Chapter 27

Chapter 27 of 50 chapters

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“Hey, Ning, stop daydreaming! Did you hear what I said?” An Jiahui shook Song Ning’s shoulders.

“No,” Song Ning replied frankly.

An Jiahui said through gritted teeth, “Song Ning! How can you break my heart like this!”

“Really? Please extend your hand and let me check your pulse. I want to know what the pulse of a brokenhearted person is like,” Song Ning calmly replied.

An Jiahui said with a dejected expression, “How can you call yourself my good friend? Is this how you treat your good friend?”

“What’s wrong? Is there an official guide to how one should treat their good friend?” Song Ning raised an eyebrow as she continued typing, unaffected by Jiahui’s words.

“Song Ning, I’m serious! Rumors are spreading like a wildfire in the hospital now. People are saying you’re unscrupulous and that you were dating two rich men at the same time!” Jiahui said impatiently when she saw Song Ning’s indifference.

Upon hearing these words, Song Ning’s fingers finally stopped moving. She asked, “Two rich men? Who’s the other rich man they’re talking about?”

“Fu Le!” Jiahui reached to poke Song Ning with her index finger.

Song Ning leaned back to avoid Jiahui’s finger silently. As it turned out, everyone thought Fu Le was a rich man! She furrowed her brows slightly as she asked in confusion, “Don’t they know Fu Le is dating Feng Man?”

Jiahui rolled her eyes as she said exasperatedly, “Do you still not understand? Everyone thinks you’re a temptress who preys on wealthy men!”

Song Ning smiled. “What do you think then?”

“Of course I don’t think so! However, I don’t know how to explain it to them!” Jiahui said angrily.

“Why should you explain anything ?” Song Ning asked quietly.

“Because…” An Jiahui was at a loss for words. She looked at Song Ning silently.

Song Ning asked gleefully, “Why should you explain anything to those people?”

An Jiahui looked at Song Ning before she sighed. “Song Ning, if I were a man, I’d fall in love with you as well.” She threw her hands up with a helpless expression as she said, “You’re right! Why should I explain anything to those nosy people? However, Song Ning, aren’t you angry? They don’t even know you, but they’re calling you nasty names just because of some unfounded rumors. Are you really not angry at all?”

Song Ning raised her hand and pointed at the computer. “I only care if the professor is angry with me. What do those people have to do with me? I’m not a temptress or an easy woman. However, I can’t possibly explain myself to everyone. Moreover, people will always believe what they want to believe; most people are not interested in the truth. After all, the truth doesn’t secrete dopamine and give them excitement. So why should I do something so meaningless like explaining myself to them?”

Upon hearing Song Ning’s words, Jiahui’s expression turned solemn as she placed a hand on Song Ning’s shoulder and asked in an equally solemn tone, “Are you a nun who traveled here from ancient times? How can you be so calm? How can you be so open-minded? You’re in your twenties, but you have a 2,000-year-old soul! I truly admire you. Song Ning, I’m your fan!”

Song Ning smiled. Anyone who had experienced life and death, loss of loved ones, wealth and poverty, and love and hatred would be able to remain calm. In fact, she wanted to be like Jiahui who felt angry whenever she was mistreated. Alas, her passionate and reckless self was long gone.

However… However, when she thought about Mu Chen, warmth would suffuse her heart. She had agreed to Mu Chen’s request. They would try to fall in love with each other and give their hearts to each other. This was the only impulsive thing she had done in a long time.

When Song Ning regained her senses, she said, “An Jiahui, as your idol, I’d like to remind you that the professor has graded our homework and has sent it back to us. If you don’t want to be scolded during class, you better have a look at it now.”

Song Ning’s words pulled Jiahui back to reality and sent her running back to her desk. However, she did not forget her promise to Mu Chen yesterday. Did he not say he would not let Song Ning be wronged? She thought to herself, ‘Come on then! Save your woman from these troubles and show me what you can do!’