Chapter 19

Chapter 19 of 50 chapters

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“Mu Chen, can you help me check if there are any shredded bamboo shoots and dried tofu in the kitchen? I love to eat those. Oh, can you bring a plate of honeydew out as well?” Song Ning hurriedly said as she pushed Mu Chen away from these people with a gentle nudge.

Seeing this, Mu Chen’s aunt, Mu Lan, chucked. Then, she said with barely concealed sarcasm, “Jiang Jin, she’s truly a sensible girl.”

Jiang Jin’s expression soured again.

Then, Mu Lan looked at Song Ning and said, “Song Ning, huh? What a good girl. Mu Chen is very picky with women. I have arranged so many dates for him, and yet, he wasn’t satisfied with any of them. To be honest with you, we were starting to think that something was wrong with this child. Who knew he would suddenly marry a beautiful woman?”

Mu Qiao snorted. “Aunt, are you blind? What do you mean by beautiful woman? Where’s the beautiful woman? How can you call someone who looks like this beautiful? She can’t hold a candle to Ye Xin!”

“Mu Qiao!” Jiang Jin barked. She was so angry that her body trembled.

Song Ning quickly reached out to pat Jiang Jin’s back. She called out worriedly, “Grandma.”

Jiang Jin nodded, indicating she knew what to do.

With that, Song Ning turned to face these unkind voices with a slight smile on her face. “I see that everyone dislikes me. However, I’m sorry to say Mu Chen and I are already married, and there’s no turning back. He has also promised me that if we get a divorce, regardless of the reason, he’d transfer all the properties under his name to me. Grandma has also agreed to this!” After she finished speaking, she looked at Jiang Jin meaningfully.

A smile bloomed on Jiang Jin’s face as she chimed in, “That’s right. Mu Chen even said there’s no way they’ll get a divorce. The only reason they would be separated is when one of them passes away. The two of them are really a match made in heaven.”

The Second Old Madam was fuming mad as soon as she heard these words.

Meanwhile, Mu Qiao glared at Song Ning and said in a shrill voice, “My brother and Ye Xin are a couple. Don’t you keep up with entertainment news? Ye Xin agreed to marry my brother after she wins the grand prize!”

Song Ning smiled sweetly and replied, “Oh? Is that so? What should I do then? Unfortunately, I married him first. Does Ye Xin want to marry Mu Chen? It seems like it’s too late for her though. You should tell her to seize the opportunity as soon as it arises next time.”

“You! You shameless wench!” Mu Qiao’s face blanched from anger.

Song Ning maintained the smile on her face and continued to say, “What’s wrong with being shameless in front of a group of unscrupulous people? Wouldn’t I be bullied if I’m not shameless? Am I supposed to smile and accept it when someone wants to snatch my husband away? Sorry, I’m not that generous. Ms. Mu, don’t you think so?”

“You!” Mu Qiao was rendered speechless by Song Ning’s words.

Jiang Jin smiled and patted Song Ning’s hand. “Yes, Ning. You’re right.”

At this moment, Ding Hong scowled and said, “Jiang Jin, so this is what your granddaughter-in-law is like? What an uncultured woman! Mu Chen’s wife will be the future lady of the family. Do you really think someone like her is capable of taking on that role?”

Jiang Jin glanced at Ding Hong and said airily, “Since Mu Chen married her, I’m sure she’s capable. If you’re not convinced, why don’t you persuade Mu Chen to step down? In fact, I don’t want him to bear the burden of being responsible for the mu family.”

Ding Hong had no choice but to shut when she heard these words.

Mu Lan hastily said with a smile, “Aunt Jiang, don’t misunderstand. Mu Chen is the most outstanding among the younger generation in our Mu family so everyone is naturally picky about his other half. Auntie Ding is just too straightforward so please don’t take it to heart. I think Song Ning is a pretty nice girl. It’s rare to see you getting along so well with another person. Song Ning, Mu Chen is a filial child. As long as you win over Grandma, Mu Chen will treat you well forever.” After she finished speaking, she covered her mouth and laughed.

Ding Hong and Qu Huanhuan exchanged a look before they forced themselves to laugh as well.

Song Ning who was now standing behind Jiang Jin tapped a few acupuncture points on Jiang Jin’s back before she sighed and said with a smile, “Oh, I don’t have much in life except for luck. Mu Chen treats me well, and Grandma treats me like her granddaughter. Even Mu Chen is jealous of how close we are.”

After she finished speaking, she leaned forward and hugged Jiang Jin from the back.

Meanwhile, Jiang Jin felt relieved after Song Ning tapped her acupuncture points. As a result, her mood improved as well.