Chapter 26

Chapter 26 of 50 chapters

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“Ning, is this true? You’re really Zhuang Yi’s daughter?” Jiang Jin was surprised and delighted. She looked at Song Ning from head to toe as though she was seeing Song Ning for the first time.

Song Ning and Mu Chen looked at each other in confusion.

Without an explanation, Jiang Jin grabbed Song Ning’s hand and led her to the study as she said, “Come on, let me show you something!”

In Jiang Jin’s study, there was a delicately framed picture of eight horses on the wall behind the desk. However, what was framed was not a painting but a piece of embroidery.

As tears threatened to spill from her eyes, Song Ning said, “This is my mother’s embroidery. She took more than ten months to finish it before she auctioned it off for charity. The proceeds from the auctions were donated to a few children with congenital heart disease. Grandma, you were the one who bought the embroidery?”

Jiang Jin nodded. “Your mother is a very kind person. The value of this piece of embroidery is much higher than the auction price. I felt bad about it so I visited your mother. However, she told me she was grateful that I bought her embroidery and even gave me a double-sided embroidered fan.”

“My mother said you later donated another 100,000 to those children.” Song Ning held Jiang Jin’s hand.

Jiang Jin nodded and said with a smile, “Your mother truly touched my heart. It’s a pity that I lost contact with her because I was busy with some family affairs and my health. I didn’t know you’re Zhuang Yi’s daughter. You even became my granddaughter-in-law. What a coincidence! This is great!”

Song Ning looked at her mother’s embroidery as emotions threatened to overwhelm her heart. ‘Mother, you’re always by my side no matter where I go.’

Song Ning felt today’s emotional rollercoaster ride was much more intense than yesterday.

Yesterday, she married Mu Chen who was a stranger because they needed each other’s help.

Today, they accidentally discovered there were so many connections between them.

Fate was really mysterious. Life was filled with so many surprises and uncertainties. However, it was also life’s unpredictability that gave it meaning.

The next morning.

As soon as Song Ning walked into the hospital she discovered many people were staring at her. As she walked toward her department, it did not stop. Colleagues, those she knew and those she did not know, would look at her furtively and whisper among themselves. She was confused why everyone’s attention seemed to be on her today.

As soon as Song Ning entered the office, Jiahui hurriedly rose to her feet and lunged at Song Ning as she said, “Ning, Ning, hurry up and explain to me! Who’s that man yesterday!”

Song Ning dodged Jiahui’s ‘Sumo attack’ and walked straight to her seat.

Jiahui hurried after Song Ning and sat down in front of Song Ning’s desk. “Rumors are flying in the hospital that you’re dating a bigshot. Do you know who that bigshot is?”

Song Ning did not reply. She knew once Jiahui started speaking, Jiahui would go on regardless of her response.

“He’s the CEO of the Mu Group! Do you know the Mu Group? The Mu Group is a multinational company, and it has businesses in almost every industry. Our hospital is owned by them. That bigshot is the favorite grandson of the chairwoman of the Mu Group. Ning, he’s Mu Chen! He told me his name yesterday!” Jiahui said excitedly.

On the contrary, Song Ning calmly turned on the computer and searched for the necessary document, ignoring her friend’s words. Despite her calm exterior, she was inwardly shaken. Although she knew the Mu family was well off, she did not expect them to be so wealthy and successful. In hindsight, she should have known this. After all, there was no way ordinary folks would be able to live in Cloudy Peak Villa.

Jiang Jin and Mu Chen were not arrogant at all despite their status and wealth. Jiang Jin was rather cute, and she always clung to Song Ning and Mu Chen and would even act childishly to her, Mu Chen, and Yu. She would be delighted just by eating delicious food. It was difficult to imagine she was the chairwoman of a multinational company.

When Song Ning thought of Jiang Jin, she could not help but smile.