Chapter 92 - 92: Far Worse Than A Monster

Chapter 92 of 150 chapters

As the Tiger King was walking towards Queen Mia, he suddenly stopped as his expression changed.

"Looks like you're finally here," Skeleton King said while laughing.

A wall made of plants appeared between them and Queen Mia, obstructing their view.

"Why wouldn't we be here? Since everyone else is here, how can we stay behind? Our warriors are not cowards." A voice filled with determination could be heard while a large army led by two people riding Elphian horses could be seen walking from the right side of the battlefield.

All other monster kings turned their gaze towards them, including Bull King and Bear King who were about to deal a killing blow to Mazumas and Bala but stopped.

"So they are here as well. Saves us the trouble of going to find them later," Bull King laughed.

"Now only that human is the one missing," Bear King muttered as he gazed at the Elphian army.

"Huh, interesting. They are using distraction to achieve their goal and the little ones are falling for it." Monster Emperor Shentia commented with an amused expression.

"Exactly, these guys need to learn a lot. Never take your eyes off your opponents. But let them learn this lesson themselves and don't inform them." Monster Emperor Taras said slightly.

Unbeknownst to the monster kings, as their focus was on the Elphia tribe, a little plant grew near most of them that quickly grew in size and swallowed other tribe leaders who were lying half-dead after the fight. But once the monster kings noticed this, it was too late as the plant had already entered the ground.

Soon those plants grew again, but this time near Queen Mia who was kneeling on the opposite side of the wall made of plants. All the tribe leaders were thrown out of these plants, heavily injured, near Queen Mia.

The Elphia army soon joined the Banshee army as the Banshee army regrouped.

"I never thought I would see Queen Mia on her knees in front of the enemy." Tribe leader Tensha commented as he stood near her.

"I see that you're punctual as usual, Tensha," Queen Mia said sarcastically.

"Of course, a gentleman always arrives on time. Here… Get up!" Tensha laughed as he gave a helping hand.

Tensha reached his hand out towards the queen, hoping for her to grab his hand and get up, but the queen just stared at him with a blank expression. Since her body was still covered in a robe and Tensha didn't know about her hands, he did this gesture unknowingly.

Tensha awkwardly retracted his hand, thinking she didn't want to hold his hands.

Queen Mia stood up by herself with great difficulty, even in such a weakened state. She looked around as if trying to find a person.

"That human isn't here? Why are you the only ones here?" Queen Mia asked with a strange expression.

"Ah. Master Chen was busy in cultivation and we couldn't contact him. Since we lacked the time, we came here without him. We left people there to inform him about this calamity as soon as he comes out so he'll help us." Tensha explained with an awkward smile.

"I appreciate your gesture to come help us, but are you here to increase the dead count? Most of the war is lost, all the monster kings are standing tall with only light wounds while the monster Emperors didn't even take part in this war, whereas, on our side, most of the tribe leaders are either easily defeated or seriously injured. You should've just stayed there and survived. At least the monsters wouldn't get the satisfaction of killing all the tribes." Queen Mia said with a downcast expression.

"I… Apologize?" Tribe leader Tensha didn't know what to say as he replied awkwardly in a confused tone.

Xu hit Tensha's back with his elbow as he stared at him with a strict expression, as if reminding Tensha to act with the dignity of a tribe leader.

"Without him, there's no hope for us to win, or even survive." Queen Mia commented.

"Since you're here, now all the dishes are served on the table for us to enjoy. Only the dessert is missing... That human kid." Bear King laughed as he joined the Tiger King and Skeleton King.

"Yeah, how come he still hasn't come out? Is he so scared that he's still hiding inside, watching all of you facing death alone? No worries, we'll let him enjoy your death and when all of you die, he can watch his own death." Tiger King said with a slight smile.

"What are you talking about? That human is not here." Queen Mia said to Tiger King.

"Do you think you could fool us so easily? We have specific information that the human was staying in your tribe!!" Skeleton King said in his heavy voice.

"He was here but he left not long ago. Since you have the information of him staying here, how come you don't know of him leaving?" Queen Mia said in a mocking tone to Tiger King.

"If he was here, do you think you'd still be standing there with your head intact?" Queen Mia said to Tiger King with a fierce expression.

Hearing her words, every monster king's expression changed and even the monster Emperors couldn't help but be shocked.

"Come to think of it, I haven't seen my monster general who was staying here to keep an eye on the human!!" Tiger King couldn't help but let out as every monster king heard him.

He looked around extensively, trying to find someone.

"Baekk!!! " He roared loudly, but no response came from anywhere on the battleground.

"If he's not here, there's only one explanation. He was killed." Tiger king said with a grim expression.

"Queen Mia, you killed our monster general to help the human escape!! You deserve death!!" Skeleton king said with anger clearly written on his face.

"Do you think I need to help him to kill a puny monster general?" The Queen laughed loudly as everyone stared at her.

"Aren't you curious why we didn't use our barrier to delay you?" The Queen asked with an amused expression on her face.

"Why?" Bear king couldn't help but ask.

"It was broken by someone! Can you guess who could've done it?" Queen Mia asked with an interested expression.

All the monster kings looked at Monster Emperors, who in turn looked at each other. Both shook their heads to each other as if saying they weren't there one who did it.

"Don't look at each other, it wasn't a monster... But someone far worse than a monster," Queen Mia said as she remembered the worst moment of her life.