Chapter 43 - : A Clear Clarification

Chapter 43 of 50 chapters

When the security guards of the Four Seasons Cloudy Peak saw Jiang Jin’s car had been stopped by the paparazzi, one of them came over to have a look and persuaded the paparazzi to leave.

Meanwhile, after Jiang Jin entered the car, she patted Ye Xin’s hand and said, “Ye Xin, look, isn’t it simple? The paparazzi are only hounding you because it’s the nature of their job. As long as you tell them what they want to know, they will, naturally, stop pestering you. How great is it? I’ve already clearly clarified the matter to them so they won’t write nonsensical articles about you and Mu Chen in the future. I know popular stars like you don’t like being involved in scandals so I clarified the matter for you to save you trouble!”

It seemed as though Jiang Jin was kindly giving Ye Xin advice about how to deal with the paparazzi.

However, Ye Xin felt her heart turn cold at this moment.

Seeing Ye Xin’s lack of response, Jiang Jin patted Ye Xin’s hand again and asked, “Don’t you think so, Ye Xin?”

With these words, Ye Xin finally regained her senses. She felt as though she had exhausted all her strength as she composed herself and asked, “Grandma, did you say Mu Chen is married?”

Jiang Jin nodded enthusiastically. She said with barely concealed joy, “That’s right! Mu Chen has always been a sensible and filial grandson. He told me was going to give me a surprise. Let me tell you, Ye Xin, I was so happy that even my health improved by leaps and bounds. Otherwise, I wouldn’t even have the energy to invite you out shopping today. If you see anything you like later, tell me. I’ll buy it for you!”

Apart from the words ‘That’s right’, Ye Xin filtered out the rest of Jiang Jin’s words. “When did Mu Chen get married?”

Jiang Jin thought about it for a moment, trying to recall the exact date, before she said, “Just last Monday.”

‘Last Monday? Isn’t that the day Mu Chen asked Chen Che to call me?’ With this thought in mind, Ye Xin came to the conclusion that Mu Chen had only gotten married as a pretense. Now that she had calmed down, she decided she would not tell the joyful Jiang Jin in front of her the truth. Jiang Jin was Mu Chen’s grandmother after all. When she married Mu Chen in the future, she would still need to rely on Jiang Jin. Everyone knew only Jiang Jin was able to subdue a stubborn man like Mu Chen. Thus, she needed to flatter and win over Jiang Jin’s heart. If she carefully nurtured her relationship with Jiang Jin, it would definitely be her trump card in the future.

At this moment, as though she had just realized something was amiss with Ye Xin, Jiang Jin asked, “Ye Xin, why are your hands so cold?”

Ye Xin calmed herself down and forced a smile on her face. “Grandma, I feel a little unwell. Perhaps, it’s due to jet lag.”

Jiang Jin asked, “What’s wrong? Do you want to go to the hospital?”

Ye Xin shook her head. “There’s no need for that, Grandma. If it’s okay, can you send me home to rest? I’ll accompany you to go shopping another day.”

Jiang Jin hurriedly nodded. “Shopping isn’t important; your health is more important.” Then, she looked at the driver and said, “Wang, please send Miss Ye home.”

As soon as Ye Xin returned to her house, she shut herself in her room and tried to recall everything that happened.

That day, Cheng Che called her and made it clear that Mu Chen wanted to marry her as a pretense just to comfort his grandmother. He had made it clear that they would get a divorce once his grandmother’s health improved. He was willing to give her half of his wealth after their divorce.

She had refused him at that time. Although it was just a pretense, they still had to legally register their marriage. At that time, she could not get married since she was still waiting for the results of the award.

She had acted carefully all this time. She had even convinced her brother to make her dark past vanish, which cost her brother a lot of money. She needed everything to be perfect.

At that time, she had planned to marry Mu Chen after she won the award. Then, she would make their marriage public at the right time. If it was timed carefully, she would definitely become an A-list star. Therefore, she decided to wait for a few months. Jiang Jin had been ill for such a long time; it should not matter if Jiang Jin had to wait a little longer. When the time came, she would ask her sister for help, and everything would be resolved.

Alas, contrary to her expectations, Cheng Che did not call her again. At that time, she was worried Mu Chen would personally call her and beg her to marry him. If that happened, she really did not know what she would do. After all, Mu Chen had never asked anyone for help in his entire life, and she could bear to reject him at all if he had personally asked her for help. Therefore, she was rather happy she did not receive any calls from Mu Chen at that time. She only managed to relax after two days.

Ye Xin had been very certain that Mu Chen was waiting for her. After all, apart from her, who would want a business marriage? Moreover, he had always been picky in regard to women. Even if he was desperate to get married for his grandmother’s sake, he would not randomly select a woman to marry. Apart from that, his grandmother was smart; an ordinary woman would not be able to fool her.

Nevertheless, despite her certainty and confidence, she still felt anxious. At that time, she could not wait to receive the award and return home. To her dismay, not only did she not win the award, but as soon as she returned home, she received news that Mu Chen had already gotten married!

She knew she had made a big mistake and lost a great opportunity. With this thought in mind, she screamed and swept everything on the dressing table in front of her to the ground.