Chapter 98 - 98:Promises Are Made To Be Broken

Chapter 98 of 150 chapters

"Enough!! I've seen enough!" Came a loud voice gaining everyone's attention.

"You've already destroyed the reputation of us monsters! Do you think you can defeat him?" Monster Emperor Taras couldn't help but say loudly as he saw the monster kings being killed one after another.

"I promise we can defeat him!" Bear king said as he continued ahead without stopping.

'I can't stop now! It's time for me to prove myself!!' Bear king thought as he continued ahead. Other monster kings stopped but after thinking for a moment, they also followed the bear king.

"I told you that I'll get back to you later, but it looks like you're eager to die. Your time will come," Long Chen said as he watched the bear king coming towards him.

'Since he made a statement that he'll kill the skeleton king first, He'll be his Target. I can attack him and kill him easily.' Bear king thought as he continued advancing.

"I'll see if your strength is stronger or my law of strength!!" Bear king, full of fighting intention, still continued running towards Long Chen as he punched out. But Long Chen instead of dodging his attack and attacking the skeleton king like the bear king thought he would, stood there as he gripped his sword tightly.

As the Bear king reached near Long Chen, not seeing him move, the bear king was confused but didn't stop as he attacked towards Long Chen's head.

As Bear king's attack neared Long Chen, Long Chen did a footwork as he slightly dodged to the side. He saw the bear king's fist pass by from the sidelines. Time seemed to have stopped as he moved his sword and slashed twice.

"Ahhhhhhhh" A loud pained roar echoed out in the battlefield, which everyone heard. Bear king's hands fell to the ground, detached from his body as his body continued ahead because of the momentum. Bear king soon stopped as he dropped to his knees and roared in pain.

"Brutal as always," Queen Mia muttered as she saw Long Chen cutting the bear king's hands. She couldn't help but look downwards as her expressions became downcast/

Long Chen walked towards the bear king while the bear king tried controlling his screams of agony.

"You Lied!!! You said you'll kill those four first!!! You're Unjust!! What type of person are you that you don't even keep your words!!" Bear king roared like crazy.

"I never promised anything and even if I did, Haven't you heard that promises are made to be broken?" Were the last words bear king heard as he saw the world rotating, the sky changing to the ground while the ground became the sky. He could see Long Chen holding a sword who turned upside down as well, soon the ground hit his head. His vision blurred as he could only see Long Chen's legs. His vision darkened as he died.

"This… this," Skeleton king stuttered as he lost even the little bit of confidence he had retained as he saw Bear king being killed.

Long Chen moved and immediately appeared near the skeleton king and punched out. Skeleton king who was thinking about a plan to survive was shocked when he suddenly saw Long Chen disappear from his original spot and appear near him before he could even turn around, a fist stuck his head.

As Long Chen's fist connected with the Skeleton king's skull, it was blasted into smithereens which flew everywhere. The headless body of Skeleton king fell to the ground lifeless.

"Hah, now I'm free to handle you little guys," Long Chen turned around and looked at the remaining monster kings.

"That's seven, three more left!" Long Chen walked away from the headless body of the bear king as he looked at the remaining three monster kings.

The entire battlefield soon saw Long Chen slaughter the remaining monster kings brutally before shifting his gaze to Monster Emperor Taras.

"I'm amazed that you didn't try to stop me when I killed that bear and the others," Long Chen said with a slight smile.

"Why would I save them? Since they didn't hear my orders they deserved their deaths!! If you hadn't killed them, I personally would have," Monster Emperor Taras said softly.

"You know, it's still not too late for you to kill them now," Long Chen said with a slight smile as he gazed at Monster Emperor Taras.

"What do you mean? Aren't they already dead?" Monster Emperor Taras inquired with a confused look.

"Nope, they're alive in the underworld now. I'll send you there as well. You can then personally kill them there. If you hurry, you can meet them and fulfill your wish sooner." Long Chen said seriously as if he was actually telling the truth.

"You dare mock me. You're courting death!!" Monster Emperor Taras fumed in anger as he heard Long Chen's words.

"You know it feels like I've seen you somewhere. Looks like your species is going to be extinct in this world as well" Long Chen muttered as he stated at monster Emperor Taras which reminded him of the long-extinct dinosaurs on Earth.

"You'll be the one going extinct!! Field of fire!!" Monster Emperor Taras roared as a ring of fire was formed around them preventing Long Chen from exiting.

"Ahhh ... you remember I can fly right?" Long Chen asked as he saw the ring appear.

"Of course I know, that's why I made this." Monster Emperor Taras smiled slightly as he replied

"Fall of eternal destruction!" Monster Emperor Taras roared as the sky above then turned red. Many suns appeared above their head probably more than a hundred, all made of fire. They looked similar to the suns tiger king created to break Queen Mia's ice prison but their numbers were way more than the three tiger king had created. Also, they looked much larger and much stronger as well. These suns covered the complete sky as they even spread a little outside the ring of fire

"I should give you some credit. Looks like you planned everything. This ring to prevent me from exiting and those suns to prevent me from flying as well as your crush me. Don't you feel that you're not as stupid as you look," Long Chen said smiling as he looked at Monster Emperor Taras.

"Of course, I don't want you to live a single day more in this world!! This will be the moment you will die." Monster Emperor Taras replied with a malicious grin.

Monster Emperor Taras gazed at the sun with his red eyes as he gestured slightly. All the Suns started dropping towards Long Chen at rapid speed


Monster Emperor Taras turned to look back towards Long Chen but found the spot empty. Before he could do anything, all the Suns dropped on the empty spot, creating loud explosions and craters. The whole ground was filled with them, but the ground below monster Emperor Taras was safe and sound

As monster Emperor Taras knew that Long Chen wasn't there, he looked around and saw something which made him cough a mouthful of blood due to anger.