Chapter 35

Chapter 35 of 50 chapters

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At the airport.

Ye Xin, who was wearing sunglasses, walked out with her manager, Yang Li, as several assistants carrying her luggage carefully followed them. At this moment, she was emanating an icy aura.

When Yang Li saw the reporters and fans waiting for Ye Xin, he whispered, “Don’t put on such a sour expression. Smile sweetly! It’s not a big deal that you didn’t win. It just means you still have room for improvement.”

“I didn’t even get nominated! Do you think my fans are fools?” Ye Xin coldly retorted.

Yang Li took a deep breath before he said, “You can say you went there to observe and gain experience, and that it was just a baseless rumor that you were nominated. Tell them you still have a lot to learn. Don’t be nervous. You must look cheerful, positive, and magnanimous. You can try to look slightly sad as well so your fans will sympathize with you.”

Ye Xin ignored Yang Li and said to one of the assistants at the back, “Find out the person who spread the rumors immediately!”

“Yes!” the assistant hurriedly replied.

Yang Li sighed. It was truly difficult to work with Ye Xin.

After exiting the gate, Ye Xin immediately put on a dazzling smile. She had prepared her speech so she was confident she would be able to present a gentle and humble image to the masses. However, she felt as though she was going to have a mental breakdown when she heard the first few questions from one of the reporters.

“Ms. Ye, do you know President Mu Chen is married? Did you use him for publicity and to get better resources?”

The reporters shoved their microphones in her face.

Ye Xin who had taken a deep breath, preparing herself to give the reporters an eloquent answer, was shocked when she heard these questions. ‘What? Mu Chen is married? What the hell?’

Ye Xin turned around to look at her assistant immediately.

The assistant hurriedly lowered his head and pretended to brush the dust off the luggage in his hands, avoiding her gaze.

At this moment, a reporter showed his mobile phone to Ye Xin.

A very clear picture of a man and a woman walking toward a Rolls-Royce Phantom on the screen of the mobile phone.

Ye Xin recognized Mu Chen immediately. He was as handsome as ever. When she saw him resting his arm affectionately on the woman’s shoulders, her eyes widened as she instinctively raised her hand and threw the phone away in rage.

A commotion broke out immediately.

Clearly, Ye Xin was furious!

Yang Li could not help but sigh. ‘She’s done for.’

Ye Xin’s face turned pale.

Seeing her anger, a reporter seized the opportunity and asked, “Ms. Ye, what’s your relationship with Mr. Mu?”

Meanwhile, the reporter, whose phone was thrown away by Ye Xin, finally found his phone. He was almost trampled by the crowd while he searched for his phone. At this moment, his back was drenched in cold sweat. Undeterred, he held his mobile phone up again and asked, “Ms. Ye, are you angry? Are you Mr. Mu’s lover? Did Mr. Mu cheat on you when you were abroad?”

“Ms. Ye, didn’t you deny your relationship with Mr. Mu previously? Were you lying at that time?”

“Ms. Ye, what’s your relationship with Mr. Mu?”

Ye Xin bit the inside of her lips so hard that she could taste the faint metallic scent of blood.

Upon seeing the commotion, Yang Li quickly instructed the assistants and bodyguards to separate Ye Xin from the reporters. Then, he quickly said to the reporter to do damage control, “Sorry, sorry. Xin’s hand slipped earlier. We’ll compensate you and buy you a new phone. Thank you for supporting Xin!”

At this moment, the fans who were present began to chant loudly.

“Xin! Xin!”

“Xin! Xin!”

“Xin, we love you!”

“Xin, we support you!”

“Xin, we will definitely help you find the mistress and avenge you!”

“Xin, don’t be afraid. We will always support you!”

Under Yang Li’s protection, Ye Xin walked out of the airport without saying another word. As soon as she entered the car, she removed her sunglasses and shouted at the assistant, “Give me the phone!”

The assistant hurriedly handed her the phone and looked at Yang Li, silently pleading for help.

Yang Li reached out and quickly snatched the phone away from Ye Xin. “Don’t look at it. It has nothing to do with you anyway!”