Chapter 37

Chapter 37 of 50 chapters

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At that time, Ning Xia was pure and gentle despite her cold and aloof exterior. She had a noble bearing and a melancholic air about her. For someone like Ye Xin, her image would be ruined the moment the public found out she was in a relationship, let alone get married.

Therefore, what Ye Xin thought was an ingenious plan to create a scandal not only did not make her popular, but it made many of her fans hate her. After that, she no longer dared to recklessly make a move and relied on her manager and the company instead.

She had climbed to the peak of the entertainment industry by relying on Ning Xia’s popularity. Therefore, to stop people from comparing her to Ning Xia, she had to win the award. After that, if with a few decent movies, she could slowly be herself again.

The path Ye Xin had chosen was filled with obstacles. However, since she had chosen this path herself, she did not have any regrets. Moreover, she was just one step away from her goal. For this reason, she refused when Mu Chen proposed to her.

If she missed the Lilly Awards this time, she would have to wait another three years. As an actor, youth was an asset. Alas, youth would not last. During the three years, many unpredictable things might happen as well. Therefore, she knew that she could not miss that opportunity.

In her opinion, Mu Chen would always be there waiting for her. She was sure he would still be single after three years had passed,

The youth of an artist was limited, and many unpredictable things could happen in these three years, so she couldn’t afford to miss this opportunity.

However, Mu Chen would always be there waiting for her. She was sure that he would still be single after another three years. The only person who could marry Mu Chen was her!

Not only was she outstanding, but the relationship between the two families was good as well. Mu Chen’s beloved grandmother and his father and stepmother whom he hated were very satisfied with her as well. For these reasons, she had no doubt she was the best candidate to marry Mu Chen.

Moreover, even when Mu Chen needed to fake marriage to appease his grandmother, he could only call her for her help. Apart from her, she was certain no other woman would marry him. Since she knew he would not be able to find another woman to marry him, she boldly refused him.

At that time, Ye Xin had planned to fly back immediately after the Lilly Awards to marry him. She had even thought about the explanation she would give to her fans. She planned to tell about her love story with Mu Chen and how they were childhood sweethearts. Those idiotic fans would definitely fall for a tear-jerking love story, after all.

With all these plans, she was confident it was just a matter of time before she would get married to Mu Chen.

Apart from that, she would also successfully step out of Ning Xia’s shadow. It was exhausting having to try to be another person.

Unfortunately, she, her manager, and the company did not expect that she would return empty-handed from the Lilly Awards. Not only did she not win, but she was not even nominated in the first place

Her previous campaigns, interviews, her name trending on Twitter, and her rivals on the red carpet were nothing more than a joke.

After Yang Li painstakingly consoled her, Ye Zin finally memorized her prepared speech and mustered up her courage to the fans who were waiting for her.

She tried to calm down and looked at it in a positive light. It was not a big deal for her to pretend to be like Ning Xia for another three years.

She also looked at it positively. It was no big deal for her to pretend to be Ning Xia for another three years anyway. Moreover, Ning Xia had mysteriously disappeared. No matter how she imitated Ning Xiao, no one would say anything.

However, she did not expect that the questions she had prepared for had been pushed aside for other questions. Moreover, the questions were about Mu Chen’s recent marriage to another woman!

Ye Xin really felt like she was having a mental breakdown. She refused Mu Chen’s proposal for the award, and yet, she lost the award. In the end, she lost both Mu Chen and the award. She had lost everything!

The more she thought about it, the more furious she became. She barked, “Bring me to the Mu residence now!’

The driver lightly stepped on the brakes and glanced at the rearview mirror. The cars following them must belong to the paparazzi.

At this moment, the assistant said timidly, “Ms. Ye, if you go to the Mu residence now, the media will definitely create baseless rumors about you. I’m afraid that the previous news about you will surface again.”