Chapter 42 - : Making Things Public

Chapter 42 of 50 chapters

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Jiang Jin raised her hand, gesturing to the paparazzi to quiet down. Her intimidating aura was enough to make the paparazzi fall silent.

When it was finally quiet, Jiang Jin smiled and said, “If you have questions, ask them one by one. You will scare Miss Ye by bombarding her with questions in such a manner.”

A paparazzi asked tentatively, “Mrs. Mu, w-where are you going with Miss Ye?”

Jiang Jin answered patiently, “We’re going to go shopping and have a meal together. I didn’t expect to meet all of you as soon as we left the house.”

Upon seeing Jiang Jin’s amicable attitude, the paparazzi relaxed.

Soon enough, one of them asked, “Mrs. Mu, will we be receiving good news about Miss Ye and Mr. Mu soon?” Seeing Jiang Jin’s friendly attitude, the paparazzi also relaxed.

Jiang Jin raised her eyebrows and asked in confusion, “Good news? What are you talking about?”

To the paparazzi, it seemed like Jiang Jin was trying to evade the question. Therefore, one of them bluntly said, “I’m talking about the marriage between Miss Ye and Mr. Mu!”

Upon hearing these words, Jiang Jin smiled and waved her hand dismissively. “Huh?! Everyone, please stop spreading such baseless rumors. Mu Chen watched Ye Xin grow up; he treats her like a sister. What do you mean by marriage? Please stop spreading such nonsense!”

Upon hearing these words, Ye Xin, who was sitting in the car, sighed in relief. Indeed. She was not ready to confirm her relationship with Mu Chen. She planned to make things public when she could use it to boost her career. Moreover, at that time, she would be able to use the public’s pressure to force Mu Chen to marry her. She understood Mu Chen very well. Although she did not think Mu Chen would marry another person apart from her, she knew he was stubborn and had a hot temper. She had to use external force to make him submit to her wish.

Ye Xin knew this was not the right time to confirm anything to prevent things from backfiring on her. She could not simply make a statement at this moment. It was better for Jiang Jin to speak. Apart from that, Jiang Jin’s words also showed how much Jiang Jin loved her. With this, when this matter developed further in the future, the paparazzi and netizens would not be able to use Jiang Jin’s words to mock her. This was simply perfect!

At this moment, a paparazzi asked, “Then, why didn’t Mr. Mu come forward to clarify previously when both of them had a dating scandal?

“Clarify? What does he need to clarify? Mu Chen and Miss Ye are just friends. Why should he prove his innocence? My grandson is stubborn; he wouldn’t concern himself with such nonsense.” Jiang Jin was clearly filled with pride when she spoke about Mu Chen.

“Mrs. Mu, I heard that President Mu has a girlfriend. Is that true?” someone asked.

Jiang Jin shook her head and sighed again. “Don’t listen to these baseless rumors. You shouldn’t report such nonsense.”

“Someone photographed Mr. Mu with a female doctor. Isn’t she his girlfriend?”

Jiang Jin laughed before she replied, “A female doctor? That’s not his girlfriend, that’s his wife!”


With a smile on her face, Jiang Jin revealed this explosive news!

Not only was the paparazzi present on the scene stunned by this revelation, but even Ye Xin, who was still in the car, was stunned.

One of the paparazzi reacted quickly. As soon as he regained his senses, he quickly asked, “W-Wife? Mr. Mu is married?”

Jiang Jin nodded. A joyful smile appeared on her face as she said, “Yes. I read the articles written by some of you a few days ago. What’s that nonsense? My grandson isn’t seeing anyone else apart from my granddaughter-in-law. He’s a loyal man. He even said the only way for them to be separated is if one of them passes away…”

The paparazzi, still shocked by this explosive revelation, suddenly did not know what to ask next.

After a moment, someone finally asked, “So, Mr. Mu and Miss Ye are not lovers?”

“Of course. Mu Chen has always treated Ye Xin like a sister. I watched my grandson and Miss Ye grow up. If those two really have feelings for each other, they would’ve been together a long time ago. Why would they wait so many years?”

The paparazzi felt that Jiang Jin had a point. It seemed like those rumors were just a publicity stunt by Miss Ye’s agency.

“Mrs. Mu, Mrs. Mu, please tell us about President Mu and his wife. When will they hold a wedding banquet? Is his wife really a doctor?”

Jiang Jin smiled and said with a sigh. “I can’t answer this question. My granddaughter-in-law is pursuing her Ph.D., and she has yet to graduate. I think they’ll only hold a wedding banquet after she graduates… Mu Chen is madly in love with her so he decided to register their marriage first. He’s afraid she would run away from him.” After she finished speaking, she laughed happily.

Everyone followed suit and laughed as well. They could not help but wonder what kind of woman Mu Chen’s wife was. To be able to marry a man like Mu Chen and have a grandmother-in-law like Jiang Jin defending her, she was definitely blessed by the heavens. Nevertheless, no matter who that woman was, it was definitely not Ye Xin, the popular actress, who had yet to show her face until now.