Chapter 47 - Cheng Che

Chapter 47 of 50 chapters

After Cheng Che got off the plane, he was ‘dragged’ back to the company. Thereafter, the secretary moved the small mountain of files to his office.

Cheng Che picked up the document on top as he asked the secretary, “Isn’t this Mr. Mu’s documents?”

The secretary nodded. “Mr. Mu asked you to deal with them because he’s busy.”

“Busy? What’s he up to?” Cheng Che took a sip of the coffee that was just made by the secretary.

The secretary fell silent for a moment. She gulped, clearly nervous, before she said in a small voice, “Mr. Mu is busy spending time with his wife.”

Upon hearing this, Cheng Che choked on his coffee and began to cough violently.

The secretary hastily handed her a boss a few pieces of tissue paper as she looked at him sympathetically.

Cheng Che took the few pieces of tissue paper from her as he said, “C-Come again?”

The secretary cleared her throat and repeated her words. “Mr. Mu said that he wants to spend time with his wife so he’s busy. He asked you to help him with this.”

“Is he even human? I just got off the plane! I have been on a business trip for more than ten days! I’m still jet-lagged!” Cheng Che said indignantly.

The secretary straightened her back immediately, frightened by her boss’ outburst.

“W-Wait! Wife? He said he wanted to spend time with his wife?” Cheng Che asked.

The secretary nodded.

How could it be? Did Mu Chen not marry that woman only to appease his grandmother? Was his marriage not a marriage of convenience? Spending time with his wife? What was going on?

Cheng Che was stunned and confused. What happened over the past ten days? Mu Chen was only thinking about spending time with his wife while he had been so pitiful, worrying about the company when he was abroad.

The secretary silently handed Cheng Che his mobile phone.

Cheng Che glanced at her as he pushed his glasses on the bridge of his nose out of habit. He took the phone and scrolled through it before asking the secretary, “What did I miss?”

The secretary said carefully, “Just the beginning of the story. You’ll be able to catch up with the drama quickly.”

Cheng Che returned the phone to the secretary. “Are there many paparazzi camping outside our company building?”

The secretary nodded.

“And?” Cheng Che asked again.

“That’s why Mr. Mu decided not to come into the company and spend time with his wife instead. Assistant Cheng, some of these documents require your signature while some need to be discussed in a meeting. Then…” the secretary began to say enthusiastically.

Cheng Che pushed his glasses up again and interjected, “Make me a cup of coffee, and make it extra strong.”

What could Cheng Che do when faced with his friend’s unreasonable demand? Friends should have each other’s backs after all.

Nonetheless, Cheng Che was now very curious about the woman who managed to enchant Mu Chen.

Although Mu Chen was not gay, he had always been immune to women’s charms. He was like an emotionless robot. In his grandmother’s words, he was ‘romantically incompetent’. If it were not for this, his grandmother would not have made such a huge fuss to force him to get married. It was not the first time his grandmother had made such demands, but she was extra adamant this time. She even went on a two-day hunger strike, which truly frightened Mu Chen and Cheng Che. Moreover, previously, they had just found his grandmother had tumors. How could he not be worried? Therefore, when his grandmother went on a hunger strike, he surrendered immediately.

At that time, Cheng Che suggested getting a fake marriage certificate to Mu Chen. Initially, Mu Chen had opposed the idea. However, Mu Chen could not think of any other solution so he could only follow Cheng Che’s suggestion. Following that, they had a tough time choosing a suitable candidate since Mu Chen was not romantically involved with anyone. It was not safe to simply find a random woman after all, and they might not be able to fool Mu Chen’s grandmother if the woman they hired was not smart enough. In the end, the only feasible candidate left was Ye Xin.

At that time, the duo even did a risk assessment of getting Ye Xin involved in the matter. They concluded

The two of them also did a risk assessment for getting Ye Xin involved. The worst possible outcome would be Mu Chen having to get married for real and that he might not be able to get rid of Ye Xin when the time came.

Mu Chen was in a dilemma and was still hesitating when he received news that his grandmother had refused the porridge Yu had brought to her, overturning the bowl. As soon as he heard this, he had hastily grabbed his car key and left after telling Cheng Che to call Ye Xin and tell her to meet him at the entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau. He could not wait a minute longer.

However, Mu Chen and Cheng Che had miscalculated. As the strong wind blew against them as they stood at the entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau, he did not even dare to look at Mu Chen’s face.

At that time, Cheng Che was angry at Ye Xin, but he felt sorry for her as well. She stood Mu Chen up during such a critical time so he knew there was no way she would ever be able to marry Mu Chen after this. He really wanted to call Ye Cheng and tell him this was his sister’s only chance to marry Mu Chen.

To his surprise, Mu Chen married a young girl he met at the entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau.

What a coincidence!

What was even more unexpected was that Cheng Che’s, Mu Chen, would get entangled in such a strange matter. It was a shocking miracle.

Cheng Che sighed as he thought about this and signed the documents that needed his attention.