.

"Alright, alright... I'll end it. You're such a pain, Skull." Tiger king said in an annoyed expression.

"Three suns of blazing destruction!" Tiger king roared as the sky above him turned flaming red. A huge wave of fire appeared above his head, which started compressing. Soon a Sun made of fire appeared above him, then a second and a third. All rotating above him like planets around the sun.

"Looks like you are finally getting serious." Skeleton king laughed as he saw tiger King use his martial skill.

"It... Looks like I have no choice. It's the end either way, so I'm going to take him down as well." Queen Mia let out as she gazed at these three suns.

"Ice Prison!" Queen Mia's eyes turned white as she muttered lightly.

Four huge walls appeared around the tiger king, rising up so high that they even covered the three suns orbiting above the tiger king. The opening at the top was closed as well as a thick ice slab formed on the top of the walls forming something like a room, albeit a deadly one that completely engulfed Tiger king. The four walls started closing in on him, slowly but surely.

Queen Mia felt like she lost all her strength as she used Ice prison. Weakness engulfed her and she knew the fight was over for her as she couldn't use any other Martial skills.

Skeleton king's expressions changed as he saw the ice prison engulf the tiger king.

"Inferno! "He made a slight gesture and a small fire appeared on the ground. This fire kept enlarging and changing shape until it finally took the form of a giant skeleton over three meters tall. This giant skeleton had a hammer made of fire in his hand as he started moving towards the compressing Ice prison.

"You think you can stop me with this little prison of yours? I have heard that the ice prison of Banshee Queen is so strong that a single monster king can't break them. Let's see if there's a truth to it." Tiger king said fiercely as he made a gesture. One of the suns orbiting above him moved forward and crashed on the front wall.

A large impact took place which shook the whole Ice prison but Tiger king noticed that the wall was still standing strong without a single sign of damage.

"It is really strong. But I'm not weak either!!" The tiger king roared in anger. The remaining two suns orbiting about him moved towards each other as they combined. Their size increased by fifty percent and their flames turned even darker in color, looking even more threatening.

Tiger king made another gesture as this sun of fire started moving towards the front wall as well.

The flaming Skeleton made by Skeleton king waved his large fiery hammer as he attacked towards the wall of ice prison. Strangely enough, this large fiery hammer and Tiger king's Burning sun attacked the same spot, but on the opposite sides of the wall. The wall of ice prison broke apart as it wasn't able to handle the full strength attacks of two monster kings at the same time, giving the tiger king the path to freedom.

Queen Mia Coughed a mouthful of blood as her ice prison was broken. She dropped to her knees with a pale face.

Tiger king came out and saw the flaming Skeleton disappearing with his large hammer.

"I never asked for your help! I could have handled it myself" Tiger king said in a grumpy voice.

"Sure sure… I just got worried since you were taking so long, but you were probably just having fun inside watching the walls close in." Skeleton King said with a laugh.

"Hmph!" Tiger king snorted and started walking towards Queen Mia.

"I enjoyed our fight, but it's already over. But as I said, I won't kill you, I'll just tie you up and give you to old bear and old bull to be shared." Tiger king said with a slight smile.

Queen Mia gazed over the whole battleground and saw most of the tribe leaders defeated. Mazumas was lying on the ground inside a crater as Bull king stood near him with a casual expression. On the other hand, Tribe leader Bala was bleeding all over as Bear king kept brutally attacking him even when Bala was defeated. The same scenery could be seen everywhere on the battlefield.

'It's over. We are defeated. Even though they didn't come to help us, I hope the Elphia tribe will survive, and with the help of that human achieve victory when monsters attack them. Only then can the young ones I sent to the Elphia tribe have a chance at survival and a safe life. I pray that they stay safe and continue our legacy in the future.' Queen Mia thought as a little tear fell from her eyes.

As the Tiger king was walking towards Queen Mia, he suddenly stopped as his expressions altered.

"Looks like you're finally here," Skeleton king said laughing as he noticed something.