Chapter 45 - : The Game Theory

Chapter 45 of 50 chapters

“How can Xin possibly agree to a sham of a marriage? If he wants to marry her, he has to properly ask for her hand in marriage. It’s necessary for the Mu family to show their sincerity, after all,” Gao Wen said as she lifted her chin arrogantly.

“I understand,” Yang Li replied, “However, when a paparazzi asked Xin about this matter at the airport, she got angry and threw the paparazzi’s phone away.”

“Oh? Did you take care of that matter?” Gao Wen was not surprised. She was well aware of her daughter’s temper after all.

Yang Li nodded. “Don’t worry, Madam. I’ve already taken care of it.” Then, she hesitated for a while before she said, “After that, Xin went to the Mu residence. We didn’t follow her in. When Xin and Mrs. Mu were driven out in Mrs. Mu’s car, they were stopped by the paparazzi at the gates. At that time, Mrs. Mu announced to the paparazzi that Mu Chen has already gotten married. I’m guessing this is the reason why Xin is so upset.”

Gao Wen chuckled as she said, “What a silly girl! What’s there to be upset about? It’s obviously just a marriage of convenience! A fake marriage! The Old Madam of the Mu family was so desperate for a granddaughter-in-law that she’s fooled by Mu Chen’s petty tricks. How embarrassing! Her words will certainly come back and bite her in the future…”

Following that, Gao Wen waved her hand dismissively at Yang Li as she said, “Okay, I get it now. You may leave. Xin has been quite tired these days so we should let her rest for a few days. I’ll leave it to you to make the necessary arrangements. If you need someone to write a statement on her behalf, contact Ye Cheng’s secretary to make arrangements. It’s not a big deal if she didn’t win that award. We can always boost her popularity in other ways.”

“Yes,” Yang Li replied before she left the Ye residence with Peng, Ye Xin’s assistant.

After they left, Peng said in a low voice, “Ms. Yang, Miss Ye Xin’s mother is really terrifying. Every time I stand in front of her, I get goosebumps all over.”

Yang Li only smiled as she looked at Peng’s innocent face. This assistant was a little too cowardly.

After a while, Yang Li wondered if she would ever have the luck to meet Ning Xia. If she could be Ning Xia’s manager, she would sincerely thank the heavens. How could Ye Xin, the ‘Little Ning Xia’. how a candle to the original?

Yang Li sighed inwardly. The longer she worked with Ye Xin, the more she could see that Ye Xin was not like Ning Xia at all. Perhaps, Ye Xin slightly resembled Ning Xia when she debuted. However, after two years, this was no longer the case. Moreover, what was the use even if Ye Xin resembled Ning Xia when there was such a huge disparity between their personalities?

Yang Li could not imagine how disappointed the fans would be if they ever found out ‘Little Ning Xia’ was such a person.

Yang Li closed her eyes as she recalled the time when Ning Xia announced her retirement. Needless to say, Ning Xia’s fans were devastated. With the debut of Ye Xin, the ‘Little Ning Xia’, many of Ning Xia’s fans placed their hopes in Ye Xin. Unfortunately, Ye Xin could not live up to their high hopes. It would have been fine if Ye Xin was truly deserving of the hopes they had placed on her. However, Ye Xin did not even have a proper foundation, let alone talent and abilities.

Yang Li shook her head. She no longer dared to think about the matter.

At this time, the housekeeper informed Gao Wen that she had a phone call.

“Ye Cheng, I finally managed to calm your sister down. You have to quickly find out what’s going on!”

Ye Cheng said in a relaxed tone, “Mom, Mu Chen wouldn’t marry a Plain Jane. He’s incredibly picky. Previously, you didn’t listen when I objected to using him for publicity. Although that kid didn’t speak out, I knew he was planning something. How about this? I’ll invite him over to our house for dinner one of these days. At that time, we’ll get Xin to apologize to him and resolve this matter once and for all. If Xin wants to marry him, she should stop being so stubborn and stop playing hard to get. Mu Chen isn’t like those little boys who’ve chased after since she was a child. Doesn’t Xin love his aloofness? Then, she should stop trying to use all these tricks on him. That way, she’ll be able to marry him, and we’ll finally feel at ease.”

Upon hearing her son’s words, Gao Wen raised her voice and said sharply, “Why are you taking his side? Xin is your sister!”

“Mom, can you please calm down? I’m, naturally, on Xin’s side. Xin likes Mu Chen and wants to marry him so we must think of a way to pair them up, right? If Xin doesn’t like him, then there’s no need for us to be courteous to him. We could’ve settled the matter with a fight.” Ye Cheng said with a hint of mirth in his tone.

“Can you be serious for once?! I don’t care if it’s a marriage of convenience or what, you have to find out the identity of the woman Mu Chen married. No other woman’s allowed to marry the man Xin loves!” Gao Wen demanded before she hung up.

Following that, she turned around and ordered a servant, “Boil some soup for the Young Lady, and bring it to her when she wakes up!”