Chapter 32

Chapter 32 of 50 chapters

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Feng Man’s timid expression was replaced by a righteous expression. She mustered up her courage to look at Mu Chen’s cold expression as she thought to herself, ‘I can’t let Song Ning win no matter what. How can she turn around and find a man who’s better Fu Le?’

Then, Feng Man said, “Mr. Mu, Song Ning has a marriage contract. She can’t marry you!”

Song Ning looked at Feng Man. At this moment, she felt Feng Man and Fu Le were truly pitiful.

Mu Chen then asked indifferently, “Who does Song Ning have a marriage contract with?”

Feng Man avoided Mu Chen’s cold gaze and tried to calm down. Then, she said, “Fu Le. Song Ning and Fu Le are childhood sweethearts who grew up together. Their mothers made a marriage contract for them. Hence, Song Ning is bound by the marriage contract. President Mu, don’t be fooled by her innocent appearance. She abandoned Fu Le because you’re richer and your family background is better than Fu Le. In fact, she hasn’t broken up with Fu Le and is cheating on him!”

Mu Chen tightened his grip on Song Ning’s shoulder, motioning to her not to speak. Then, he looked at Feng Man and asked, “Miss, why do you know about her personal life in such detail?”

“I’m her best friend. I’ve also seen her relationship with Fu Le!” Feng Man said, growing more confident.

An Jiahui interjected angrily, “Ha! You’re really shameless! How dare you say you’re Song Ning’s best friend?”

Jiahui did not understand how Feng Man could be so shameless! Yesterday, she had been delighted when she received roses from Fu Le and proudly declared he was her boyfriend. How could she turn around now and push Fu Le to Song Ning again?

Jiahui rolled up her sleeves and was about to step forward when Mu Chen looked at her. She stopped in her tracks immediately. She was happy Song Ning had someone to protect her now. Moreover, the person in front of her was not a pushover.

Feng Man continued to say, “An Jiahui, what are you talking about? I’m her best friend! Song Ning and I have been good friends since high school. Her parents divorced, and her father abandoned her. That’s why she changed her name. She used to be called Ning Xia!”

Mu Chen clearly felt Song Ning’s body tightened when she heard her previous name. His voice turned icy instantly as he said, “If I’m not mistaken, yesterday, you received a full room of roses from the Mr. Fu you mentioned, right? What’s with that? Why would Song Ning’s fiance send roses, which represent love, to you, Song Ning’s best friend? Is he insane?”

Feng Man froze up when she heard Mu Chen’s words.

Feng Man’s friends were flustered as well. They could not help but take a step back, distancing themselves slightly from Feng Man. Was Song Ning telling the truth? Was Feng Man using them?

At this time, Mu Chen dipped his hand into the pocket of Song Ning’s white coat and fished out Song Ning’s mobile phone. Without asking for the password, he entered her mobile phone. His fingers typed on the phone for a moment before everyone’s phones started to ring.

Everyone instinctively took their phones out to have a look.

Intimate photos of Feng Man and a man had been sent to the hospital’s group chat. The most amazing thing was the intimate pictures were sent by Feng Man.

Feng Man’s face paled immediately. She clicked at her phone desperately, trying to delete the pictures. However, to her despair, the pictures could not be deleted for some reason. She cried out, “No, no, no, I didn’t send it. It wasn’t me!”

She looked at Mu Chen in horror. “How did you do it?”

Mu Chen said nonchalantly, “It’s just a little trick. Song Ning might not be bothered to share your dirty photos. However, I’m not going to stay idle if you bully her so don’t blame me for being rude. You have to bear the consequences of your actions.”

After Mu Chen finished speaking, he clicked on Song Ning’s phone again, playing a voice message.