Chapter 36

Chapter 36 of 50 chapters

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Ye Xin looked up and glared at Yang Li. “You’ve known about this from the beginning, didn’t you?”

Yang Li looked at Ye Xin’s beautiful face that was distorted by anger and sighed helplessly. “Ye Xin, in life, you win some, and you lose some. As a celebrity, it’s best to remain single so you won’t have any scandal. Back then, you used Mu Chen to stir up a scandal because you wanted to create the image of a career woman for yourself. Regardless of how amazing Mu Chen is, there’s no point in you thinking about dating him now. Moreover, your previous reluctant attitude has already negatively impacted your image. What do you think the reporters would write about you now that you threw someone’s mobile phone away?”

Ye Xin shrieked furiously, “I don’t care!”

Yang Li looked at her and solemnly explained, “Ye Xin, you were given the nickname ‘Little Ning Xia’ when you debuted. Do you know how many fans of yours are Ning Xia’s fans? They only became your fans because of Ning Xia. As soon as you make a mistake, it’s not difficult if they want to ruin your entire career. Do you understand?”

A sense of helplessness rose in Yang Li’s heart. It would be great if Ye Xin was Ning Xia.

When Ye Xin finally calmed down, she said to her assistant icily, “Call my brother and tell him to deal with the reporter with the phone. I don’t want to see any negative news about me making the headlines!”

“Yes!” the assistant hurriedly responded and called Ye Xin’s brother, the CEO of the Ye Group.

Finally, Ye Xin turned to look at Yang Li again and asked, “Is there any truth to that news?”

Yang Li was confused for a brief moment before she realized what Ye Xin was asking about. Then, she shook her head and said, “I don’t know. Mu Chen is like a celebrity after we used his name to create a scandal. He received media attention because of you. It’s not surprising that the paparazzi are paying attention to his every move.”

Ye Xin then fell silent. Only she alone knew how terrified she was at this moment.

Previously, Ye Xin had been surprised but ecstatic when Mu Chen’s assistant had called her and told her that Mu Chen wanted to marry her in order to fulfill his grandmother’s wish. It was her wish since she was a child to marry Mu Chen, after all. Apart from that, if her parents and her brother knew about it, they would have been delighted as well. However, at that time, her childhood dream could not compare to her dream to win the Lilly Best Actress Award.

Just as Yang Li had said, she was able to debut as an actress due to some resemblance to the mysterious award-winning actress, Ning Xia. It was also due to this reason that it did not take long for her to shoot to fame after she debuted.

After Ning Xia’s retirement, her fans were looking for the next talented actress, and Ye Xing debuted at the right time. Ning Xia’s fans gave all their love for Ning Xia to her.

Apart from that, Ye Xin’s parents and brother also helped her with her career by giving her multiple endorsement deals.

As her popularity skyrocketed, the size of her fan base grew, she was desperate to get rid of the nickname ‘Little Ning Xia’. She thought she would be able to get rid of the nickname if she proved her worth by winning an award. This was why it was so important for her to win that award.

Among the judges of the Lilly Awards, there were directors who had collaborated with Ning Xia in the past. It was also said that there were two judges who were fans of Ning Xia.

The movie Ye Xin starred in that was submitted to the committee of the Lilly Award was similar to ‘Yi Yao’ that Ning Xiao starred in in the past.

At the start of the Lilly Awards, Ye Xin’s popularity skyrocketed even more. Her popularity was at an unprecedented high.

When Ye Xin’s team made an inquiry through multiple channels, they discovered that she had been shortlisted as a nominee for the Best Actress Award. For this reason, she was determined to maintain her popularity and continue working. It was a critical moment in her career, and she could not afford to make any mistakes.