Chapter 2

Chapter 2 of 50 chapters

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Mu Chen and Cheng Che were both taken aback when they heard Song Ning’s words.

The girl standing in front of them looked like she was in her early twenties. Her facial features were exquisite and sharp, and her limpid eyes were dark and a hint of stubbornness could be seen flashing from their depths. She wore a simple white skirt that was embroidered with an elegant orchid that snaked up from the tail of her skirt.

Song Ning raised the file in her hand and laughed self-deprecatingly before she said, “My name is Song Ning. Today is the day my mother chose for me to get married, but my fiance cheated on me. Still, I want to fulfill my mother’s last wish. I want to… get married today…”

At this moment, she choked back her tears, unable to continue speaking.

Then, Mu Chen took the file in her hand and casually perused the content before he shifted his eyes to her face.

Song Ning thought her request was a little too much and abrupt when…

The man parted his thin lips as he said, “Alright, but I have a condition. After we register our marriage, you must move into my house immediately.”

Song Ning was taken aback by Mu Chen’s words.

Mu Chen pursed his lips before he continued to say, “My grandmother is very ill and emotionally unstable. You’ll have to help me accompany her.”

As Song Ning looked down at the file that Mu Chen handed back to her, her eyes glinted coldly. “Deal!”

Meanwhile, Cheng Che, Mu Chen’s assistant, was dumbfounded.

What on earth was going on?

The process of registering their marriage went very smoothly. After only half an hour, Mu Chen and Song Ning successfully obtained their marriage certificates.

When the trio was in the car, Cheng Che who was driving the car at quite a high speed peeked at the silent young woman through the rearview mirror from time to time.

‘I guess she hasn’t recovered from the pain of being cheated on by her fiance, eh?’

Song Ning’s fingers gently rubbed the red cover of the marriage certificate, lost in her thoughts. ‘Mom, I got married on the day you chose for me. Fu Le doesn’t want me, but it doesn’t matter. I’ll fight for my own happiness. I don’t need a man to be happy! Mom, if you’re watching from the heavens, please watch over me…’

At Four Seasons Cloudy Peak.

It was a top wealthy residential area in the city just like the word ‘peak’ in its name suggested. It spanned a huge area, but only fifteen households occupied the place. Each household probably secretly owned business empires.

When Song Ning disembarked from the car, she was stunned. She did not expect she would enter a Peak Villa again.

At this moment, Mu Chen moved next to Song Ning and solemnly said, “My grandmother is old so she has quite the temper. You must try your best to coax her. No matter what, you must coax her and persuade her to cooperate with the treatment. She’s the only family I have left in this world. Please help me…”

Cheng Che had never heard Mu Chen begging anyone for help in his entire life, but Song Ning was unaware of this.

She calmly replied, “I’m a doctor. I’m duty-bound to treat illnesses and save people. Don’t worry about this.”

“You’re a doctor?” Mu Chen and Cheng Che said, almost in unison.

Song Ning looked at them and nodded. “Yes, I’m a doctoral student of Chinese medicine at N Medical University. I have one year left before I graduate. I’m currently under the tutelage of Professor Li Sen.”

“How old are you?” Cheng Che could not help but ask.

“Twenty-six,” Song Ning replied nonchalantly.

Upon hearing this, Mu Chen and Cheng Che exchanged a glance.

At this moment, Mr. Jiang, the chubby butler, ran over. “Master, you’re back!”

“Mr. Jiang, how’s Grandma?” Mu Chen asked in a deep voice.

Mr. Jiang sighed before he replied in a voice that grew increasingly soft, “She’s still throwing a tantrum. She overturned Yu’s porridge and said if you don’t bring your wife to meet her today, she’s going to go on a hunger strike and starve to death.”

At this moment, Mr. Jiang finally noticed Song Ning’s presence. His eyes widened as he sized Song Ning up. “Master, you really brought a girl back?”

“Let’s go see Grandma!” Mu Chen pulled Song Ning along as he strode inside the house.

As soon as they approached the room, they heard a soft yet powerful and dramatic voice.

“Oh, woe is me! I’m already on my deathbed, and yet, I don’t get to see my grandson getting married!”

Upon hearing these words, Song Ning could not help but raise her eyebrows in surprise.

Mu Chen pushed the door open and entered the room as he called out loudly, “Grandma!”

Meanwhile, Song Ning cowered behind Mu Chen as she followed him into the room.

At this moment, a soft pillow sailed in the air toward Mu Chen. He raised his hand and caught it before he called out again in a resigned tone, “Grandma!”

“You punk, why did you return so soon? Didn’t I say you’re not allowed to see me without a wife and marriage certificate? I can’t believe the grandson whom I worked so tirelessly to raise is so cruel to me. He won’t even get married to…”

All of a sudden, Jiang Jin, Mu Chen’s grandmother, stopped speaking as soon as she saw Mu Chen pulling Song Ning into the room.

“Huh? Who’s this?” Jiang Jin blinked her eyes that were strangely dry considering she had been sobbing and lamenting earlier.

Upon hearing Jiang Jin’s question, Mu Chen walked to the bed and put the two marriage certificates on the quilt before he said softly, “Grandma, I’m married. This is your granddaughter-in-law, Song Ning. Isn’t she pretty? Are you satisfied with her?”