Chapter 34

Chapter 34 of 50 chapters

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Mu Chen was aware that Song Ning was capable of protecting herself. He knew an unyielding and tough woman lay beneath her calm exterior. However, he knew her protective armor was made of layers upon layers of scars. The more he got to know her, the more distressed he felt for her. He did not know what happened during the three years after she changed her name from Ning Xia to Song Ning. Since she did not say anything, he would not ask her about it. Regardless, he knew she must have gone through an excruciating transformation during that time. Similarly, those three years were excruciating for him as well. Who knew that all these things inexplicably formed an invisible magnetic field that drew them together?

At this moment, Song Ning said in a daze, “Everyone knows about our relationship now.”

A trace of panic appeared in Mu Chen’s heart when he heard these words. Outwardly, he just raised an eyebrow and asked, “What’s the matter? Don’t you want them to know about us?”

Song Ning looked at him and said teasingly, “This means my juniors won’t buy me snacks anymore. I can only depend on Jiahui to treat me in the future.”

Mu Chen laughed, feeling relieved. He did not expect Song Ning would have such a playful side to her as well. He said, “I’ll have my staff send all kinds of snacks to your office tomorrow!”

Song Ning hastily shook her head before she said with a faint smile on her face, “Please don’t! Let’s keep a low profile. Did you see Secretary Zhang’s face today? I’m guessing he’ll come to my office tomorrow to kneel and beg for mercy. He has been so careful all this while, and yet, he made such a big mistake today…”

Mu Chen nodded. “That’ll teach him a lesson. There are people like him everywhere. If they’re used well, they’ll be an asset. Otherwise, they would only be a burden. I think Direction Lin knows this very well.”

Song Ning frowned. “I don’t like dealing with interpersonal relationships. That’s why I can’t manage the staff in the studio well.”

When the car stopped at the red light, Mu Chen reached out to pat her head again. “Silly, I’m here to help you, right? Just focus on your studies. Based on Professor Li’s words, I can see he admires you a lot.”

Song Ning looked at Mu Chen for approval as she said, “I’m thinking of asking Professor Li to have a look at Grandma when he’s off duty. After all, it might be inconvenient for Grandma to travel to the hospital.”

“I agree. However, it’s better that you speak to him.” Mu Chen looked at Song Ning from the corners of his eyes and smiled.

Song Ning could not help but blush when she felt his gaze on her.

“Based on what I saw earlier, he treats you sincerely and loves you like an elder.”

“Yes…” Song Ning nodded slightly as a trace of sadness flashed in her eyes. “In fact, Professor Li is my grandfather’s apprentice.”

Mu Chen was taken aback. “Your grandfather?”

Song Ning nodded. “I studied medicine because my grandfather told me that I should become a doctor if I can’t get into politics. I can’t become a politician, but I can become a great doctor.”

Mu Chen smiled bitterly. “Ning, your family members are very outstanding, huh? Professor Li is one of the best doctors in the nation. This means your grandfather… I don’t even dare to guess… Moreover, your mother is a master at embroidery. It feels like you’re way out of my league!”

Song Ning smiled and gently hit him. She knew he was trying to cheer her up.

After a moment, Mu Chen asked tentatively, “Then, your father…”

Song Ning’s expression darkened instantly. “He is powerful and influential as well, but we no longer have anything to do with each other. I only had my grandparents and mother. Now that they’re gone, I’m an orphan. I have no family, and I’m on my own.”

Mu Chen instantly refuted her words. “That’s not true! You have me and Grandma!”

Song Ning fell silent. Life was really full of surprises.

Mu Chen smiled and changed the subject. “Grandma is looking more energetic recently. She looks forward to your return from school every day as soon as she sends you off in the morning. My position in the family is really precarious now.”

Song Ning had erected a thick barrier around herself; she was used to protecting herself. However, those who knew her, especially elders like Mu Chen’s grandmother and Professor Li, would be inexplicably fond of her and want to protect her.