Chapter 33

Chapter 33 of 50 chapters

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“Ning, I’ve met Fu Le’s father and grandmother. I promised them that when Fu Le and I get married, I’ll quit my job and be a housewife. The Fu family is wealthy and powerful so they don’t need a career woman like you. I’m the type of woman they want Fu Le to marry, do you understand? I hope you won’t see Fu Le again from now on. After all, he’s my fiance now!”

Feng Man’s gloating voice echoed clearly from Song Ning’s mobile phone in the quiet corridor.

Mu Chen’s voice broke the awkward silence. “Now, tell me, what’s the relationship between Mr. Fu Le and Song Ning?” Then, he looked at Professor Li Sen and Director Lin and said, “Song Ning and I were single when we got married. Although I don’t need to explain myself to anyone, I won’t stand it if someone tries to ruin the reputation of someone as amazing as Song Ning. I’ll protect her for the rest of my life.”

Professor Li Sen nodded in satisfaction while Direction Lin was shocked.

On the other hand, Secretary Zhang wished he could disappear into thin air at this moment. No, he wished he could turn back time and take back what he had said.

As expected, An Jiahui was infuriated when she heard the voice message. “Feng Man! You really crossed the line! You knew Fu Le and Song Ning had a marriage contract, but you still went between them! Not only did you cause their breakup, but you even dared to gloat and show off in front of her! You b*tch! Now that you discovered Song Ning found someone better than Fu Le, you want to sabotage her relationship again? What’s the matter? Do you want to return Fu Le to Song Ning now? Mu Chen, you should really thank Miss Feng and Mr. Fu. If it weren’t for this pair of scumbags, you and Song Ning wouldn’t have met”

Mu Chen seemed to mull over Jiahui’s words before he nodded. Then, he said with a straight face, “Indeed! I should really thank Mr. Fu for not marrying Song Ning! Naturally, I have to thank Miss Feng for breaking them up as well.”

At this moment, one of Feng Man’s friends cried out angrily, “Feng Man! I didn’t expect you to be such a person!”

Feng Man panicked. “No, it’s not true. It’s not true. I’ve not met his elders.”

Indeed. Feng Man was telling the truth. She had never met Fu Le’s elders. She only sent those messages to Song Ning because she knew Song Ning was a prideful person. She knew Song Ning would give up on Fu Le after listening to her message. Moreover, she had no qualms about lying since she had already won Fu Le’s heart. It was only a matter of time before she met his elders. Her plans had gone smoothly. However, she had felt uneasy when she heard Song Ning had left with a rich and handsome man yesterday. Who knew Song Ning would turn around and find an even better man? How could she endure this? Since they were young, Song Ning had stood high above the masses. Song Ning was beautiful and had good grades; she was eye-catching no matter where she went. It was unfair. Apart from Song Ning’s good grades, she did not feel she was inferior to Song Ning. So why was God so good to Song Ning?

Mu Chen no longer paid any attention to Feng Man. He held Song Ning’s arms as he spoke politely to the director and the professor as he walked away.

After everyone left, Feng Man collapsed to the ground. She was unwilling to admit defeat, but what could she do now?

In Mu Chen’s car.

Mu Chen had brought Song Ning away after obtaining permission from Professor Li.

At this moment, Song Ning was still in a daze.

Mu Chen reached out and helped her to fasten the seat belt. Then, he ruffled her hair as he asked, “Why are you so quiet? Are you in shock?”

Song Ning pushed away his hand so he would not make a mess out of her hair. “Did you really deliberately ruin the roses Fu Le gave to Feng Man yesterday?”

Mu Chen nodded while starting the car. “Yes.”

Song Ning was slightly taken aback when she heard Mu Chen’s direct admission. She asked, “Why?”

“I was in a bad mood,” Mu Chen answered bluntly.

She could not help but smile when she heard Mu Chen’s reply. He was domineering and as cold as an iceberg in front of outsiders. However, when he was with her and his grandmother, he was a completely different person. He could be domineering as well, but he was mostly adorably childish. In the end, she said in an attempt to reassure him, “Actually, I’m no pushover. You’ve seen it for yourself earlier. I spilled coffee on them.”

Mu Chen remained silent.