Chapter 13

Chapter 13 of 50 chapters

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“I know. That’s why I want to pursue her. Can you help me?” Mu Chen interrupted An Jia Hui’s incessant chattering.

Contrary to expectations, An Jia Hui shook her head. “No!”

Mu Chen was taken aback by An Jia Hui’s blunt and succinct reply.

“Ning is my best friend so I won’t do anything against her wish or betray her. I admit you’re handsome, and Ning doesn’t seem to dislike you, but I’ll always be on Ning’s side. I don’t object to you pursuing her, but I won’t help you!” An Jia Hui made her stance exceptionally clear.

Mu Chen could not help but reevaluate the naive-looking young woman sitting in front of him. In the end, he had no choice but to compromise. “Fine. Then, can you help me take care of her? If someone bullies her, please tell me immediately, alright?”

“Are you trying to win Ning over by being the hero?” the quick-witted An Jia Hui asked.

Mu Chen shook her head. “No, don’t tell her about this. I just don’t want her to be mistreated from now on. I’ll make sure everyone who dares to bully her suffers twice as much! However, I can be with her 24 hours a day. I think we’re allies regarding this matter. You don’t want to see her getting bullied as well, right?”

“Of course!” An Jia Hui replied immediately. Clearly, Mu Chen’s negotiation skills worked on her.

At this moment, Song Ning brought Mu Chen’s food back to the table. She placed the plate in front of him before she said apologetically, “There isn’t much food left so you’ll have to fill your stomach with this first.”

Mu Chen smiled as he said. “It’s okay. I’ll eat a little first. You can cook for me tonight to make up for this.”

‘What?’ An Jia Hui turned to look at Song Ning immediately with an expression of disbelief. What did the man say? Did he ask Song Ning to cook for him tonight?

Song Ning could not ignore An Jia Hui’s probing gaze so she introduced the two. “This is my classmate, An Jiahui. Jiahui, this is Mu Chen.”

An Jia Hui stared at Song Ning intently as she asked, “And?”

Song Ning replied in confusion, “And what?”

An Jiahui pointed to Mu Chen and asked, “You’re going to tell his name, and that’s it?”

Song Ning could not wait to knock some sense into An Jia Hui at this moment.

Mu Chen reached out and patted Song Ning’s head as he said to An Jia Hui, “Don’t make things difficult for her. She hasn’t made up her mind about accepting me yet.”

Song Ning felt her heart stirred when Mu Chen patted her head.

Mu Chen, who was inwardly repulsed by the food, did not eat much. He put the chopsticks down and asked, “Song Ning, where are you going this afternoon?”

Song Ning hesitated briefly before she replied, “The lawyer’s office.”

Then, Mu Chen glanced at the time before he said, “It just happens that I’m free in the afternoon so I’ll accompany you.”

“There’s no need for that!” Song Ning instinctively refused him.

“Are you sure you don’t need me there as a ‘prop’?” Mu Chen asked meaningfully.

Song Ning fell silent when she heard these words.

Mu Chen seized the opportunity and patted her shoulder as he said, “Let’s go now.”

Song Ning knew Mu Chen’s words were not without reason. After all, the key to obtaining the inheritance her mother left her was a marriage certificate to prove she was married. Having Mu Chen, her husband, accompany her could only help her case.

Under everyone’s watchful gaze, Mu Chen and Song Ning left the canteen. The couple left the hospital and drove away in Mu Chen’s car, leaving a panicked Cheng Che and the director of the hospital behind.

“A-Assistant Cheng, Mr. Mu l-left,” Secretary Zhang stuttered.

‘Yes. I saw it. I’m not blind,’ Cheng Che thought to himself. However, outwardly, he said with a smile, “I’ve written down the requests all of you mentioned earlier. After I return, I’ll write up a proposal for President Mu. The development and upgrade of our hospital is the focus of our company this quarter so I hope you can provide more valuable insight on problems that exist daily at work and the management of the hospital. We hope to achieve the best result this time around.”

Cheng Che’s words effectively drew the attention of the leaders in the hospital away from Mu Chen.

Meanwhile, the doctor in the white coat had long left the hospital.