Chapter 99 - 99: Escaped

Chapter 99 of 150 chapters

As monster Emperor Taras knew that Long Chen wasn't there, he looked around and saw something which made him cough a mouthful of blood due to anger.

When he found that Long Chen had escaped his ring of fire, he thought that Long Chen would either try to attack him or run away in fear of him but he didn't expect what he saw.

Monster Emperor Taras looked everywhere, only to find Long Chen doing something opposite his expectation.

Long Chen was slaughtering the monsters on the battlefield ignoring Monster Emperor Taras who roared in anger as he saw Long Chen have time to slaughter little monsters in between the battle with him. He felt like Long Chen was making fun of him.

"How dare you insult me!!" He roared at Long Chen who turned back with an amused expression as he continued slaughtering monsters by hundreds every minute while staring at Monster Emperor Taras with a smile.

"Oh, I was bored with your performance, so I decided to have my own fun. Although these guys aren't strong, watching your face turn red is pretty fun." Long Chen laughed lightly as screams of monsters kept echoing on the battlefield.

"Oh, by the way, what was that ring of fire? Was that really to stop me, or just a joke? It was funny if it was the latter," Long Chen said in a mocking tone.

Monster Emperor Taras was filled with Shame as he turned crazy in anger and ran towards Long Chen, not caring about the monsters being crushed below him.

"Hmm, I guess it's time to end it." Long Chen muttered as his expression suddenly turned serious as he got in an attacking stance with his sword.

'Better finish it fast,' Long Chen thought as he kept the mountain destroyer back in his ring and brought out his king's sword. He held the king's sword in his hands as a fierce sword aura spread in the atmosphere.

"Seven forms of saint sword: Fourth form- desolation!" Long Chen let out loudly as he slashed with his king's sword. An Arch of bright light could be seen, filled with terrifying power, which passed monster Emperor Taras as it continued ahead killing everyone who came in its path whether it be a monster or a tribe warrior before it disappeared in the horizon.

"A..." Monster Emperor Taras stood there as his eyes were opened wide. He coughed out black blood before his body split into two parts from the center, falling to the ground. Many couldn't help but vomit as they saw this gruesome scene.

"Ahh… hope you can get your last wish to kill them fulfilled in underworld," Long Chen said in a gentle tone as he turned back, shifting his attention from half split body of Taras.

"There was one more wasn't there?" Long Chen looked around trying to find the monster Emperor he saw standing at the corner of the battlefield since the beginning, but he couldn't find him anywhere.

"Where is he?" Long Chen looked at Queen Mia, who was standing there in a daze watching the dead monster Emperor Taras. She couldn't believe that one of the most terrifying existence of their world was killed so easily by Long Chen. She came out of daze as she heard Long Chen's voice before turning to him.

"Where is that ugly monster who was standing there?" Long Chen asked as he pointed towards a specific direction.

Queen Mia looked in that direction and was stunned to see that it was the spot where Monster Emperor Shentia was standing. She also started looking around but couldn't find him anywhere on the battlefield.

"Ah... He might have ... escaped?" She replied in a doubtful tone as she herself couldn't believe that a monster Emperor would escape leaving his entire army behind.

"It's fine, I want to see how he could escape," Long Chen muttered.

"Where is the place the monster tribe resides in?" Long Chen asked, looking at the Queen.

"Ah... That way. There's a large forest after a few days of travel. It's the place the monster tribe resides in." Queen Mia let out with a blank expression as she looked towards a specific direction.

"Hah, a large forest. That makes it easier for me." Long Chen said in an unnatural tone.

"Here, great master, take this. It's something we use to determine directions. You can go in the direction where the pointer with the square end points at and You'll reach the monster tribe." Tribe leader Bala said as he gave Long Chen an object that looked like a compass.

"Now that's something useful... You guys take care of those remnants of the monsters. I'll be right back in a short time," Long Chen muttered as he walked away. After looking around for a while, he soon found an Elphian horse on the battlefield but he gave up on his plan to use that horse soon after as he thought that it would waste too much time, which he already lacked in this world as he had already passed the trial.

"I'm sure I'll be able to catch up to him with my demonic wings even if I take breaks in between because of my depleted qi. He couldn't have gone much farther than I'm sure I saw him standing there not too long ago. Too bad I can only use 'Spatial Travel' Only once in a day, that too to only the places I have visited before and are within a hundred kilometers of range. I'll be sure to improve this ability in the future as it's really useful," Long Chen thought as he gazed towards his destination direction.

"Heavenly Demon Wings!" He muttered as two beautiful wings appeared behind him as he flew up in the sky and immediately disappeared from everyone's view.

"So fast! If he learned the law of wind, I can only imagine how fast he'd be." Tribe leader Bala thought amazed as he saw Long Chen fly away.

"Don't waste time! Kill all the monsters!!" Queen Mia ordered her warriors.

"Let them know the result of initiating an unjust war on the world!!" Tribe leader of Barong tribe, Bala said loudly.

"Wipe them all Out!!" Tribe leader Mazumas told the army of the Mulan tribe.

Similarly, every leader ordered their troops as the slaughter began.

Although the monster army was still slightly stronger than the coalition army since they didn't have the support of the monster king or monster Emperor whereas the enemies had the support of tribe leaders who were involving themselves in the fight. Soon the numbers of the monster army kept decreasing and decreasing. Thousands of monsters kept dying every minute.

"Come on, don't hide. Let me finish it fast! I want to utilize the time I have left on this world doing cultivation, not playing hide and seek with you!" Long Chen let out as he flew at a really fast speed but he couldn't see Monster Emperor Shentia.