Chapter 40

Chapter 40 of 50 chapters

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Song Ning asked Mu Chen, “Is their cake really that delicious?”

Mu Chen said as he drove, “We won’t know until we try it. Cheng Che said that I can send him to a God-forsaken place for a business trip if it doesn’t taste good.”

Song Ning giggled. “Why are you so shameless and childish?”

Mu Chen glanced at her. “I hope you’ll remember what you just said. I’ll show you what true shamelessness is.”

Song Ning smiled and looked out the window, not bothered by his threats at all. All of a sudden, she turned around and asked, “Why are there so many paparazzi outside?”

Mu Chen, who had already long noticed their presence, calmly replied, “I don’t know. Perhaps, there’s a celebrity around.”

Song Ning instinctively turned around and hid her face. “Is it possible that they’re here to take pictures of you? Didn’t you say you used to have an affair with a celebrity before?”

Song Ning did not have a habit of reading entertainment news, and Mu Chen thought it was a good thing. He reached and patted her head as he said, “Well, I’m having an affair with you now.”

Song Ning pushed his hand away, still turning her face away from the window. “I’m not a star anymore. I can’t even compare to those lesser-known stars.”

Mu Chen held her hand gently and replied, “Don’t strain your neck. Don’t worry, they won’t be able to take pictures of you. The windows are tinted dark.”

Nevertheless, Song Ning was still skeptical.

Upon seeing the doubts written on her face, he said again, “It’s true.”

Finally, she heaved a sigh of relief and straightened her back.

Amused, Mu Chen chuckled as he said teasingly, “You must have been used to this kind of thing when you were popular, right?”

Song Ning did not respond to his words,

Upon seeing her reaction, he turned to look at her and asked, “You don’t seem happy whenever I speak about your past.”

Song Ning said softly, “It’s not that. It’s just that many things in my past are connected. When I think of one matter, I will inadvertently think of another matter. All these things happened so long ago so I don’t really want to talk about it. Moreover, I don’t want to be in the spotlight again.”

His grip tightened around her hand as she asked, “The paparazzi are here because of you, right? Is it because you had a dating scandal with a celebrity before so they’re trying to find out if you’re with that celebrity? Or are they here to find out who your new lover is?”

Mu Chen felt a little helpless when he heard her questions. Song Ning was taciturn and calm, but underneath that exterior lay an extremely smart woman. Moreover, she was once in the entertainment industry. Therefore, it was not difficult for her to figure out what was going on.

“Answer me.” Song Ning shook his hand, urging him to answer her.

He nodded before he explained, “The thing is I have nothing to do with that celebrity. I was tricked by her. She wanted to stir up a scandal, but she did not want to associate with the male stars in the industry. Therefore, she decided to use me. After that, her family came to apologize to me. In the end, I removed my name that was trending on social media. Nevertheless, the internet never forgets. Therefore, this incident has left a stain on my name.” In fact, he was rather annoyed by this matter.

Song Ning glanced out the car window as she asked, “Did they follow us when we left? Can we still go to that shop for cakes?” Her main concern now was whether she would be able to eat the cake today.

Mu Chen could not help but smile when he saw that all she cared about were the cakes. He said softly, “Let them follow us if that’s what they want. I don’t want to ruin our trip to the dessert shop today.”

Song Ning sighed. “It seems like the paparazzi are more interested in you than the celebrities. Why don’t you drop me off first and park your car at the corner? I’ll buy the cakes while you drive around to divert the paparazzi.”

Upon hearing these words, Mu Chen asked in a slightly sulky tone, “Why?”

Song Ning bluntly said, “Since you’re the cause of the trouble, you naturally have to clean  up the mess. Don’t let your issues affect me and Grandma.”

Mu Chen laughed. “You and Grandma truly have similar thoughts.”

Song Ning did not understand his words.

Meanwhile, Mu Chen recalled seeing Ye Xin getting into Mr. Jiang’s car at the entrance. He thought to himself, ‘Forget it. There’s no need to tell Song Ning about it.’

He knew his grandmother was creating an opportunity for him and helping him with his marriage. He could not let his grandmother’s effort go to waste. It was already difficult for him to make Song Ning fall in love with him. Even if she fell in love with him, he probably would know.

Mu Chen smiled. ‘Then, why don’t I…’