Chapter 93 - 93: Law Of Wood

Chapter 93 of 150 chapters

"Don't look at each other, it wasn't a monster... But it was far worse than a monster." Queen Mia said as she remembered the worst moment of her life.

"...That human?" Monster Emperor Taras let out softly in a questioning tone.

"As always, monster emperors are smarter than the monster kings," Queen Mia acknowledged with a smile shocking everyone other than Tensha who already knew about it.

"I don't believe you!!! You're obviously lying to try and scare us so that we will go back in fear of that human!! But it won't work!!" Bull King said in a disbelieving tone.

"Oh, you think I'm lying?" Queen Mia gave a sad smile as she said that.

"Aia, can you take this robe off me?" Queen Mia said as a little girl walked towards her. Everyone watched intensely as Aia took Queen Mia's robe off.

As the robe was opened, everyone could see her missing hands. She was just standing there with a melancholic air around her as everyone stared at her.

"This... This..." Tensha stuttered as he saw it. Even he didn't know of this happening. He just kept staring at Queen Mia with his mouth wide open.

"H… How ..." Even heavily injured Mazumas and Bala were shocked as they found out about this.

"You think I would cut off my own hands for this lie? Are you really that stupid?" Queen Mia said as she started laughing like crazy.

"What do you mean? What does it have to do with the stories you made up about that human?" Bear King asked. Although he was shocked seeing Queen Mia like this, he couldn't understand what it had to do with that human.

"I clearly didn't cut my hands off myself, neither did the monsters. And none of the other tribe leaders have the strength to. Who do you think this did to me? Take a guess. I want to see how smart the monsters actually are." Queen Mia said sarcastically.

"The..the human?" Tiger King said in a serious voice.

"Oh, I thought you'd take longer. Looks like monster kings aren't as stupid as I thought." Queen Mia said with a slight smile.

"She's obviously lying!! Why would the human do it? Tian Shen had a good relationship with all the tribes, this human being is his descendant. He wouldn't cut off her hands. She's clearly lying!! It's an elaborate plan to make us believe the strength of that human and retreat in fear!! She knew she couldn't defeat us even after getting help from every tribe so she planned everything. She even had her own hands cut off when she found out that we were coming!! What an evil scheme!!" Bear King said proudly as if he uncovered a big scheme.

Most monster kings couldn't help but think that his words made sense. Even the monster emperors fell in deep thought hearing this.

"Enough time-wasting! We'll think about everything after killing you." Bull King said seriously as he stopped thinking.

"Can you fight?" Tensha asked every tribe leader there, most of whom stood up bravely ready to enter another combat while some of them stayed there with serious injuries.

"I can't fight physically as most of my bones are broken but I can use my Law of Wind to help." leader of the Barong tribe, Bala said with a face full of determination.

"I'm the same, I can't even stand up, but I'm ready to help in other ways." The leader of the Mulan tribe, Mazumas replied with a downcast expression.

"I am facing the backlash and I can't use any attacks since my Ice Prison was broken. I'm a dead burden for everyone as I can't even fight physically," Queen Mia told Tensha with a sad look on her face.

"So we have ten monster kings against the bunch of us. Our odds are looking really good aren't they?" Tensha joked as he looked at everyone ready to fight.

"This is the final battle. The battle for survival and the battle of existence! Brave warriors! Think of your family! Think of your friends! Think of those who stayed back!! To protect them all!! We must fight!! We must fight to our death until either we or the enemy are the only ones left standing!! I'm ready to put my heart and soul into this battle till the moment I die!! Will you all do the same?" Tensha roared loudly as his voice echoed in the entire battlefield.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Every warrior present there started roaring loudly as they were filled with fighting spirit. No matter which tribe the warrior belonged to, Mulan, Barong, Elphia, Banshee, every warrior joined in.

"Using the Law of Wood to increase their morale... Impressive trick!" Monster Emperor Shentia commented from the sidelines as he saw plants appear throughout the battlefield. As they started spreading a gentle smell in the atmosphere increasing the morale of their opponents

"Of course. Although the Law of Wood isn't known for its strength, it's mostly known for its versatility. This little guy there is using this law really well." Monster Emperor Taras said to monster Emperor Shentia.

"Attack!!" Tensha roared as his army started attacking the monsters using the Law of Wood. Although their attacks were weak in front of the Law of Fire, through their good utilization, they were able to give a proper fight to the monsters.

All other tribe leaders did the same and ordered their army to battle, which they did with great spirit. Monster army and the coalition army had finally started fighting fiercely. Although the monsters still held the advantage, because of the addition of the Elphia army, this advantage was reduced by a large amount.

"What do you say we get involved as well? It's boring watching them fight." Tiger King said fiercely as he gazed at Tensha.

"Why don't you fight me then?" Challenged Tensha.

"Xu, you help Mazumas and Bala take care of those two," Tensha said as he pointed towards Skeleton King and Bull King.

Tensha soon informed the people of the fighting plan as everyone took to their opponents while Tensha started fighting against Tiger King.

Plants kept appearing trying to attack Tiger King, but Tiger King kept burning those plants with his fiery flames.

"Earth Breaking Fist!" Tensha roared as he threw a punch out.

Tiger King threw a punch out as well, but just before impact many vines appeared and grabbed Tiger King's hands and changing its momentum in a different direction but just a slight variation. This small disturbance was enough to have a large impact on the battle's outcome as Tiger King's punch missed while Tensha's punch struck Tiger King's head making him fly far away and crash on the ground.

Tiger King soon got up with his face covered in dust as he coughed out a mouthful of dust. Tiger King stared at Tensha with great anger.