Chapter 46 - Family

Chapter 46 of 50 chapters

Song Ning was unaware of what had happened earlier in the day. At this moment, she was happily presenting all kinds of cakes to Jiang Jin. “Grandma, that shop has some really tasty cakes. I picked a few of them and brought them back for you. However, you have to promise me that you will only eat two bites from each cake at most. They’re high in sugar and fats so they’re not good for your health.”

Jiang Jin was overjoyed and promised Song Ning without any hesitation. “Okay, okay. I promise. I promise. Let’s have a taste. If we can’t finish them, we can give them to Mu Chen.”

Mu Chen frowned. “Grandma, am I a trash can?”

Jiang Jin ignored him and began to eat the cakes with Song Ning. She was as happy as a child at this moment.

Amused, Song Ning gently nudged Jiang Jin before she said, “Grandma, Mu Chen seems jealous.”

Jiang Jin rolled her eyes at her grandson before she said to Song Ning, “Don’t pay any attention to him. Let me tell you this; you can’t be too nice to a man. Otherwise, they’d start acting up. I’ll teach you a few techniques to control your man and how to make him listen to you obediently.”

Mu Chen, who was sitting next to them, sighed. “Grandma, I’m your grandson! Song Ning is just your granddaughter-in-law. How can you take her side? You should be teaching me how to control my wife and how to make her obedient!”

Jiang Jin took a bite of the strawberry-flavored cake. She closed her eyes in delight as she tasted the cake. When she was done, she said solemnly, “My granddaughter-in-law is very obedient, but I can’t say the same about you. I have to keep a close eye on you so that you won’t bully Ning. If you mistreat her, I’ll beat you up like when you’re a child! Don’t think I won’t do it!”

Mu Chen nodded helplessly. “Okay, I know, Old Madam!”

Song Ning felt a warm feeling rising in her heart as she looked at the grandmother and grandson duo. After a moment, she asked curiously, “Did Grandma really beat you when you were a child?”

Mu Chen nodded. “She did! She was very strict with me. I can still remember it vividly.”

Jiang Jin ignored Mu Chen and said to Song Ning, “If you have a son in the future, you must discipline him strictly. However, if you have a daughter, you must be gentle to her. I hope your daughter will be as gentle as you.”

Mu Chen smiled and said, “If we have children, you must help us to raise them. You’re very experienced after all.”

Jiang Jin glared at him. “You’re the father of the child so you should take care of him or her! Why should I raise your child for you?”

Mu Chen patted Song Ning’s shoulder as he said, “I want to have alone time with Song Ning, and I don’t want our child to disturb us. He or she can keep you company at that time. Don’t you think it’d be nice?”

Song Ning moved away from his hand. Her cheeks were flushed red at this moment.

On the other hand, Jiang Jin grinned from ear to ear as she pointed to Mu Chen and said, “Deal. I hope you won’t regret this.”

“Why would I regret this? I’ve planned this for a long time.” Mu Chen shrugged indifferently.

Even Yu and Mr. Jiang who were standing at the side could not help but smile.

Song Ning discreetly kicked Mu Chen’s leg under the table.

He responded by reaching out and holding her hand as he looked at her blushing face from the corners of his eyes. He thought to himself, ‘Song Ning, all you need to do is wait while I present the entire world to you.’

A few hours later, Mu Chen and Ye Xin made the headlines.

On Mu Chen’s side, he was pictured holding hands with a slender woman as they walked out of a cake shop. They were also photographed driving back to the Four Seasons Cloudy Peak. Although the paparazzi did not have a clear shot of the woman’s face, based on the couple’s body language, it was obvious the couple had a good relationship.

Meanwhile, on Ye Xin’s side, she, Mu Chen’s rumored girlfriend, was photographed with Mrs. Mu in the same car while they were on the way to the mall. At that time, Mrs. Mu had alighted from the car and confirmed two things to the paparazzi present on the scene:

First, Mu Chen had already registered his marriage. However, since the other party was still a student, the wedding banquet would be postponed for the time being.

Second, Mu Chen and Ye Xin were never lovers. Apart from that, Mu Chen had only regarded Ye Xin as a little sister.

These articles caused a huge uproar on the Internet.

Everyone’s attention was on the mysterious woman by Mu Chen’s side.

Mu Chen sighed before he glanced at Song Ning. She had her glasses on at this moment as she did her research on her computer.

Song Ning did not have the habit of reading news online, and she seemed to live in another world. Therefore, she was unaware that she had become the topic of discussion for many people on the Internet.

Mu Chen fell into a daze as he looked at Song Ning. He was deeply attracted to her diligent personality. When she was an actress, she did her best and reached the pinnacle of her career after her first film. When she resolutely retired at the height of her fame, she did not turn back at all. She did not even look at the entertainment news at all.

As a student, she was just as diligent, always doing her best. He had heard that she had been receiving a special scholarship every year. Professor Li Sen was filled with praise for her, but she did not let herself get complacent. She continued to work tirelessly to better herself. She was always hungry for knowledge, absorbing them like a sponge.

Apart from that, she was incredibly calm and decisive. It might seem cold how she seemed able to advance and retreat with no hesitation at all, but he knew she had erected a thick barrier around herself. He knew it was her way of protecting herself. It had become instinctive for her to keep her guard up.