Chapter 10

Chapter 10 of 50 chapters

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Jiahui was fuming.

Seeing this, Song Ning stepped forward to hold Jiahui she cajoled her, “My dear Jiahui, I’ve been working very hard the entire morning so I’m tired and hungry now. Can you accompany me to lunch?”

When Song Ning finished speaking, she held Jia Hui’s hand and swayed it back and forth.

Jia Hu sighed; her heart could not help but soften at Song Ning’s words and actions. She looked at Song Ning with a distressed gaze as she asked, “When did he break up with you?”

Song Ning sighed before she explained, “Yesterday. I only found out about him and Feng Man yesterday. She also said she has already met the elders in Fu Le’s family.”

“What about Fu Le? What did he say? Didn’t he say anything?” Jiahui asked angrily.

As Song Ning considered her words, she felt yesterday’s incident happened a lifetime ago. After a moment, she replied, “Fu Le said Feng Man can’t live without him whereas I’m independent and strong so it doesn’t matter if he leaves me.”

“What kind of nonsense is that?!” Jia Hui grew even angrier. “Don’t stop me! I have to give that jerk a piece of my mind! How can he use the fact that you’re independent and strong to justify his cheating? It doesn’t make sense at all. I have to teach him a lesson!”

After Jia Hui finished ranting, she turned around, intending to look for Fu Le.

Song Ning hurriedly stopped her. “Wait! It’s time for lunch! Dear Jiahui, you’ll only have the strength to fight after you eat, right?”

“Song Ning!” An Jia Hui said through gritted teeth and stomped her feet in anger as Song Ning dragged her away.

Unbeknownst to the two girls, someone had witnessed the scene from the corner of the corridor.

Meanwhile, the Director of the Administration Department walked forward with his staff in tow. A wide grin could be seen on his face as he said, “Greeting, President Mu, Assistant Cheng. Why did you come before informing in advance?”

Cheng Che pushed his glasses up as he flashed a professional smile and replied, “Director Lin, President Mu and I just attended a medical equipment exhibition. There are a few pieces of equipment that are to our liking so I thought I’d come over to see if your hospital has any need for new equipment.”

Cheng Che pushed his glasses up from the bridge of his nose again as he glanced at his boss who was standing next to him with a frosty expression on his face. He could not possibly tell the director that his boss came to the hospital just to see his wife, could he?

Director Lin was delighted by Cheng Che’s words. The Mu Group was their major benefactor, after all. Since the new president, Mu Chen, took over, he had given them tremendous support. He was like the hospital’s sugar daddy.

Direction Li gestured with his hand and said, “Alright, let’s go to the surgical department.”

“No. I want to go to the nursing department,” Mu Chen said in a low voice as he glanced at the two figures who had just disappeared around the corner.

Director Lin was taken aback and baffled by Mu Chen’s request.

Cheng Che hastily added, “Let’s go to the nursing department first. We can see if the nursing department requires new equipment to reduce the nurses’ workload.”

Director Lin smiled ecstatically as he walked ahead. “Okay, okay.”

“Wow! You’re really lucky!”

“Mr. Fu treats you really well! He has never done such things for his ex-girlfriend.”

“Hey, watch your words! How can Song Ning compare to our beautiful? Although Song Ning is beautiful, she’s soulless like a robot. Mr. Fu has a great taste in women, that’s why he decided to marry the most beautiful woman in our nursing department instead.”

“Are you guys getting married soon?”

“I can see how happy you are with him! I really envy you. Tell me, does Mr. Fu have brothers? Don’t forget to help us too. If he has brothers, you have to introduce us to them!”

As soon as Mu Chen and Cheng Che stepped foot into the nursing department, the conversations between the nurses rang in their ears.

Director Lin looked at Mu Chen furtively and discovered the icy expression on Mu Chen’s face. He hurriedly said, “There are many girls in the nursing department so it’s a bit noisy.”

Mu Chen did not respond to Direction Lin and strode in immediately. He saw the nurses’ office flood with roses. Based on his observation, there had to be more than 999 roses in there. It seemed like Mr. Fu was a very generous man.