Chapter 95 - 95: You Will All Die For Your Sin

Chapter 95 of 150 chapters

All the monster kings stopped where they stood as they looked upwards. Even the monster Emperors couldn't help but look upwards as a shocked look appeared on their faces. A wave of killing intent spread across the atmosphere. Every person started looking upwards including the heavily wounded tribe leaders and Queen Mia. Even Tensha stopped for a moment as he changed his focus from Xu to what was above him.

"Such fierce killing intent!! How strong," Tensha couldn't help but mutter as he felt the killing intent.

"This killing intent!" Queen Mia murmured to herself feeling like she has felt it before. Then her expression changed as she remembered where she had previously felt this killing intent.

"What... what is that?" All of the monster kings stared at the thing above their heads trying to understand what was happening.

"I've never heard anything like this happening before. What is going on?" Monster Emperor Shentia cried out as he kept staring at it intently.

"Such killing intent coming out from it. It's so... strong." Monster Emperor Taras said without taking his eyes off the sky.

A big spatial crack could be seen in the sky. The strong killing intent was coming out from it and slowly increasing. Soon two hands could be seen emerging from the spatial crack and grabbing onto both sides of the spatial cracks and forcing the gap to widen from the inside. Soon this spatial crack was over a meter wide.

Someone stepped out from this spatial crack. It was a boy who looked to be around 12 years old having dark hair and beautiful golden eyes making him a beautiful sight to behold.

Two wings could be seen on his back which helped him fly after he emerged from the spatial crack. His left wing being a pitch-black while the right wing being completely golden which gave him both an almost demonic and angelic appearance at the same time.

The killing intent in the atmosphere reached its peak as Long Chen emerged from the spatial crack. The spatial crack soon disappeared like it was never there as the space returned to normal. Long Chen was flying above everyone like a fierce god, looking down on mortals.

'He... he's here,' Queen Mia thought as she subconsciously took a step backward, remembering the day she made the foolish mistake of fighting this demon.

"Ma... Master Chen you're finally here," Tensha cried out as he watched Long Chen flying like an immortal king. He still had a tear in his eyes.

Long Chen noticed Tensha and the tear in his eyes. He looked around and soon saw Xu lying behind the Tiger King without any life and a large hole in his chest. He looked at the Tiger King and noticed the still fresh blood in his hand. His anger increased as he disappeared from his spot. He soon appeared in front of Tiger King and before Tiger King could even understand anything, a hand penetrated his chest and ripped his heart out.

Long Chen brutally crushed the Tiger King's heart. The last thing that Tiger King saw before he fell to the ground lifeless was his own heart being crushed before his very eyes.

"You made a big mistake by killing him." Long Chen muttered as he gazed at Tiger King's body lying on the ground.

"I'm sorry, I was late," He turned his attention back to Xu and said in a low voice filled with sadness.

"You... You killed Tiger King!!" Bear King who was standing closest to Tiger King took a step back as soon as he saw Tiger King's body fall to the ground.

Ignoring Bear King, Long Chen walked towards Tensha and gave him a hand, helping him to get up. After getting up, Tensha went towards Xu with shaking steps and fell to his knees right next to his body.

"Old man Xu, you died because of me. You always said I need to be dignified as the leader of Elphia but you were the one who was the most dignified. How can I handle anything without you, my friend?" Tensha said in a shaky voice as tears filled his eyes.

"I apologize for not being here on time." Long Chen said softly.

"You don't have to feel bad Master Chen. It's not your fault. You were busy cultivating, how could you have known. I'm sure you came here as soon as you found out. For that I'm thankful to you." Tensha replied to Long Chen.

Long Chen stopped looking at them as he turned back without saying anything.

"You're finally here!! Since you're here, you will never go back." Monster Emperor Taras finally moved his large body from the spot where he was standing since the war started as he walked towards Long Chen with his heavy feet while having a sinister smile on his face.

"I must say you surprised me. You killed a monster king so easily, which is no small feat. We underestimated you... a lot." Monster Emperor Taras continued saying as he walked, while Monster Emperor Shentia still didn't move as he was wondering what he should do.

'That fierce killing intent, appearing from nowhere and killing a monster king so easily. Just looking at him is enough to give me chills, I'm not even sure if I could defeat him in a fight. Did I actually take a wrong step in agreeing to Taras' plan of revenge and going to war since the human was a kid instead of Balang's plan to pull this human towards us and establish a friendship with him? What should I do now...? Old friend, I wish you were here right now,' Shentia thought as he kept gazing at Long Chen from far away.

"The human tribe is really amazing, even a kid is strong enough to kill a monster king! Too bad there's a big difference between a monster king and a monster Emperor and you're just a kid. I'm sure you used all your tricks to kill little tiger." Monster Emperor Taras said as he looked at Long Chen.

Long Chen moved his lips as a softly spoken promise was made. Although it was said in a low voice, there was no one who didn't hear what he said.

"You will all die for your sin." That was the only sentence that could be heard far and wide. It shocked everyone present there when Long Chen said it in his heavy voice. To many people, this scene looked like the King of Hell giving his judgment on sinners.