Chapter 44 - Ye Xin’s Mother

Chapter 44 of 50 chapters

“Xin? Xin! What’s wrong?” Ye Xin’s mother, Gao Wen, pushed Ye Xin’s room door open and hugged her clearly furious daughter. Clearly distressed, she asked anxiously, “Who upset you, Xin? Don’t cry. Why don’t you tell mother what happened? Who bullied you?”

The Ye family had more male descendants and fewer female descendants this generation. Therefore, Ye Xin was spoiled and treated like a princess by the entire Ye family. The Ye family did not think their actions of over-indulging Ye Xin were inappropriate. After all, in their opinions, girls should be doted on and spoiled. Moreover, they felt a woman would only be respected by her in-laws if her in-laws could see how much they spoiled and loved her. This would not only prevent Ye Xin from being bullied but also strengthen her relationship with her in-laws.

Moreover, Ye Xing had always been beautiful since she was a child. Among the young misses in the wealth circle of M City, she could be considered as one of the most beautiful.

Ye Xin was ambitious, capable, and strove to be the best in everything. She was the pride of the Ye family. Therefore, when she first declared she was going to join the entertainment circle, her family did not object to it strongly even though her father and brother were quite disapproving of it.

In any case, the Ye family knew with their family’s status, Ye Xin would not be bullied in the entertainment industry. If she became famous, her status would be further elevated. Even if she was not successful, what little fame she gained would still benefit her. Moreover, they knew of Ye Xin’s intention of marrying into the Mu family. Since Mu Chen’s mother had dabbled in the entertainment industry when she was alive, Mu Chen had invested heavily in the entertainment industry. Therefore, they thought she had everything to gain when she entered the entertainment industry.

As expected, Ye Xin’s journey in the entertainment industry had been smooth-sailing. Moreover, due to her slight similarity to Ning Xia, the award-winning actress, her rise to fame was meteoric.

Ning Xia and Liang Zhen had a connection. Therefore, when Ye Xin’s elder brother, Ye Cheng, found out about this, he had smiled and told his parents that he did not expect his seemingly spoiled younger sister would be able to come up with such a scheme. It seemed like she was all grown up.

Ye Cheng was the mainstay of the new generation in the Ye family. Since he was young, he had been classmates with Mu Chen. Therefore, upon hearing him praising his younger sister, his parents felt even more confident about their daughter.

Apart from that, since Ye Xin was from a wealthy family, she had always been generous with the people in the entertainment industry so she was rather popular in the industry.

For all these reasons, Gao Wen was at a loss when she saw her daughter so furious. She had not seen her daughter in such a state for a long time now.

Ye Xin pushed her mother away before she fell to the ground, sobbing.

Gao Wen ordered the servants anxiously, “Quick! Call Yang Li and Peng to see what’s going on!” Then, she returned her attention to Ye Xin and continued to ask, “What’s wrong? Who made you so upset, Xin?”

When Yang Li and Peng finally arrived, Gao Wen had just put her daughter to bed. She looked at Yang Li with a frown on her face and asked, “Yang Li, what happened to Xin? Why is she so upset?”

Yang Li could be considered an experienced manager. In the entertainment industry, everyone respectfully addressed her as Ms. Yang. However, in front of Gao Wen, she was a nobody. She hurriedly replied, “Madam, she’s upset she didn’t win the Lilly Award. Moreover, she wasn’t even nominated…”

Gao Wen raised an eyebrow and asked, “What happened? Didn’t you confirm the result before traveling abroad?”

Yang Li nodded. ‘We did. The netizens and the VIPs were all very supportive of Xin so we were confident about her victory. Moreover, our company also received internal news that Xin had a high chance of winning the Best Actress Award. Apart from that, several famous brands came forward to request endorsement deals with her. The famous brands are usually very well-connected. Upon seeing them requesting Xin to endorse them, we were further convinced the news was true.”

Up until now, Yang Li still had not figured out how they managed to make such a big mistake. She had been managing celebrities for many years now, and this was the first time she had been so thoroughly tricked into committing such a huge mistake.

Gao Wen nodded. “Investigate this matter; find out who’s behind it. Is it possible that it’s one of her rivals?”

Yang Li hurriedly replied, “I’ve already investigated this matter, but I didn’t find a single clue.”

Gao Wen looked at Yang Li contemptuously before she turned to look at the housekeeper standing next to her and said, “Tell the Young Master to look into this matter.”

The housekeeper did not dally and prepared to look for Ye Cheng.

However, before the housekeeper could leave, Gao Wen stopped her and turned to Yang Li before she asked, “Is there anything else you didn’t tell me? Is this all there is to it?”

Gao Wen knew if this was all there was to the matter, Ye Xin would have called her brother before she even returned home. Moreover, her son should have heard about this matter a long time ago as well. After all, their family’s Ye Xin was so much more famous compared to the other wannabes.

Upon hearing Gao Wen’s question, Yang Li felt chills running up her spine. After a beat, she replied, “Madam, when we were at the airport, we heard from the paparazzi that Mu Chen is married. After that, Xin left and went to the Mu family’s residence…”

Gao Wen straightened her back as soon as she heard Yang Li’s reply. “What? Mu Chen’s married?”

Yang Li nodded.

Gao Wen laughed. “What a joke! Where did the rumor come from? How could our family not know if Mu Chen had gotten married?”

Yang Li remained silent. She had been waiting in the van outside of the Mu residence earlier so she and the other staff had clearly heard Jiang Jin’s words.

After mulling over the matter for a moment, Yang Lin decided to tell the truth. “The day before we went abroad, Xin received a call from Mu Chen’s assistant. He asked Xin to pretend to marry him to make his grandmother happy. Although there would be no feelings involved, they would have to legally register their marriage.”

Gao Wen interjected, “Xin refused?”

Yang Li nodded.

Gao Wen smiled. “Xin did the right thing.”