Chapter 18

Chapter 18 of 50 chapters

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When they were at the door of the house, Mu Chen held Song Ning’s hand and gently said, “Song Ning, don’t push yourself so hard. From now on, you should trust me, rely on me, and let me help you shoulder the burden. You and Grandma just need to sit back and enjoy life.”

Song Ning lowered her head and bit her lower lip before she softly replied, “I’m already used to doing things on my own and being alone. I don’t know how to be a girlfriend. If… If there’s something you’re dissatisfied with, you can let me know, and I promise to try harder.”

Mu Chen reached out and pinched her cheek, freeing her lower lip from her teeth. “Silly girl, just be yourself. I like how strong, independent, courageous, and capable you are. I also like that you’re sensible, filial, naive, and innocent. I like everything about you. Remember this: I like you so there’s no need for you to change, understand?”

Song Ning was on the brink of tearing up when she heard his words.

Meanwhile, Mu Chen felt a pang in his heart when he saw the pitiful expression on her face. He pulled her into his arms and said in an attempt to cheer her up, “Silly girl, don’t cry. You need to understand Grandma more. Do you know that no matter the reason you cry, Grandma will definitely blame me for it? It seems like I have no choice but to curry favor with you now…”

His words successfully made Song Ning laugh.

When the couple finally entered the house hand in hand, they heard a commotion from the living room. It seemed very lively so they did not think much of it and thought it was just noises of laughter and conversations.

However, as the noises grew clearer, Mu Chen stiffened and abruptly came to a halt as he clenched his hands tightly. After a beat, he resumed walking.

Confused, Song Ning looked up at him and discovered his eyes that were shining with affection and gentleness just a moment ago were incredibly frosty at this moment. In fact, his entire person seemed to emit a bone-chilling aura.

At this moment, the butler walked up to the couple. “Young Master, Young Lady, you’ve finally returned!”

When the butler spoke, his voice grew increasingly loud, and his tone was arrogant. However, despite his tone, a hint of relief could be seen in his eyes. It was as though he wanted to announce their arrival to everyone.

Song Ning found this strange.

However, before Song Ning could ponder on the strangeness of the matter, Jiang Jin who had seen Song Ning waved and called out, “Ning, you’re finally back. Hurry, come over!”

Song Ning discovered there were a few people sitting on the sofa in the living room. At this moment, all of their eyes were trained on her and Mu Chen’s intertwined hands. Flustered, she tried to free her hand from his grip, but he refused to let go.

Instead, Mu Chen led Song Ning to Jiang Jin’s side before he greeted the guests sitting on the sofa frostily, “Hi, Second Grandma, aunt, sister-in-law.”

Jiang Jin reached out and pulled Song Ning to sit next to her. Then, she complained childishly, “Didn’t you say you only have half a day of classes today? Where did Mu Chen abduct you? Both of you only care about going on dates and forgot all about me!”

Amused, Song Ning smiled. Then, she expertly diverted the conversation. “Grandma, why don’t I make you something delicious tonight?”

“Alright.” Jiang Jin refused to let go of Song Ning’s hand.

When Song Ning looked at the unfamiliar faces in front of her, Jiang Jin finally realized she had forgotten to introduce Song Ning. “Oh, Ning, let me introduce you. This is Mu Chen’s Second Grandma; this is his sister-in-law from his Second Grandma’s side; this is his aunt, and these are his cousins, Tingting and Qiaoqiao.”

Song Ning wanted to stand up to greet them, but Mu Chen pressed her shoulder down and leaned on the arm of the sofa next to her.

Jiang Jin pretended not to see his actions and said to the guest with a smile, “This is Mu Chen’s wife, Song Ning. Both of them have already registered their marriage, but they’re both too busy to hold a wedding banquet for now. When they finally hold their wedding banquet, everyone must come and help me! I’m an old lady and can’t keep up with the current trends. I don’t want to ruin Ning’s wedding.”

The guests seemed taken aback by Jiang Jin’s words.

Then, the Second Old Madam, Ding Hong, stared at Song Ning before she asked, “Jiang Jin, a-are you serious? When did Mu Chen get into a relationship? Didn’t he have a scandal with that lady from the Ye family previously? Why did he turn around and marry someone else? What about the Ye family? If the Ye family finds out about this, they’ll be fuming mad!”

Meanwhile, Mu Chen’s sister-in-law, Qu Huanhuan, glared at Song Ning and said mockingly, “That’s right, Grandma. Where did this girl come from? Why haven’t we heard about her before this? Can any ordinary woman marry into the Mu family just like this? Although Mu Chen doesn’t have a mother, he still shouldn’t do such a shameful thing, right?”

Seemingly encouraged by Qu Huanhuan’s words, Mu Chen’s two cousins, Mu Tingting and Mu Qiaoqiao, even sneered at Song Ning’s outfit. “Look at the way she dressed. I even thought she’s a new nurse Grandma hired!”

Jiang Jin’s expression soured immediately.

Meanwhile, Mu Chen rose to his feet with a darkened expression. Just as he was about to speak, Song Ning grabbed his arm.