Chapter 20

Chapter 20 of 50 chapters

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Jiang Jin wore a proud expression on her face as she held the hand of Song Ning who was standing behind her. “I raised Mu Chen so he’s naturally filial to me. Even the woman he married is to my liking.”

Ding Hong and the others’ expressions turned sour. They looked at Mu Lan meaningfully as though indicating she should speak up.

Mu Lan said with a faint smile on her face, “Aunt Jiang, we’ve had a close tie with the Ye family for generations now. Now that the Young Master of the Ye family has gotten into politics, we can’t underestimate the power of a marriage alliance. Mu Chen, he… I’m just worried the Ye family will be offended that he abandoned Ye Xin… Oh, Aunt Jiang, Mu Chen is young, and I’m sure he’s worked hard to reach where he is today…”

Everyone was listening intently to Mu Lan, waiting for her to finish her word.

Song Ning looked at the elegant and dignified woman in front of her and could not help but feel curious about her next words as well.

Under everyone’s watchful gaze, Mu Lan cleared her throat before she continued to say, “But, don’t you think it’s better if our family takes over all the dealings with the Ye family? That way, even if Ye family were to get offended when they find out about Mu Chen’s marriage, our business won’t be harmed, right?”

Song Ning lowered her head as a faint smile appeared on her face. Mu Chen’s aunt was rather clever.

When Ding Hong heard this, she was enraged. “Mu Lan, what are you talking about? I thought you were worried about Mu Chen, but as it turns out, you’re just greedy. Is Zhou Jianbang still dissatisfied with all the benefits he received from the Mu family? How dare you scheme to take over all the Ye family’s business. Don’t you think you’re being too ambitious?”

After that, Qu Huanhuan pursed her lips and added, “Sure enough, Aunt Mu Lan just cares for herself.

Mu Lan paid no mind to the insults and said, “All of you are overthinking things. I’m doing this for the good of the Mu family. Do you think the Ye family won’t burn bridges with us when they find out Mu Chen has secretly married another woman? Xin and Mu Chen’s scandal made headlines. This time, she even won an international award. She’s more than worthy to marry our Mu Chen. If you have a better idea, why don’t you tell me what you think we should do? If the Ye family tries to bring down our businesses, won’t all of you and the Mu family suffer the biggest loss? Apart from Jianbang, can you find a more suitable successor?”

Ding Hong and Qu Huanhuan were not persuaded, and they ended up bickering.

Jiang Jin began to tremble in rage as she watched the scene in front of her.

At this moment, Song Ning suddenly called out to the butler, “Mr. Jiang!”

The butler hurried over.

Song Ning’s voice caught the attention of the noisy women as well. They looked at her in confusion.

“Young Lady!” Mr. Jiang then bowed.

“Send the guests away. I’m going to start cooking for Grandma,” Song Ning said to Mr. Jiang.

Mr. Jiang was briefly startled by Song Ning’s words. However, he quickly recovered and walked toward Ding Hong and the others. He bowed and extended his hand out, indicating they should follow him. “Second Old Madam, Young Lady and Old Madam are busy now, if you’d please take your leave…”

Song Ning could not help but secretly give Mr. Jiang a thumbs-up.

Ding Hong rose to her feet and pointed at Song Ning as she said furiously, “How dare you drive us away? Who do you think you are? Huh? This is our Mu Residence! Who gave you the right to speak like that? Do you really think you’re the Young Lady of the Mu family?”

At this moment, Mu Chen’s frosty voice rang in the air. “She’s indeed the Young Lady of the Mu Family!”

Ding Hong could not help but withdrew her hand immediately.

Mu Chen swept his icy gaze across the guests as he said, “I’ll say this one more time; Song Ning is the Young Lady of the Mu family. Whoever has any objection, you can leave the Mu family. I will personally remove her from the family registry!”

Frightened, Mu Lan forced a smile on her face and said, “Mu Chen, what are you talking about? Why are you so angry? What’s going on? Aunt Jiang, please calm him down.”