Chapter 41 - Tricks

Chapter 41 of 50 chapters

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As soon as Ye Xin saw Jiang Jin, she ran over with her arms open as she said affectionately, “Grandma, I’ve missed you so much!”

Jiang Jin smiled as she stepped back nimbly and sat on the sofa. Then, she said, “Look at this girl! You’re just like a child. An old lady like me can’t handle such passionate enthusiasm!”

Then, Ye Xin took a seat next to Jiang Jin and said with a giggle, “Grandma, I miss you so much. Although I was exhausted after traveling, I didn’t return home after I got off the plane. Instead, I came straight to you. Grandma, I’m a good child, right?”

Jiang Jin smiled and patted Ye Xin’s hand. “What a good girl! You came at just the right time. I was about to go shopping with Yu. Let’s go together!”

Ye Xin hesitated when she heard Jiang Jin’s words.

Yu said with a chuckle, “Old Madam, you’ve forgotten Miss Ye is now a star. How can she go shopping with you? We’ll be swamped by her fans in the mall!”

As though realization just dawned on her, Jiang Jin exclaimed, “Ah, look at me, I’m so forgetful! Ye Xin’s a star now so she can’t go shopping with an old woman like me.”

Ye Xin made her mind and said decisively, “Grandma, it’s fine. What do you want to buy? I’ll go with you.”

Jiang Jin said in disbelief, “Really?”

Ye Xin nodded. “Of course. What’s more important than making you happy?”

Satisfied with her answer, Jiang Jin said to Yu, “See? Ye Xin is a good and sensible girl. She’s just the same as before even though she’s famous now.”

Yu smiled in agreement.

Soon after, the trio left the house.

When the car was at the gate, they saw many paparazzi already waiting there.

Jiang Jin said with a sigh, “Oh, Ye Xin is really famous indeed. Look at the dozens of people waiting for her.”

A proud smile appeared on Ye Xin’s face immediately upon hearing these words.

The driver drove slowly.

Some bold paparazzi saw this as an opportunity and jumped in front of the car.

The driver hurriedly stepped on the brake and said in a panic, “Old Madam…”

“You didn’t hit anyone, did you?” Jiang Jin hurriedly asked.

The driver quickly reassured Jiang Jin. “No no, it’s nothing like that.”

“That’s good.” Jiang Jin sighed in relief.

At this time, a paparazzi boldly approached the side of the car and began to take pictures as he yelled, “Miss Ye, Miss Ye, can you give us a comment?”

Ye Xin’s expression soured. She turned her head away from the window, not wanting to look at the paparazzi.

Jiang Jin patted Ye Xin’s tightly clenched hand and consoled Ye Xin in a soft voice, “Silly girl, if you want to wear a crown, you must bear its weight. You’re famous now. You must face the paparazzi directly. Speak to them frankly and elegantly. With that, more people will come to like you.”

A frown appeared on Ye Xin’s face. With an annoyed expression on her face, she explained, “Grandma, they’re really irritating. They only want to ask about my private life!”

The truth was Ye Xin had come to see Mu Chen. As long as she was photographed with Mu Chen today, those rumors of his marriage would surely vanish overnight. How could another woman apart from her marry Mu Chen? However, she had been forced to go shopping with Jiang Jin with just a few words from Jiang Jin. She did not even have time to ask about Mu Chen’s whereabouts before she was guilt-tripped into playing the role of a filial granddaughter.

Since Ye Xin could no longer get out of shopping with Jiang Jin, she thought it would be fine even if she was photographed with Jiang Jin. It would indirectly confirm her relationship with Mu Chen if she was photographed with his grandmother, after all. However, she did not expect the driver would be so idiotic and stop the car in front of the paparazzi. How could she face the paparazzi when her manager and assistant were not with her?

Ye Xin could only grit her teeth to control her temper. Jiang Jin did not understand anything at all!

At this moment, Jiang Jin patted Ye Xin’s hand and said, “It’s fine. I’ll help you out.”

Before Ye Xin could react, Jiang Jin motioned to the driver to unlock the car. Then, she alighted the car swiftly.

“Grandma!” Ye Xin exclaimed. However, it was too late.

With this, the paparazzi swarmed around Jiang Jin and began throwing questions at her one after another.

“Mrs. Mu!”

“Hello, Mrs. Mu!”

“Mrs. Mu, is Miss Ye your granddaughter-in-law?”

“Mrs. Mu, are you satisfied with Miss Ye as your granddaughter-in-law?”

“Mrs. Mu, have Mr. Mu and Miss Ye registered their marriage?”

“Mrs. Mu, when will the wedding banquet be held? Where will it be held?”

Ye Xin clenched her hands tightly. She was hesitating, wondering if she should get out of the car as well. If she did, it would be like confirming her relationship with Mu Chen. The image she had established for herself would collapse, and her endorsement deals might even be terminated. Naturally, she did not care if she had to pay a huge compensation for the termination of the contracts. However, she cared very much about her fans, if they would turn against her, and if her popularity would decline.

Just like her lukewarm scandal back then, Ye Xin was in trouble again because of her impulsive behavior.