Chapter 22

Chapter 22 of 50 chapters

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At this moment, Mu Chen rose to his feet. Then, he said as he rolled up his sleeves, “Please teach me. I’ll help you…”

Jiang Jin and Yu could not help but stare at Mu Chen in amazement.

Hearing this, Jiang Jin and Yu couldn’t help but stare at Mu Chen.

Yu stammered, “But Young Master, y-you…”

Yu did not finish her sentence. She thought to herself inwardly, ‘But you don’t know a thing about cooking!’

“Yu, come here!” Jiang Jin hurriedly said and gestured to Yu to sit next to her in an attempt to stop Yu from speaking.

Yu walked over hesitantly as she said uneasily, “Young Master has never cooked before!”

Jiang Jin pointed at Mu Chen who was washing vegetables under Song Ning’s guidance and said, “He’s doing it now, right? There’s a first time for everything. I bet you he’s enjoying his time cooking with her. Why are you trying to stop him? I’m finally experiencing what it’s like to have a harmonious family.”

After instructing Mu Chen to do some chores, Song Ning advised softly, “Don’t invite your relatives over to the house anymore. Grandma was really angry earlier. Due to her health, it isn’t good for her to get emotional.”

“Alright.” Mu Chen nodded.

Song Ning hesitated slightly before she asked, “Will me offending them cause you trouble?”

Mu Chen turned on the faucet and washed the vegetables as he said, “They’re a problematic bunch so you’re not at fault. Every once in a while, they’ll come here to make trouble. Grandma and I are used to it. However, since they would affect Grandma’s health, they won’t be allowed to visit ever again. They asked for this.” His voice was gentle when he spoke to her; it was a stark difference from the way he had spoken to his relatives earlier.

Song Ning asked curiously, “Why are they so afraid of you? You still look handsome even with a scowl on your face.”

His hand paused for a brief second. Then, he sighed helplessly and asked, “Are you complimenting me?”

She smiled faintly and nodded.

Mu Chen asked in return, “Then, why did you anger them earlier? Aren’t you afraid of them? My aunt is famous for being cunning.”

Song Ning cut the vegetables swiftly as she explained, “That’s because they bullied you and Grandma. How can they bully the owner of the house they’re visiting? I just can’t bear it.”

Upon hearing this, Mu Chen solemnly declared, “Song Ning, I will protect you and Grandma in the future.”

Song Ning looked up at him and replied, “Well, if I deal with them next time, I’ll ask for your help.”

Mu Chen nodded. He would definitely protect his woman.

After dinner, Mu Chen asked Yu to accompany Grandma for a walk since he planned to bring Song Ning back to her house to move her possessions over.

Jiang Jin was delighted and instructed Mr. Jiang to help Song Ning move all her things over.

Although Mu Chen knew his grandmother wanted Song Ning to be with her every day, he did not want to keep Song Ning here against her will. He wanted to give her time to slowly adapt to life here. Hence, he convinced his grandmother to let him return to Song Ning’s house without Mr. Jiang.

For this, Song Ning felt grateful to him.

Song Ning’s home was in an old town. Her house had two small bedrooms and one living room; it was cozy and neat.

Photos of Song Ning and her mother lined the TV cabinet in the living room.

Song Ning’s mother looked like a very gentle woman, and Song Ning greatly resembled her mother.

At this moment, Song Ning opened the refrigerator and brought a bottle of water out. As she handed it to Mu Chen, she said, “I’m going to tidy up the place first. Make yourself at him.”

Mu Chen studied the house. There were two rooms; a bedroom and a study. He observed his surroundings, trying to glean information of the bits and pieces of Song Ning’s life. Soon after, his eyes fell on a set of books on the shelves.

Sitting conspicuously among the books was a beautifully wrapped book. The spine of the book bore its name and its author; Yi Yao by Liang Zhen.

Mu Chen traced the title of the book gently with his fingers.

At this moment, Song Ning’s voice rang from behind him. “Have you read this book?”

Without turning his head, he asked softly in return, “You’ve read this book?”

A faint smile appeared on Song Ning’s face as she reached out and took a photo album, which was placed next to the books, out. “This book changed my life.”

She opened the album, revealing stage photos.

Back then, Yi Yao was adapted into a movie. The author also signed on as the screenwriter for the movie. It was said that the lead actress was handpicked by the author. After the movie was released, it was a huge sensation. It won many awards that year. As a result, the lead actress also became the youngest award-winning actress.