Chapter 21

Chapter 21 of 50 chapters

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Jiang Jin calmly said, “I’m truly old and useless. I can’t even protect my grandson and my granddaughter-in-law when they’re being bullied.”

Mu Lan was at a loss for words when she heard these words.

Mu Chen looked at them coldly and barked, “Mr. Jiang, see the guests out! Grandma is ill so we won’t have any visitors from now on!”

“Yes!” Mr. Jiang hurriedly replied and gestured to everyone to leave.

Scared witless from the bone-chilling aura Mu Chen was emitting, Mu Tingting and Mu Qiaoqiao did not dare to make a sound at all.

When Mu Chen saw Ding Hong wanting to refute his words out of humiliation, he added indifferently, “From tomorrow onward, the Mu family will conduct a thorough check of the accounts! Any business that has problems with its account will be transferred, and its assets would be redistributed!”

Qu Huanhuan jumped up immediately and asked anxiously, “M-Mu Chen, what are you doing? Everything is fine. Why do you have to check the accounts?”

Mu Chen sneered. “Why are you so anxious? Is there something wrong with my brother’s accounts?

“No, no, no. Of course not,” Qu Huanhuan stammered and forced a smile on her face.

Similarly, Mu Lan was panicking as well. “Mu Chen, what’s the matter with you? W-We are just joking with Aunt Jiang and Song Ning. Why are you so angry?”

Mu Chen did not respond to Mu Lan. Instead, he held Jiang Jin’s arm to support her as he turned to look at Song Ning and asked, “Weren’t you planning to cook for Grandma?” Then, he said to Jiang Jin, Grandma, why don’t you watch Ning cook this time?”

Jiang Jin patted her grandson’s hand in response.

Meanwhile, Song Ning turned around and smiled at everyone before she said, “I’m sorry, but there isn’t enough rice at home so I can’t invite all of you to stay for dinner!”

In the kitchen.

After Song Ning put on an apron, she began to work. She washed some fruits before placing them in front of the grandmother-grandson duo.

Jiang Ning grinned ear to ear as she looked at Song Ning. Then, she turned and whispered to Mu Chen, “Ning is a little different today.”

Mu Chen put a strawberry in his mouth and glanced at his grandmother as he raised an eyebrow.

Jiang Jin explained in a hushed tone, “Yesterday, she acted more like a polite guest, but today, she was like a defensive little hedgehog. She defended you even though she knows those people are your relatives. Even if you’re not around, she’s capable of standing ground; she’s no pushover. This girl is quick-witted and unforgiving with her words just like me.”

Mu Chen picked the biggest strawberry and handed it to his grandmother before he said, “You have to guide her. She’s very smart, but she’s naive since she lacks experience.”

Jiang Jin accepted the strawberry. She looked at her grandson and solemnly asked, “Mu Chen, are you serious about her?”

The corners of Mu Chen’s lips lifted slightly as he looked at the strawberry. “Grandma, you’ve said it yourself earlier; the only time we’ll be separated is when one of us passes away.”

Jiang Jin beamed with joy, pleased by her grandson’s answer.

Meanwhile, Song Ning who was busy cooking was completely oblivious to the duo’s conversation.

At this moment, Yu glanced at Jiang Jin and Mu Chen before she whispered to Song Ning, “Young Lady, you’re amazing.”

Song Ning lowered her head; a smile could be seen on her face. “You don’t think I’m uncouth and rude?”

Yu shook her head slightly in response. “Those people are the ones who are uncouth and rude.” She sighed before she said again, “It’d be great if Madam could stand up for herself like you did when she was bullied…”

“Madam?” Song Ning was puzzled. Then, realization dawned on her. “You’re referring to Mu Chen’s mother?”

Song Ning was slightly taken aback. Mu Chen had never mentioned his parents before. It was not surprising since they had only met two days ago, after all.

Yu looked at Jiang Jin and Mu Chen before she said with a sigh, “Young Lady, the atmosphere in this home has changed since you came. It feels like the Young Master has come back to life. With this, the Old Madam’s health will definitely improve soon. You’re an angel sent by God to save the Mu family!”

Song Ning chuckled upon hearing these words. “I’m an angel?”

Yu nodded fiercely. “Yes, you really are.”

Yu’s reply was rather loud this time, attracting Jiang Jin and Mu Chen’s attention.

Jiang Jin sighed before she asked, “Yu, what’s the matter? Why are you making a fuss?!”

Yu laughed before she explained, “I think Young Lady is an angel. After she came here, the atmosphere in our house has changed.”

Jiang Jin smiled when she heard these words. Then, she glanced at her grandson as she said, “She’s an angel God sent to me…”