Chapter 38

Chapter 38 of 50 chapters

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An unsightly smile appeared on Ye Xin’s beautiful face. “No, they’ll only make baseless rumors if I don’t go to the Mu residence. I must go to the Mu residence today and stay there for at least an hour before leaving with a smile. Only then will the paparazzi be led into thinking my relationship with Mu Chen is real and disprove the rumor that he’s married!”

Dumbfounded, the assistant muttered, “But then, the image you created previously would be ruined.”

She looked at the assistant sharply as she retorted, “I wasn’t even nominated; my image is long ruined. If I don’t hurry up and do something to catch everyone’s attention, I’ll be done for!”

The young assistant was terrified and no longer dared to speak. He only looked at Ms. Yang.

Yang Li thought about it for a while before she said to Ye Xin, “Ye Xin, it’s not necessarily true that he’s married. The paparazzi only want to get a reaction from you so they’ll be able to write clickbait articles about you. Due to the previous incident, the media are paying close attention to Mr. Mu. When a woman was caught on camera next to him, they simply wrote a groundless article for attention. It’s not necessary for you to get so worked up about this.”

Ye Xin closed her eyes and leaned on the seat before calmly saying, “I’m not fine with that either. Apart from his grandmother, the only woman who’s allowed to be by his side is me!”

The other assistants lowered their heads immediately. Truly, no one could surpass Ms. Ye’s possessiveness and domineering personality.

Yang Li frowned. “Peng is right. If you get caught in a scandal now, it’ll be very bad for your image…”

Ye Xin opened her eyes and said indignantly, “That’s not my image; it’s Ning Xia’s image! If I keep imitating her, I’ll lose my boyfriend. I can’t lose both my boyfriend and my career. Mu Chen is my entire life. Since I didn’t get the award this time, I have to have him now. As for my image, I’ll leave it to you to clean the mess!” After she finished speaking, she closed her eyes indifferently.

After mulling it over for a moment, Yang Li ordered the driver, who was driving slowly,m”Drive us to Four Seasons Cloudy Peak.”

The corners of Ye Xin’s lips lifted into an icy smile. It was best for her to make her own decision at a critical moment like this.

The Four Seasons Cloudy Peak was not a place where anyone could just enter.

When the butler received a notification from the guards at the gate about a visitor, he notified the Old Madam immediately.

At this moment, Jiang Jin had put on her reading glasses before enthusiastically studying Song Ning’s embroidery easel with Yu. When she discovered Song Ning could also embroider, she pestered Song Ning to show her the embroidery despite Song Ning saying her embroidery skill was only mediocre.

Song Ning wanted to make Jiang Jin happy so she gave her a thick booklet filled with patterns hand-painted by Zhuang Yi. Following that, she asked Jiang Jin and Yu to choose a pattern they liked.

Jiang Jin and Yu were both so excited that it took them a few days just to decide on the patterns they liked.

Song Ning embroidered a flower on a piece of white silk and taught Jiang Jin and Yu how to embroider. Their progress was slow since Song Ning was unavailable to teach them all time due to work. Nevertheless, the two elders had a good time learning.

When Jiang Jin heard from the butler that Ms. Ye Xin was at the gates, she took off her reading glasses and asked, “Where are the Young Master and Young Lady?”

The butler replied, “Young Master wants to bring the Young Lady to a newly opened dessert shop in Xicheng to try the cakes, but Young Lady wants to stay at home to make pastry for you instead.”

Jiang Jin nodded. “Tell the Young Lady that I insist she goes to the new dessert shop. She can make the pastry for me when she returns.”

“Understood.” The butler nodded and left.

“Wait!” Jiang Jin stopped him suddenly. “Wait at the entrance. Make sure Young Master’s car has left the gates before you let Ms. Ye in.”

The butler hesitated before he said, “Since Ms. Ye is here, I’m sure the reporters are here as well… If we let Ms. Ye in…” He trailed off.

Jiang Jin glared at him and said, “That’s why I’m asking you to wait for the Young Master’s car to leave before you invite Ms. Ye in. I’m trying to show the reporters that Ms. Ye came to see, and her visit has nothing to do with my Mu Chen!”

“Oh, alright!” Following that, the butler left in a hurry.

At this moment, Yu could not help but ask, “Old Madam, what are you trying to do?”

Jiang Jin lifted up the embroidery easel and took a photo. “The award ceremony should be over. Since Ms. Ye returned empty-handed, she must have finally remembered my grandson. I’m going to teach her that things won’t always work out the way she intends them to.”

Yu was puzzled. “The Young Master is already married to the Young Lady. Why bother letting Ms. Ye in? The Ye family spoils her rotten; even her family can’t control her. Why should we do this? The Young Lady has said that you can’t get overemotional!”