Chapter 94 - 94: Mysterious Killing Intent

Chapter 94 of 150 chapters

Tiger king soon stood up with his face covered in dust as he coughed out a mouthful of dust. Tiger king stared at Tensha with great anger.

"You are going to die!!!" Tiger King roared in resentment as he rushed towards Tensha and punched out. Tensha again punched back. Just like before, vines appeared at the last moment, trying to change the trajectory of the tiger king's punch.

"Won't work, twice!" Tiger king said with a straight face as flames appeared around his fist. As the vines grabbed his hand trying to change his trajectory, but they weren't able to do anything as they were immediately torn apart as Tiger king had used the law of strength in this punch as well. The remnants of the vines holding his hand were burned to ashes.

Tiger king's fist met Tensha's fist, but only after a momentary contact, Tensha was sent flying away like a broken kite falling on the ground and continued to slide for quite some time before actually stopping. Tensha's clothes were torn apart and blood could be seen coming out from the wounds on his back.

"As expected of a monster king. Your strength is top grade," Tensha said with a painful smile as he stood up, trying to act brave.

"You should be happy that you get to die by the hands of a monster king like me. You must have done some good things in your past life to have such good fortune," Tiger king said as he stared at Tensha.

"Yes, I did many good things in past lives, but it's this life I did many wrong things in. I should never have slept with your mother, I never knew she'd get pregnant so easily giving birth to something like you." Tensha replied mockingly.

"HOW DARE YOU TALK BAD ABOUT MY DEAR MOTHER!? YOU ARE LOOKING TO DIEEEEE!!!" Tiger king roared as anger covered his face.

"Demon of flaming hell!!" The tiger king made a fist and punched out. But this time not towards Tensha, he punched at the ground. As soon as his fist touched the ground, a large crater appeared as a few cracks started developing in the nearby area. Heavy flames came out from the cracks, these cracks kept widening releasing even more fire.

All this fire was collected in front of the tiger king, which started taking the shape of a demonic tiger. It looked like a flaming tiger but two demonic horns could be seen coming out from its head. The two flaming tails behind him made it look even more mysterious. It stared at Tensha as two large fangs could be seen protruding from its mouth.

"He finally used it, his strongest skill. I guess that guy is already dead now and here I was hoping to get an opportunity to fight him." Skeleton king said as he looked disappointed.

"Go and have a fill to your heart's content!" Tiger kind said with a brutal smile as he stared at Tensha with deep anger.

'Oh, f ***. Looks like I screwed up, I went too far and made him even angrier.' Tensha thought as he stood at his ground bravely.

The flaming tiger roared as he jumped high in the sky In the direction of Tensha.

"Guardian of the forest!!" Tensha muttered as he made a few gestures with his hands. His eyes could be seen turning green for a slight moment.

A large tree suddenly grew up on the battlefield from nowhere between the flaming tiger and Tensha. It kept growing and enlarging. A few branches protruded out of it and took the shape of two hands. All of it happened in a short moment. On the previously completely empty space, now stood a tall humanoid looking tree.

As the flaming Tiger reached near the tree, it instantly swung one of its paws. The tiger was pushed back as it landed on the ground, whereas a fire started burning in the hand of the tree that touched the tiger. The tree immediately tore off that hand with its other hand, before the fire reached its other portions. A burning piece of wood fell on the ground, which soon turned to ash. A new arm grew in its place, looking exactly like before.

"You think that little puppet of yours can protect you?" Tiger king snorted.

The flaming tiger kept attacking while the large tree kept trying to protect its master. However, it didn't take the flaming tiger long to prevail and exterminate the giant tree. Which burned down to its roots leaving nothing behind, but after this battle, the flames of the tiger dimmed slightly.

The tiger rapidly advanced towards Tensha and swung its claws towards Tribe leader Tensha's chest.

"Nature barrier!" Tensha said, as a light green shield appeared in front of him. As the tiger's claw touched the shield, his flames dimmed even further. The shield was broken after lasting for a moment. Although Tensha retreated backward as the shield was being, the claws still grazed him. Claw marks could be seen on his chest as he crashed on the ground. Blood started following from his chest.

The flames of the tiger dimmed so much, it could be seen that it won't be able to exist for long before disappearing completely. Still, this flaming tiger jumped at Tensha trying to bite his head off before disappearing. Many new vines appeared grabbing the flaming tiger in its place, but in a short moment, it soon burned to ashes. But this short moment was enough for Tensha as the tiger's flames dimmed even further before it completely disappeared.

"Is that the dignity of a tribe leader of Elphia? Comfortably lying on the ground in the middle of a war?" Came a voice from nearby.

Tensha looked at the person and smiled slightly. He tried getting up but the pain he was feeling could be seen in his eyes.

"You saved me old Xu," Tensha said, looking towards Xu .

"Of course I would save you. No matter how bad, you are still our tribe leader" Deputy leader Xu said in a mocking tone.

Xu walked towards Tensha to give him a helping hand, but his eyes opened wide as a hand penetrated his chest from behind.

"Aren't you forgetting someone, little insect? How dare you interrupt my fight! "Tiger king said in a brutal voice as he took his hand out from Xu's chest, leaving a big hole behind.

"Xu!!!" Tensha screamed as he saw all this happen. Xu fell to the ground with his eyes still open.

"T...take Ca..." He looked at Tensha and gave a slightly painful smile as he tried saying something but the light in his eyes disappeared before he could complete his words as he died.

"Don't worry my friend, I'll take care of your daughter like she's my own daughter." Tensha muttered to himself as he stared at Xu lying on the ground, lifeless.

"Hah, now no one will interfere in our fight. If I don't create an example out of someone, no one will take me seriously," Tiger king laughed as he said.

"Oh, I apologize for separating you two. You can go to meet him in the afterlife." Tiger king laughed as he walked towards Tensha who kept gazing at Xu.

"It's so easy that it's getting boring." Bull king said as he thrashed Mazumas to the ground. The situation reverted to the way it was before. Every tribe leader lying on the ground bleeding all over while monster kings stood tall.

"Enough playing around! You should kill your enemies fast?" Monster Emperor Taras said from the sidelines.

All monster kings heard his words loud and clear.

"Exactly. Time to finish it." The Monster kings said as they decided to give the decisive blow to every tribe leader except Queen Mia who was left alone for the moment.

Before they could deal the killing blow, they stopped Midway as they looked upwards. Even monster Emperors looked upwards feeling shocked. A wave of mysterious killing intent appeared and spread in the atmosphere.