Chapter 97 - 97:One More To Go

Chapter 97 of 150 chapters

"Everyone, listen! He is a tricky opponent! We need to strike him concurrently so that we don't fall for his tricks!" The Skeleton King's voice resounded loudly in the area, garnering the attention of the monster kings nearby.

They all shouted in acknowledgment and assumed their own attacking stance shortly after.

Soon, Long Chen was bombarded with the attacks of eight monster kings, four of whom chose to use their weapons in order to engage Long Chen in a physical fight. Meanwhile, the other half decided to use their Martial skills to attack Long Chen. The Skeleton King was part of the latter four. He had decided to use the same martial skill that he used to free Tiger king from the ice prison.

"Inferno!" The Skeleton king roared.

Right then, a huge wave of fire spread out on the ground before taking the shape of a three-meter tall skeleton. It was carrying a large hammer in its hand. With heavy steps, it began to make its way towards Long Chen.

"Sword of judgment!" Another monster king hollered.

Latterly, a large flaming sword, having the length of over five meters, appeared above him.

The other monster kings decided to utilize a similar nature of attack. Once they had called forth their abilities, a crow and an ax made of fire materialized in the air.

On the other side of the battlefield, the monster kings, who opted for a physical fight like the Bear King, gave way to the attacks of their comrades. In a haste, they stepped aside in order for the attacks to land directly on Long Chen. They determined that it would be the best strategy, considering that they could finish off Long Chen once he had received damage.

Regrettably for them, Long Chen wasn't the least tad intimidated. He just stood there with a slight smile on his countenance all the while watching the attacks en route him.

First came the flaming sword that was advancing rapidly towards him. But the instant that it was merely a few inches away from Long Chen, the sword stopped from moving. It appeared as if it was frozen, trapped by an invisible force in the air.

All the monster kings who were watching with anticipated gazes were, beyond a shadow of doubt, stunned at what they had just witnessed. Every single one of them thought that, at the least, Long Chen would act to defend himself.

Clearly, Long Chen didn't move an inch yet the flaming sword couldn't even touch him, let alone inflict an injury on his unbothered body.

"He's using some kind of barrier on himself." Monster Emperor Taras muttered in disbelief.

"Hmph! Even the barrier of the Queen of the Banshee tribe was broken when two monster kings attacked together. I refused to believe that this barrier will be able to stop all four of our attacks." The Skeleton king said with confidence. He was on the edge of his seat, waiting for his Fiery Skeleton to take its turn in attacking Long Chen.

The second attack to take a chance on damaging Long Chen was the crow made of blazing flames. However, it arrived at the same fate that the flaming sword had gotten itself into. It couldn't even quiver out of the situation.

Long Chen stood there calmly, gazing at the battlefield with mirth in his eyes. All he could see were the shocked reactions of the audiences, and that included Queen Mia.

'I thought that only his offensive power was strong since he was able to break the barrier protecting our Empire. However, his defense seems to be strong as well. I didn't know.' Queen Mia thought as narrowed her eyes on Long Chen.

In less than no time, the Fiery Skeleton had reached Long Chen. Almost immediately, it attacked the man with its blazing hammer. Unfortunately, it also became stuck in its position when it entered Long Chen's range. The fiery skeleton struggled to move the hammer, but it couldn't no matter how much it tried. The ax made of fire was immovable as well.

The whole battlefield went completely silent. Everyone was staring at Long Chan, their mouths wide open out of astonishment.

"He... He can take the attacks of four monster kings so easily. He made it look like he's playing with them," Mazumas muttered with shock written all over his face.

The fire that created the skeleton, the axe, the sword, and the crow began to lose its lustre. No sooner than a minute did it totally disappear. The fire of the skeleton, ax, sword and the crow all started dimming before eventually disappearing.

Carefree and unscathed, Long Chen merely watched as the attacks of the monster kings came to their pitiful end.

"Oh by the way, since the four of you attacked me first, you'll be the ones dying first as well." Long Chen now decided to address the monster kings who had been his initial aggressor.

Instead of the monster kings, a creature in the distance was the one to grab a retort at Long Chen.

"Before that, you'll be the one dying!"

Long Chen turned his head and saw a giant fist covered with flames coming towards him. Without a second of hesitation, Long Chen moved from his spot in order to dodge the attack.

"Well, aren't you an ugly looking Bear." Long Chen uttered mockingly.

"Why are you running! Come face me!" The Bear King roared in anger as he looked at Long Chen with all the malice it could muster.

"I'm not running. I just don't want to kill you accidentally. I already promised that they'll be the ones dying first."

Long Chen then pointed a finger towards the Skeleton King. Obviously enough, it incurred the fury of the monster kings.

"You…! Just because you can counter our attacks, do you think you can kill all four of us?" One of the monster kings snorted in retaliation.

Long Chen didn't want to bother himself by fighting the monster kings with words. A smirk soon appeared on his face, sending a chill down the spines of his opponents. In an instant, Long Chen vanished from his spot and reappeared in front of the monster king that snorted at him.

The man held the king by his neck, two wings appearing on Long Chen's back simultaneously. He flew towards the sky with the monster king in his hand. Once he had reached the height of a hundred meters, he released the monster king from his grip. The king howled for his life as he felt his descent accelerating by the second.

While everyone had their gazes on the falling monster king, Long Chen disappeared from his spot.

The moment that the monster king hit the ground, the sound of flesh colliding with a hard surface reverberate loudly in the area. Mixed in with the sound was someone's hampered screaming. They looked around only to search for the source, only to see two monster kings lying on the ground, though they were beheaded. Their heads could be seen near their bodies, their eyes still wide open.

Of course, the perpetrator, Long Chen, was standing near one of the dead monster kings with a bloody sword in his hands.

He slowly began walking towards the Skeleton king. Afraid for its life, the king attempted to retreat when he figured that he was the next target.

"Three gone, one more to go." Long Chen muttered as he continued walking towards the Skeleton King.

"What're you doing watching?! Help me!" The Skeleton king roared at the other monster.

Freshly coming out of his musing, the Bear King made a run for Long Chen with the rest of the monster kings in his tow.

"Enough! I've seen enough!" Someone abruptly screamed, "You've already destroyed the reputation of us monsters! At this point, do you think you can defeat him?!"