Chapter 23

Chapter 23 of 50 chapters

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Mu Chen’s gaze fell on the first page of the album and saw a photo of the lead actress with the author who was also the screenwriter for the movie. It seemed like the lead actress was Song Ning when she was a child.

Song Ning looked at Mu Chen and asked jokingly, “You didn’t expect this, eh?”

Mu Chen nodded in response.

“Knowing you, you probably don’t watch artistic movies like this. We worked on the movie for almost a year. At that time, Ms. Liang Zhen taught me to act bit by bit. Unfortunately, she died before she could see us win the awards.” Song Ning’s eyes returned to the photo as she spoke.

Mu Chen stroked the picture gently as he said in a soft tone, “She’s my mother.”

Song Ning was startled when she heard his confession. She stuttered, “W-What did you say?”

Mu Chen closed the photo album. He looked at the book in front of him and explained in a hoarse voice, “Liang Zhen is my mother. I haven’t watched her movies. I can’t even bring myself to read her books.”

Upon hearing these words, Song Ning stepped forward and gently hugged him from behind.

After a long time, Mu Chen finally put down the album in his hand and gently placed his hands on Song Ning’s arms that were wrapped around his waist. “Thank you for helping her realize her dreams.”

At this moment, tears were already threatening to spill from Song Ning’s eyes. She removed her hands from Mu Chen’s waist, causing him to turn and look at her.

Seeing her reddened eyes, he sighed softly. “The world is really small.” He reached out and wiped the tears from her face as he said, “Don’t cry, silly. It must be my mother who brought you to me…”

“And my mother as well. They’re both watching us from the heavens,” Song Ning said. She recalled the moment she saw Mu Chen standing at the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau, illuminated by the sunlight. It was as though he had descended from heaven to rescue her from the hurt of Fu Le’s betrayal.

Song Ning lifted her hand and wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes. However, no matter how many times she tried wiping the tears away, her tears would not stop falling. When she looked at Mu Chen, she could not help but imagine how great it would be if his mother, Liang Zhen, was still alive.

Mu Chen sighed when he saw tears streaming down her face. “Don’t cry. I didn’t expect you to be the young award-winning actress. It’s my fault for not watching the movie. After my mother passed away, I was so depressed that I didn’t dare to look at the book and movie she wrote. How could I know I would miss the chance to get to know you by doing so?”

Song Ning reached out and hugged Mu Chen again, overwhelmed by mixed emotions.

Mu Chen returned the hug and gently patted her back, knowing that she was grieving for his mother. His heart ached, but it felt warm at the same time. After a while, he asked curiously, “Why didn’t you continue acting? I heard you didn’t even attend the award ceremonies.”

She shook her head and said, “I was really sad when your mother passed away. Without her guidance, I wouldn’t have received all those awards. I felt like the awards held no meaning after she was gone. After that, my parents divorced, and my mom and I moved out. During the first two years of high school, I acted in movies. However, I focused on my studies during the third year of high school to prepare for my college entrance examination.”

Mu Chen asked, puzzled, “Then why did you study Chinese medicine? Shouldn’t you apply to join an acting school? I remember people raving about you being a talented actress. My mother said the same as well.”

After Song Ning calmed down, she led him to the sofa in the living room to sit down. Then, she explained, “With my personality, I’m not suited for the entertainment industry. I was just lucky I met Ms. Liang who helped me successfully complete the filming of the movie. She and I had discussed this matter before as well. She respected my opinion and told me to study what I liked. However, she made me promise her that I would be the lead actress if she made another movie in the future. This was our agreement. I didn’t expect that…” She trailed off; she could not bring herself to finish the sentence.

Upon hearing this, Mu Chen patted her hand and comforted her. “It doesn’t matter. My mother was very satisfied with the movie, and she had no regrets. She was also very grateful to you for helping her realize her dream. A good actress is as rare as a hen’s teeth. Both of you helped each other out…”