Chapter 4

Chapter 4 of 50 chapters

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Jiang Jin was slightly stunned. She did not expect Song Ning would be able to remain calm after listening to her words. Whether or not his grandson truly married this girl, there was no doubt the girl was mature and wise. After listening to the girl’s soft and gentle voice, she could not bear to refuse her.

Upon seeing this, Mu Chen’s eyes flashed briefly.

Meanwhile, Yu’s expression turned friendly when she looked at Song Ning again.

Jiang Jin stared at her grandson, but she directed her words to Song Ning after she sighed. “I’m old now so my health is failing me. My illness can’t be cured.”

Song Ning smiled and gently patted Jiang Jin’s hand as she said reassuringly, “Grandma, just leave your treatment to the doctors. All you need to care about is whether Mu Chen really married me and if we’re happy. You love him the most, right? How can you feel at ease if you don’t find out for yourself if I’m good enough for him?”

Jiang Jin instinctively nodded in agreement. However, when she realized she was openly doubting Song Ning, she felt slightly embarrassed.

Meanwhile, Song Ning picked up the bird’s nest porridge on the bedside table and tested its temperature against her hand before she scooped a spoonful of the porridge and sent it to Jiang Jin’s lips. “You must eat well so the doctors can treat you. You can only test us when you’re healthy and well.”

With these words ringing in her ears, Jiang Jin instinctively opened her mouth and allowed Song Ning to feed her.

Upon seeing this, Mu Chen’s tense shoulders seemed eased up.

Song Ning’s words and personality were like a tranquilizer that could calm Jiang Jin.

When Cheng Che, who was waiting anxiously at the door, saw Mu Chen coming out, he asked hastily, “How is it? How is it? Did your Grandma expose you?”

Mu Chen glared at Cheng Che who then hurriedly covered his mouth before he asked again in a hushed tone, “Why did you come out of the room then?”

Mu Chen glanced at the closed door and replied, “Song Ning is going to perform acupuncture for Grandma.”

Cheng Che widened his eyes in shock. “Your Grandma agreed to it?”

Mu Chen nodded as he walked away.

“Then, is your Grandma still on a hunger strike?”

The expression on Mu Chen’s face softened as he replied in a gentle voice, “She fed Grandma a bowl of bird’s nest porridge.”

Dumbfounded, Cheng Che cried out, “Really?!”

“Mm.” The corners of Mu Chen’s lips lifted slightly, but Cheng Che who was walking behind him failed to notice it.

“Ah! This is great! Chen, you’re such a lucky man! The woman you randomly married saved our asses!” Cheng Che exclaimed in delight.

Mu Chen stopped in his tracks suddenly and turned to stare at Cheng Che. “Shut up! Random woman? If you spout nonsense again, I’ll skin you alive!”

Cheng Che, who almost bumped into Mu Chen when Mu Chen abruptly stopped moving, hastily said, “No! No! I take that back! Song Ning is like my sister-in-law, not some random woman! She’s our savior!”

With that, Mu Chen was finally satisfied. He turned around and made his way downstairs.

Cheng Che hurried after him. “Chen! Where are you going?”

“The kitchen,” Mu Chen replied without looking back.

‘K-Kitchen?’ Cheng Che was so surprised he almost tripped and fell.

Initially, Mu Chen assumed Song Ning was going to instruct the servants on what to cook when she said she was going to cook for his grandmother. However, to his surprise, she was actually cooking without the servants’ help.

She asked the maid about his grandmother’s preference in detail before she checked the vegetables, seasonings, and meat that Mu Chen had asked the servants to send over before she started cooking. There was so much fish, meat, eggs, milk, and vegetables that it seemed like Mu Chen had bought out the entire fresh food department in the supermarket.

Being an organized person, Song Ning then instructed the servants to put the things according to categories.

She looked elegant as she moved in the kitchen skillfully and smoothly.

Meanwhile, Mu Chen sat on a chair in the kitchen and looked at Song Ning curiously. He had never seen such a scene before. For some reason, there was an inexplicable warm feeling in his heart, and he suddenly did not feel like getting up.

Feeling his gaze on her, Song Ning turned back without stopping her hand movement as she said, “I’ll stew the porridge and soup first. After that, let’s have a chat.”

“Alright.” Mu Chen nodded.

After Song Ning was done, she sat across from Mu Chen.

The servants tactfully and silently retreated.

Song Ning said without beating around the bush, “Grandma told me earlier that there’s nothing wrong with her health. She said she colluded with the doctors to fool you into thinking she’s seriously ill so she could scare you. However, I felt her pulse earlier and discovered that she’s really ill. In fact, it’s highly likely that she has an early-stage tumor in her body. I don’t know if the doctors had said anything to you about this matter…”

Mu Chen exclaimed in surprise, “Y-You diagnosed Grandma?”