Chapter 48 - Vicious

Chapter 48 of 50 chapters

Cheng Che was deep in his thoughts when he received a call from Ye Cheng.

Ye Cheng did not beat around the bush as he said, “Cheng Che, what’s going on? Why is Mu Chen so angry? Is he serious? My sister is sobbing day and night. Can you ask Mu Chen to meet me? I don’t mind apologizing to him as long as he calms down and explains to the paparazzi that those are just groundless rumors. If he insists, we can make his relationship with Xin public! Her acting career isn’t as important as their marriage! We’ll deal with the matters of her career after they’ve settled down.” Ye Cheng went straight to the point.

Cheng Che sighed inwardly. The Ye family truly believed Ye Xin was the only woman Mu Chen would consider marrying. This was probably why Ye Xin dared to refuse Mu Chen back then. After a moment, he steeled himself and refused Ye Cheng. “President Ye, I’m not particularly clear about the specifics of this matter. I just returned from a business trip, and I’ve yet to meet him.”

“Isn’t Mu Chen in the company? I couldn’t get through to him so the secretary transferred the call to you.” Ye Chen was clearly dissatisfied.

Cheng Che cursed inwardly, ‘Mu Chen, damn you! Aren’t you just using me?!’

In the end, Cheng Che had no choice but to lie, using Mu Chen’s almighty grandmother as an excuse. “Ah, that’s right, President Ye, about that, Mu Chen’s grandmother asked him to go home.”

Upon hearing Cheng Che’s words, Ye Cheng no longer asked any questions. It was not a secret that Mu Chen’s number one priority was his grandmother. In the end, Ye Cheng only said, “Fine. Please help me to invite him out for a meal.”

“Yes, President Ye.” Cheng Che heaved a sigh of relief after successfully dealing with the matter that was foisted on him.

Meanwhile, as soon as Ye Cheng put the phone down, he asked his secretary, “Have you found out the woman’s identity yet?”

The secretary nodded as she handed the dossier on Song Ning to Ye Chen.

However, Ye Chen waved his hand dismissively and said, “I’ve no interest in this. Give it to Ye Xin.”

“Understood,” the secretary replied before withdrawing from the office.

At this moment, Ye Xin was with Yang Li and Peng. After crying the entire day yesterday, coupled with her mother and her brother’s persuasion, she had calmed down.

Ye Xin gritted her teeth before she said viciously, “When I find out who the little b*tch is, I’ll skin her alive!”

Peng glanced at Yang Li timidly before she lowered her head.

Yang Li sighed. “Xin, don’t be impulsive. How can she hold a candle to you? You’re obviously superior to her. If the public finds out about your conflict with her, it’ll damage your image. You must remember that you’ll be an award-winning actress in the future…”

“What award-winning actress?! I wasn’t even nominated! Ms. Yang, are you mocking me?” Ye Xin said furiously.

Yang Li panicked inwardly. However, outwardly, she managed to maintain her composure as she calmly said, “Ye Xin, you’re only twenty-two years old. After three years, you’ll only be twenty-five. These are the best years of your life. You’ll definitely improve during these three years. You’re the company’s favorite; the company will arrange for you to act in other movies. It’s just a matter of time before you win an award.”

Upon hearing Yang Li’s words, Ye Xin’s anger visibly eased.

At the same time, Peng looked at Yang Li in admiration. In her opinion, Ye Xin was a ticking time bomb, and Yang Li was an elite at defusing the time bomb. Not only was Yang Li capable of placating Ye Xin, but Yang Li was also capable of placating Ye Xin’s mother.

At this moment, Ye Xin’s phone vibrated, and Peng trembled involuntarily. In an attempt to prevent Ye Xin from throwing her mobile phone in anger, Yang Li had instructed her to hold onto Ye Xin’s phone. Apart from that, it was also to prevent Ye Xin from impulsively posting inappropriate posts on the Internet.

Peng instinctively clicked on the message; she was stunned when she saw the content of the message.

“What’s the matter?” Ye Xin asked.

Peng hurriedly replied, “Oh, President Ye sent us a document. It’s about the person who’s rumored to have married Mr. Mu.”

Ye Xin snatched the phone from Peng’s hand and began to look through the file that was sent to her.

“Ha, I thought she’s some hotshot, but she’s just a student! A twenty-six-year-old doctorate student? Isn’t she old? She’s a doctorate student? Mu Chen must’ve been so anxious to get married that he had to lower his standards. Since she’s a doctorate student, I bet she’s not beautiful at all. Only an ugly girl has to study so much,” Ye Xin said contemptuously as she returned the phone to Peng.

After a beat, Ye Xin rose to her feet. Then, she said with a sneer, “I’m going to get changed. Let’s go and meet this doctorate student. I want to ask her how much money she charged Mu Chen for this. I must make her return it to me. How dare she take Mu Chen’s money? How shameless! I can’t believe she has the guts to do such a thing! I must ruin her reputation and force her to leave the hospital! No! I want to drive her out of M City! I’ll make it so that no one would dare to take her in then!”

Yang Li wanted to stop Ye Xin. However, after pondering on it for a moment, she refrained from saying anything. With Ye Xin’s temper, she knew she could only let Ye Xin act as she pleased.

The Ye family was wealthy and influential. As long as Ye Xing did not cross the line, Ye Cheng would help her deal with any situation that arose.

Yang Li could not help but pity the unsuspecting and innocent girl who was the target of Ye Xin’s wrath. Alas, this was a dog-eat-dog world. There was nothing she could do about this.